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SAP Live Project – Sales and Distribution


Here is a summary of the mini SAP SD Live Project ( Beginner Level ) that
has been discussed in the SAP Training class. All SAP SD students will be given
the live mini project ensuing a 5 hours discussion and evaluation of the same
following the student’s feedback. Most of the scenarios closely resemble
situations from various real time, live projects. As discussed, each sentence
needs to be understood for implications in SAP and the corresponding
deliverable document needs to be written in your own words. In reality, the
business summary needs to be created by the consultant based on the vocal or
other audio-video presentations made by the end-users, power users or business
process owners.
Business Summary :
Sales Process Owner : We (ABC Computers Inc., ) are a reseller of computer
products. Our organization is headquartered in Edison, NJ with plants in both
San Francisco, CA and Austin Texas. We have sales offices in the 4 major
geographies ( New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX and Los Angeles,
CA ). Each sales office has 2 sales groups – one for each product line. The rest
of the team will explain the rest of the business processes in detail.
Product Manager : We mainly sell 2 product lines – Desktops and Laptops. Our
materials are
DTP-DELLxx Dell Intel Based Desktop

DTP-HPxx HP Intel Based Desktop

LTP-SAMSUNGxx Samsung Atom Based Laptop

LTP-HPxx HP Atom Based Laptop

We use the following hierarchy to report on Product Sales


|=======> Desktops

| |——> DELL

| |——> HP

|=======> Laptops

| |——> SAMSUNG

| |——>HP

Sales Manager:
Customers : Our main customers are all domestic US customers. We have
customers from the retail, corporate and wholesale space. All our Retail
Customers are Cash-customers , our Corporate customers are extended NET 60
and wholesale customers are extended NET 30 terms. All retail customers and
corporate customers are typically tax liable. Since all of our wholesale customers
have resale certificates for all the 50 states, they are generally tax-exempt. All
Corporate customers have sales employees associated with them to assist with
Pricing : We follow 3 price lists in most of the cases. A retail price list, wholesale
price list and corporate price list. Each of these price lists are offered to the
respective customer types. There are also customer specific price lists that are
offered only to special high volume customers. Discounts are offered only for a
specific promotional period ( typically with a validity of 1 month during special
seasons ). There are customer specific discounts ( specifically for corporate
customers ) and material specific time-bound discounts ( in case of new product
launches ).
Sales Processes : Most of sales happen via the normal sales order mechanism.
We also handle returns, credit and debit memos and contracts with quantity limit.
Only for 2 corporate customers we do consignments.
Warehouse Manager :
All products are either shipped via Fedex or in case of wholesale customers
picked up directly from the warehouse. We do not do our own packing.

Deliverable : The following documents need to be prepared by you in that order.

1. Blueprint Documents
1. Enterprise Structure
2. Master Data
3. Sales Process Flow
4. Pricing
2. SAP Functional Specification Template
3. Test Plan ( Test Cases )
Template Documents : Use the following template documents to create the
documents specified above.
Solutions :
SAP SD Pricing Solution : Part-1

SAP SD Training Table of Contents

o Basic SAP GUI Navigation
• SAP GUI Navigation Part I
• SAP GUI Navigation Part II
• SAP GUI Navigation Video
• SAP GUI Navigation Exercise
o Introduction to SAP Sales Business Cycle ( Order to Cash Cycle ) | | ( View
Recorded Video )
o Enterprise Structure
• SAP SD Enterprise Structure
• SAP SD Enterprise Structure Exercise
• SAP MM Enterprise Structure ( Optional )
o SAP Customer Master
• SAP Customer Master Exerise
• SAP Customer Master Exercise ( Simplified Version )
• SAP Customer Master Customization ( SAP Customer Account
Group )
• Delete Master Data in SAP
• How to Block Master Data in SAP
• How to view Field Changes to the SAP Customer Master Data
• How to Create Customer Groups in SAP
• Common Distribution Channels and Divisions
o SAP Material Master
• How to Create SAP Material Master ( Including notes on important
fields )
• SAP Material Master Basic View Exercise
• SAP Material Master Sales View Exercise
• SAP Material Master Exercise ( Simplified Version )
• How to Create Material Groups in SAP
• SAP Material Types
• SAP Product Hierarchy
o Transactional Details
• Sales Order
• How to Create a Sales Order in SAP – Notes
• Sales Order Structure in SAP – Notes
• Deliveries
• Billing
• Creation with Reference

