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Mary, Did You Know?

For SATB Choir, Solo Voice and Piano xx Words and Music by
Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene

Mu-ry, did you Ma - ry, did you

In meas. 4, women begin singing the opening lyrics to any notes in D minor aleatoricaly'
Withawe, J =80-86
a-: rr-.--

* This anthem may be performed without the choral introduction. In that case, the pianist begins the anthem, playing in m. 5.
** A fuIl score and parts for orchestral accompaniment (CU1034A) are available for purchase.
Mark I'owry/Buddy Greene @ 1991 Word Music, LLC
Alt hghts ieserved. Used by permission'
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Solo or SA unis. ory

Ma - ry, did you know

know- that Your ba-

- on- -
some-day- walk wa tet? Ma-ry,didyou

by boy- would save our sons and daugh - ters?- Did you know -

that your ba by boy has come to make - You - new?-

This child that you ered will soon de-liv-er

you. Ma - ry, did you know that Your ba by boy- will


iJ \-/

Ma-ry, didyou know- that Your ba -

Did vou know -

- by boy- will calm with His hand?-


that Your ba - by boy- has walked where an - gels - trod?-

^f--oz_-'. _a- L t

I wus.

When You kissed Your lit tle ba by,- then You kissed the face of
_- unis.4P