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Classification of Houses (Bhavas)

In Indian astrology (Jyotisha) the houses receive different rankings of Western astrology, similar in some respects to traditional Western astrology, for
being also traditional Indian astrology there is a certain similarity, but it differs completely from Western modern astrological thinking that lacks bases ,
concepts and rules completely.

In this article I will then describe the classification of astrological houses according to the teachings of the ancients, especially Parasara who is
considered the "father" of Indian astrology.

Trikonas Houses - 1, 5 and 9:

Trikonas (and their regents) are the most auspicious houses on the map. The trikonas are dharmasthanas. They (their rulers) bring spirituality (9),
knowledge (5), goodness, generosity and well-being (1) if well placed and without being afflicted or weak.

Kendras Houses - 1, 4, 7 and 10:

Kendras (and their masters) is considered auspicious, since they represent some of the most important and fundamental areas of our life - body (1),
our innate nature (1), home and mother (4), marriage and relationship our social status (10) and so on.

Trikasthanas Houses - 6, 8 and 12:

They are considered the three houses of greatest suffering, therefore also known as "Dusthanas" houses, these houses and their respective masters
(regents) bring difficulties (6), suffering, loss (12), anxieties, worries, obstacles , disease (6), confinement (12), impediments, enemies, processes (8),
accidents, injuries, surgeries (6) and death (8-12).
Trishadyas Houses - 3, 6 and 11:

They are houses considered to be evil, in BHPS (Parasara) it says:

"Any Planet that owns (rules) houses 3, 6 or 11 will generate evil effects"

The evil of house 11 (the most powerful trishadya) is greed, for it is one of the three "kama" or houses of desire. In the Bhagavad Gita it is written:

"Desire, anger and greed - the triple gate of hell that bring ruin to soul, so one must avoid all three" (Ch16, Vs 21) "
Trishadaya and his masters can mean difficulty, especially when they point out to Planets who are weak.

House Upachayas: - 3, 6, 10 and 11:

The upachayas houses are the best settings for planets considered evil (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun). They are considered to be growth
houses, which are areas that improve as the person grows older, over time.

Houses Marakasthanas - 2 and 7:

They are marakas (assassins) houses as well as their rulers, because they are the twelfth house of houses 3 and 8 (houses of longevity). Planets that
occupy or rule these houses (2 and 7) can cause death during their dashas (Planetary periods).

* Free translation of an article by Mrs. Wendy

Later we will write about what each house represents in the "Vedic" context (of Indian astrology), what each house rules, parts of the body and
predominant subjects (karakas). The above article serves only to understand the classification of houses as evil and / or beneficial.