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OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Program

Safety Training Quiz

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True or False Questions:

Introduction to OSHA

1. OSHA was formed in 1970.

True _____ False _____

2. OSHA's General Duty Clause states that "Each

employer will provide to their
Employees, a place of employment free from
recognized hazards that are causing, or are likely to
cause serious physical harm to their employees."

True _____ False _____

Hazard Communication

3. MSDS stands for Mining Safety Department

True _____ False _____

4. Chemical containers do not need to be labeled if

the contents are not flammable.

True _____ False _____

Fire Prevention

5. To properly extinguish a class C fire... water should

be used.

True _____ False _____

6. Disabled workers should be assigned an

Emergency Action Leader to help guide
Them to safety in the event of a fire.

True _____ False _____

Fall Protection
7. Waist belts can be worn for fall protection, instead
of a full body harness if
The fall hazard is less than 10 feet.

True _____ False _____

8. An anchorage point for fall protection must be

capable of supporting 5,000

True _____ False _____

Personal Protective Equipment

9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

includes all clothing and other work
Accessories designed to create a barrier against
workplace hazards.

True _____ False _____

10. When using a grinder... safety glasses with side

shields are sufficient PPE.

True _____ False _____


11. Heavy duty 3 wire type extension cords should be

used on the job.

True _____ False _____

12. GFCI stands for General Fire Capacity


True _____ False _____

Confined Space

13. Safe breathing air contains approximately 16.8%


True _____ False _____

14. Lockout - Tagout of an electrical source would be

the only energy isolation
Required when working in a confined space.

True _____ False _____

Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal

15. Bricks should not be stacked over 7 feet high.

True _____ False _____

16. No more than 45 gallons of flammable or

combustible liquids should be
Stored in a room outside of an approved storage

True _____ False _____


17. Scaffold erection must be supervised by the

maintenance superintendent.

True _____ False _____

18. Scaffold planks must extend at least 6 inches over

its support.

True _____ False _____

Tools and Equipment

19. Compressed air shall not be used for cleaning

purposes unless pressure is
Reduced to less than 30 psi. And PPE is used.

True _____ False _____

20. An abrasive grinding disc should have an rpm

rating equal to or above the
Rating of the grinding tool that it will be used

True _____ False _____