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High risk to stuck

Rig Power unit load
the drill string
TDS Overload

Western Well TOOL DrillTECH Western Well TOOL Tercel/OPS


TD: 3961 mMD/ 3254.4 mTVD TD: 4400 mMD/ 3506.3 mTVD TD: 4400 mMD/ 3506.3 mTVD SPA-D01: 5033 mMD/ 3966.6 mTVD
YMG-A04: 4076 mMD/ 3721.1 mTVD
Concern: YMG-A03: 4535 mMD/ 4129 mTVD
- Torque reduce when applied the The tool fail, the bearing fail which - The tool made the well drilled
Concern: High surface torque NTM-A10: 4260 mMD/ 3440.7 mTVD
tool (Maximum torque 30 kft-lb) result in no torque reduction. successfully whether the early failure of
High Torque in drill string which until reach Max
Total used: 30 ea of NRST NRST.
torque reach limite of limited
Total used: 310 ea of NRP Total 21 ea of NRST damaged - But the tools were damaged and
conventional DP of Equipment
Total 32 ea of NRP damaged failure and leave some part in hole.
Apply Torque Post job Review:
Main diff: This tool have inner and outer
High torque and reduction tool - Discussed with vender. Decision Total used: 315 ea of NRP
sleeve which reduce risk of tool failure and
drag has made not to apply this tool due Total 24 ea of NRP damaged
more effective of torque reduction
to high risk of failure and high
recovery cost Post job review:
- Proved successful and meet all objective
- Seeking for alternative tool due to
with no failure and lost time
high cost and high risk of tool failure.
- Lower rental cost lead to low well cost

Deep well/ 3 string Apply Rotary Apply High Torque Cost:

Low ROP SPA-D01: 46,542.32 USD
well Steerable Drill Pipe
YMG-A04: 36,033.35 USD
YMG-A03: 30,756.95 USD
- Higher Rental Cost NTM-A10: 27,086.16 USD
- Higher inspection Cost
5" DP, S135, - Required Additional cross-
XT50 over to connect with Saver
Difficult to drill sub and conventional DP

5" DP, S135, - Lower Rental Cost

DSTJ compare with XT50
- High inspection Cost
- Compatible with
conventional DP, not
requried additional cross Non-Rotating
over NRST- Spiro-TORQ
BHA hang up Non-Rotating
Stick slip protector
Cost: 104,160.00 USD Rental: 62,394.00 USD
Unable to control Tool face Damaged: 205,800.00 USD

Rental: 272,237.25 USD
Damaged: 62,650.00 USD

Auto track Revolution GEO Pilot Power Drive