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14 Level 1, Unit 1A – Ship handling English for Mariners

Unit 1A Ship handling

In this unit:
Vocabulary: Ship parts and people
Structures: present tenses – simple/continuous

1 Introduction
Exercise 1. Do this quiz to test your knowledge of ship’s motion.

1) When the wind hits a ship amidships which of these vessels turns towards the wind?
a) tug
b) tanker
c) yacht
2) What do the words axial and transverse describe?
a) rudders
b) sails
c) propellers
3) Which of these is pitch?
a) bow up, stern down
b) port up starboard down
c) whole ship up and down
4) Waves from astern make a ship speed up and slow down. This is called:
a) yawing
b) heaving
c) surging
5) Rolling is caused by:
a) waves from abeam
b) wind from astern
c) ship moving against the current
English for Mariners Level 1, Unit 1A – Ship handling 15

2 Vocabulary
Parts of a Ship

Exercise 2. Use these words to name the parts of the ship (a–h) and name any other
parts you know.


Exercise 3. Write these words onto the correct places in the diagram:

port side starboard side dead astern abaft after end forward end

Exercise 4. Match the words on the left with definitions on the right.

bows towards the front

stern opening in the deck
port side right side
starboard side a projection below the hull
aft living area
forward command station
hull machine to move heavy things
keel point that is most forward
bridge kitchen
hatch way the rear
galley towards the rear
windlass body of a ship
quarters left side

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