Fundamentals of SAP Customizing

Master Data Customization

• Customer Account Group
• Material Type
• Number Ranges
• Field Status Group

o Basic Sales Customization

• Sales Document Type Configuration notes
• Sales Document Type Configuration Exercise
• Sales Item Category configuration notes
• Sales Item Category Configuration Exercise
• Schedule Line Category
• Schedule Line Category Exercise
o SAP Customer Material Info Record
• SAP Customer Material Info Records – Notes
• SAP Customer Material Info Records – Exercise

o Delivery Customization
• Delivery Type
• Item Category
• Number Ranges
o Billing Customization
• Billing Type
• Number Ranges
• Accounting Document Linkage
o Copy Controls
• SAP Document Flow
• SAP copy Controls
• Master Data Flow into Transactions
• Creation with Reference
• VOFM Routines Notes & Exercises – 1
• VOFM Routines Notes & Exercises – 2

o Pricing & Condition Technique

• SAP Pricing Fundamentals
• SAP Condition Technique | ( View Recorded Video )
• SAP Condition Technique – Theory
• SAP Condition Technique – Exercise
• Condition Type
• Access Sequence
• Condition Table
• Field Catalog
• Pricing Procedure
• Condition Records
• Condition Exclusion
• Scale Basis in SAP Pricing
• SAP Pricing Exercises – I
• SAP Document Pricing Procedure
• SAP Customer Pricing Procedure
• SAP Price list Type
o Determinations
• SAP Partner Determination
• Text Determination
• Output Determination
• Account Determination
• Material Listing/Exclusion
• Material Determination
• Status Profile
o SAP Credit Management
• Credit Management Configuration
• Credit Management Exercise
• LIS Structures used in Credit Management
o Scheduling in SAP
• Delivery and Transportation Scheduling in SAP
o Availability Check in SAP
• SAP Availability Check
o More Order Types
• Contracts in SAP
• Contracts in SAP Exercise
• Quotations in SAP
• How to Create a Quotation in SAP
• Consignments in SAP
• Return Orders
• Credit/Debit Memo Requests
• Available to Promise ( ATP )
• Transfer of Requirements ( TOR )

o Customization
• Concept of User Exits | ( View Recorded Video )
• ABAP Debugging
• Custom Report Creation
• Basic SD Database Tables
• SAP Database Tables | ( View Recorded Video )
• How to view the Content of SAP Database Tables | (View
Recorded Video )
o Integration with MM and FI
• Revenue Account Determination
• Material Account Determination
o SAP SD Live Project – I | ( View Recorded Video )
o SAP System Landscape
o SAP SD Certification Questions
• SAP SD Certification – Which one to apply for
• Sample SAP SD Certification Questions – I
• Sample SAP SD Certification Questions – II
• Sample SAP SD Certification Questions – III
o SAP SD Interview Questions
• Sample SAP SD Interview Questions – I
o SAP SD Blueprint Documents
• Sample SAP SD Blueprint 1
o SAP SD Professional Resume Preparation
• Sample SAP SD Resume 1
• Sample SAP SD Resume 2
• Sample SAP SD Resume 3
o SAP Resume Preparation Tips
• General SAP Resume Preparation Tips
o SAP SD Job Requirements
• Sample SAP SD Job Requirements – 1
• Sample SAP SD Job Requirements – 2
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Optional SAP SD Training Material ( Useful during your Practice )
1. How to view Material Documents in SAP
2. How to input Stock into SAP Plant
3. How to view/edit Factory Calendar in SAP
4. How to pick goods in the warehouse when the picked quantity is grayed
out in SAP
5. PGI without entering picked quantity in the delivery
6. How to create a new Transport Request
7. How to enable Sort Key in SAP for sorting drop down lists
8. How to open new Posting Periods in SAP MM ( MMPV )
9. Most commonly used Transaction Codes in SAP SD
10. Not able to do PGI because of error -Number Ranges for Trans./Event
type WL in year xxxx does not exist
11. Not able to post SAP Billing Documents because of closed posting periods
12. Not able to create a billing document – SAP Item category TA TAN cannot
be invoiced with billing type F2
13. SAP Asks for Package when trying to save the SAP Pricing Condition
14. Material is not Defined for the Sales Org, distribution channel and division
15. SAP Material Account Determination Error
16. Partner Function Error during Customer Master Creation for new Customer
Account Groups
******* Everything below this line is Job Oriented Workshop Material that is
ONLY available to Magna Training Students *******