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1. If the gurupada is in the lagna, there is a growing bhagya yoga. The man is a devotee of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. He worships gods and
worships Brahmins.

2. If the group is in the signs of Mercury, the person earns through business or trade. If the Sun is at the same time in the Maiden of the
Virgin, then the person will trade in gold.

3. If Jupiter connects with pitripada, the father will live long. The father of man is a devotee of Shiva and worships the Brahmins. A father
receives less happiness in his son's childhood, while he becomes more successful during his middle age. The man is known among the ruling
class, renounced by nature and loved by relatives. Under such circumstances, a person will build temples, places of worship, wells, ponds,
and live in a settlement of brahmins and by old age will own good land property from his son.

4. If Venus connects with pitripada, then the father of man will live long and be happy. The man’s father is a devotee of Lord Siva and at
times worships Lord Vishnu. A father will have faith in God and brahmans and will be happy through his parents (grandparents). The father
has two wives and enjoys in life, insightful and intellectual.

5. If Saturn connects with pitripada, the person will not experience any happiness from the father. Father's family will be poor. The person
will be worthy of praise in the paternal family, and will become rich. In addition, the man is liberal, perceptive and intelligent. He is generous
and owns three vehicles. A person will have a tendency to go into renunciation under difficult circumstances. If such Saturn is in trines to
Virgo, that is, in Capricorn or Taurus, the father of a person can suffer a serious illness.

6. If the father’s lagna is in trines to the pitripad of a person, the father’s death will occur during the dashi of the fourth host, counting from

7. If Rahu connects with pitripada, then a virtuous son must be born to the father of a man from his second wife.

8. If the host of bhagyapada is a naturally favorable planet, then the person will be involved in writing (authorship) and education. If the
Sun and Mars aspect this bhagyapada, he will receive happiness from the lower caste authorities. A man’s father will be very happy because
of his popularity in the reign of the king or powerful people or government. The person will be passionate, happiness in childhood will be a
little and will get wealth in his middle age.

9. If the master of bhagyapad Jupiter, a person will be educated and wise. He will be a skilled writer or author and will gain popularity in
royal or influential circles. He will be brave, patient and famous in very wide circles. He will enjoy wealth in middle age and live happily.


1. If bhagyarudha connects with the owner of the 2nd, and the favorable planets occupy or aspect the 9th house, then the father of the
person must receive land ownership in the first dash of the person.

2. If the owner of Pitripad, Saturn takes Swakshetra in rasi, but is in the Capricorn Navam, then the father should be very angry, but
outwardly pleasant, greedy, indulgent, talkative and religious.

3. If bhagyapada connects with karmapada, then the person will enjoy bhagya yoga (combination of good luck), will be generous and