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PIANOIVOCALICHORDS PLAY THE SONGS THAT INSPIRED MAMMA MIA! BENNY ANDERSSON & BJORN ULVAEUS" ~ MIAS THE SMASH HIT MUSICAL S223%¢s or AG CONTENTS ip ene. Dancing Queen 9 ieee ater t teat toy Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 34 onremaitonsns 1 Do, 1 Do, 10,1 Do,1 Do 134 I Have a Dream 116 Knowing Me, Knowing You 136 Lay All Your Love on Me 42 Mamma Mia 60 Money, Money, Money 54 The Name of the Game 72 One of Us 142 Our last Summer 98 8.0.5. 79 SoU UN a Euterm 1 - Super Trouper 49 ya Take a Chance on Me 122 Thank You for the Music 29 ] ri Under Attack 86 Voulez-Vous 16 - The Winner Takes It All, 104 DANCING QUEEN Words and Music by BENNY ANDERSSON, STIG ANDERSON and BJORN ULVAEUS Disco rock J = 100 DIA A E/A, DIA A DIA Rosie & Tanya: You can dance, Daraing Quson-7-1 Prwos (© 1076 ty POLAR MUSIC AB (Soden) ‘A ghts in he U.S. nd Canada Amntered oy EM GAVE PAPK MUSIC INC. Pubishing) ant WABRIE SOE FUBLREATIONS US. NEP ‘AI ght Roservee