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Dear Friend:
The Vedas, the sacred books of the ancient Ar­ the Vedic lore and the sacred tradition. In China
yan Hindus, appear to be the oldest of Scriptural Lao Tze and Confucius were the interPreters and
writings and the source of most of the sacred books their writings have become Scripture.__ In India
now venerated throughout the world. The religious Buddha was the great Emissary. In Persia it was
traditions of the ancient Hindus are of incredible Zoroaster. In Egypt, Akhnaton and Hermes. In
antiquity. The traditions of these people indicate Greece, Orpheus, Pythagoras and Plato. In Syria
that the laws and institutes of the gods were re­ it was Moses and later Jesus.
vealed to the progenitors of the Aryans in the high­ Bibles, so-called, are collections of inspired writ­
lands of the Himalaya mountain country nearly a ing and the recording of ancient oral traditions.
million years ago.__ The migration of the Aryan They are accumulated over immense periods of
tribes, first Southward and then Westward, resulted time and can usually be traced to the lore of pre­
in the establishment of several sub-races and cul­ ceding civilizations. T hey are built up from earlier
tures. The migrating tribes carried with them the fragments and should never be regarded as revela­

.Ym.s_i:lw!l~n_ _~ beil1~delivered I}"l TOTO to an
- individual by some divine being. The revelation
memories of priests and scribes to the more perma­ factor is generally limited to interpretation. Some
nent and impersonal media of stone, clay and illumined individual, contemplating sacred matters,
papyrus. perceives some deeply concealed value and by plac­
From the Vedas poured forth the srreams of ing special emphasis upon this new aspect comes to
religious tradition which, flowing into various na­ be regarded as a religious founder.
tions down through the ages, appear in the course Among ancient peoples sacred writings were re­
of time as the single source of the numerous Scrip­ served for the contemplation of initiated priests and
tural writings of the world. __ Great saints and sages were not available to the laity. The priests inter­
interpreting this ageless wisdom, wrote their com­ preted such parts of the Scriptures as applied to the
mentaries or restated in the terms of their own day problems of the occasion. The populace, gathered
before the temple, received their spiritual instruc­ out the assistance of certain commentaries. The
tion from initiates of the priestly orders who stood New Testament derives its teachings from the Es­
upon the porch of the holy house and solemnly ex­ sene mystics of Syria, the Mithraic cultists of Persia,
pounded the laws. These priests were equipped the, Serapic Rites of the Egyptians, tht: Simonean
with the keys to the Scriptural allegories by which Gnosis also of Syria, and the Neo-Platonism of
they were enabled to unlock the profounder parts Alexandria. It follows that the unknown authors
of the spiritual tradition. After the decline of the of the Gospels were men learned in the compara­
Mysteries the sacred books fell into the hands of the tive religious systems of their day. It is impossible
profane with the result that the subtler values were at this time to engage in speculation or controversy
lost. ' as to the identity of the Gospel writers. It is suf­
According to the teachings of the old initiates, ficient to say that they possessed a working knowl­
the spiritual tradition was likened to a flame ,burn­ edge of the Secret Doctrine and cunningly con­
ing forever upon the altars of the gods. The flame trived to conceal this knowledge in what is made
was divided into seven flames and these in turn to appear as an historical narrative of the life and
were again divided into seven, the result being works of an individual.
forty-nine fires or the forty-nine spiritual revela­ We must concern ourselves with the Old Testa­
tions, called in the Cabbala of Moses the- forty­ ment. Like the Christian revelation, the Mosaic
nine gates of the law. Thus out of the One Eternal tradition sets forth under the guise of history an
Truth came forth the Seven World Religions, each elaborate metaphysical system derived directly from
in turn divided into seven lesser parts-altogether the older Egyptian lore and indirectly from Chal­
constituting the Divine Wisdom. dea, Phoenicia and India. Moses was an initiate
The Scriptures of the world are the written of the secret schools of Egypt, and the Pentateuch
records de~ised to preserve and at the same time to usually ascribed to Moses, is 'the surviving remnant
conceal the secrets of the forty-nine branches of the of the most profound teaching. It is quite unlike­
Eternal Law. It naturally follows that there is a ly that the Pentateuch has descended to the present
certain interdependence between religious wr,itings. time in anything resembling its original form. In
To understand anyone sacred book completely it fact there is considerable evidence that the true
is necessary to also understand all other sacred books of Moses were lost in the night of time. But
books. In spite of human prejudice to the contrary, whatever be the case, it is certain that although
there is but one religion and one truth and all the somewhat distorted in form, the Ancient Wisdom
great faiths of the world are parts or fragments of still survives in the Old Testament writings and
the Ancient Wisdom. It has been difficult for hu­ can be extracted therefrom with the aid of certain
man beings to accept this truth and for lack of inter­ keys and patient, illumined research.
religious understanding there has been very little Our interpretation of the Bibical writings is
religious understanding. Each man, clinging to based upon a syste1!J.... of crO.JS reference in which all
his own book, hugging to his heart his own frag­ the great schools of ancient religion and philosop!fY'
ment of the law, has believed that there is a pecul­ are considered as one composite structure. Thus
iar virtue in proclaiming a part and denying the each system is interpreted in the light of the others.
