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AP – United States History SPRING 2018

Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet

Assessment #1 (Units 1-3)

Name ________________________________________ Date _________________________

Directions: Use the following website to find the Secondary Source: http://ap.gilderlehrman.org/. Pick ONE
Secondary Source from the list of Secondary Readings to complete this worksheet. As you read the assigned
reading, remember that secondary sources provide interpretations to historic events. Answer the following
questions as they relate to the period and topic(s) discussed in this unit.

Unit _____ Title of Document: ______________________________________________________________

Author: ______________________________________________________________
Period 1 - Readings Period 2 - Readings Period 3 - Readings
“Indian Slavery in the Americas” “The Puritans and Dissent: The Cases “The American Revolution”
by Alan Gallay of Roger Williams and Anne by Pauline Maier
by Francis J. Bremer

1. Identify the author’s title, college or university, and other related historic works written by the author. [0-5 points]

2. What time period is being addressed? Cite the paragraph and briefly explain an example from the Secondary text. [0-15 points]
Time Period –

Example –

3. What is the author’s argument or main idea about the topic(s) addressed in the document? [0-10 points]

4. What evidence is provided to support the author’s argument? Cite the paragraph and briefly explain an example from the
Secondary text. [0-10 points]
5. Describe the significance of TWO key individuals and/or groups found in the article (give a minimum of TWO descriptions per
example from the Secondary Reading text). [0-20 points]
Example 1 - __________________________________

Example 2 - __________________________________

6. Read the introduction and/or the conclusion of the article. Find the sentence(s) in which the author states his or her thesis—then
restate the “thesis” in your own words? [0-20 points]
- Author’s stated thesis (cite the paragraph in the article):
Author’s Quote:

- Your re-stated thesis (based on author’s thesis):

Your statement:
7. How might this article help you in understanding the period covered in this unit? State and describe TWO specific ideas with a
minimum of TWO descriptions per example on how the article helped you understand more about his historic period.
[0-20 points]

Example 1 -

Example 2 -

Total Points = ____ / 100