rest. As each religion has been built up from innumer­
The Christian Bible is the principal sacred book able older beliefs, the understanding of these vari­
of the Western world. It is usually divided into ous background beliefs is absolutely essential. The
two parts and occasionally into three parts by the gaps in one system, where the tradition has been
insertion between the Old and New Testaments of mutilated or lost, can be filled in from other systems
the Apocrypha or "doubtful books." The Old of similar tradition. If the work is painstakingly
Testament sets forth the secret doctrine in Israel. done the result is a complete picture by which the
It is a Cabbalistic book, almost unintelligible with­ student is able to comprehend the correct meaning

of obscure passages and fill in perplexing vacancies. but entirely insufficient word to convey the true
The important thing is to be sure that the building­ meaning . of Elohim. Most important to be c~n­
in is done from the same stream of tradition as the sidered are two facts. First, in Hebrew, Elohtm
;eligion that is being reconstructed. is an androgynous term inferring a combination of
male and female attributes. Second, the word, by
BIBLICAL COSMOGONY its termination, is plural. Actually therefore the
word ELOHIM means "the male-female creators:'
The cosmogony of the Jews is derived directly representing a host or at least a group of powers
from the Chaldean and Egyptian. This has been and not, under any condition, a single personal
proved beyond any question of doubt by the dis­
covery of cuneiform tablets much older than the The words "heaven and earth" are also mis­
Jewish Bible which contain many of the stories set leading, through inadequate translation. By heav­
forth in the opening chapters of Genesis. It is en and earth should be understood a superior and
quite possible that the Old Testament originally
inferior condition; a separation of qualities, not a
contained a much more amplified account of the division of place. The average reader will think
creatiol1, -hut certainly it is still possible to make of heaven as the firmament and earth- as the planet,
much more of the Book of Genesis than the average and this interpretation will destroy entirely the
churchman has accomplished. With the aid of the significance of the verse. It would be better to
Jewish and Cabbalistic commentaries, Genesis is interpret heaven and earth as spirit and matter, or
amplified into a rational account of the beginning the subtile and the gross in the sense of vibration
of the universe-far more vital, significant and im­
or qualities of life and vitality.
pressive than the accepted theological version. A
The words "In the beginning" also present dif­
great scholar observed in the last century, that
ficulties. The wise student will interpret them as
Christian theology, and of course he included Jew­
"from that which is first" or "in eternal principles"
ish cosmogony, was the only system believed by the
or "that which was in the beginning."
more advanced races of the earth to insist that God
made the universe out of nothing. This leaves only the word "created" and here
again misunderstanding is almost inevitable. The
THE GODS. The Book of Genesis opens with human mind always thinks of creation as the mak­
a simple and dramatic statement which has been ing of something that is new. If we think, how­
Anglicized into the most impressive sentence in ever, we will realize that in creating any physical
English literature: thing creation is only a new pattern made up of
"In the beginning God created the heaven and already existing factors. Thus if a man creates a
the earth." picture he does so with the aid of paints and brushes
This verse apparently presents no problem, but and canvas, the true creation being the inward in­
~ tile more a -se'llrcn-ing- stud-em--ihirrkr Cfb-out- it-rhe sptration uihicrapplies these msirumenfs or lh··--::e- - ­
more fully he will realize that into ten words has release of an idea. Creation in this verse implies
been compressed a cosmic process involving hun­ rather FORMATION, or MANIFESTATION, the arranging
dreds of millions of years of time and innumerable of ever-existing elements into new patterns to be
complicated mysteries. Only an elaborate commen­ the vehicles of purpose.
tary can make this verse even partly intelligible to
With these thoughts in mind, let us read again
the human mind entirely ignorant of divine and
the verse according to a fuller understanding of its
cosmic procedures.
We must first define the word GOD as it is
used in this case and throughout the first chapter From the eternal principles and eSJ'ences the
of the Bible. The word in Hebrew is not God or androgynous creator-gods manifested forth the
Jah or Jehovah, but ELOHIM. God is a reverent positive and negative aspects of Being.
Halling thus clarified our interpretation, we can modes of consciousness by which the world is
bring to bear upon it such commentary matter formed. In the teachings of the Persians the Su­
from ancient Jewish beliefs as will reveal the full preme Nature, Ahura-Mazda, manifested the
significance of the verse. Amesha-Spentas who become the Formators of the
The Jewish mystics recognized an eternal, defini­ lower worlds. In the Egyptian Hermetic teachings
tionless Principle which they denominated AIN the Elo.him are the Governors, the Cosmocratores.
SOPH, the Boundless. From the Egyptians they In the ancient Egyptian system they were the Am­
derived the teaching that this Boundless One pos­ monian Artificers, the servants of Ptah who fashions
sessed three intrinsic aspects or attributes-Being, the Egg of the Universe upon a potter's wheel.
Life and Light. These three as one, and that ONE The ELOHIM are also the seven Cabiri of Samoth­
formless, ageless and changeless, was the true GOD race; the seven rays upon the golden crown of the
whose most perfect symbol was SPACE-the source Gnostic Lion; the sacred set'en, the unwrttten vow­
and ultimate of all things. els which together make up the name of the mani­
Periodically, according to great cycles, SPACE fested divinity, the seven colors of the spectrum,
caused to emerge from its own nature, Primordial the seven days of creation, the seven seals of Revela­
UnitJ'-tlte(Jbi~ctificati(}n . or Being;t:ife ana-'Lighl. ton. T lfeeternal!yrecurring septenary, by liicr
This first manifestation was called the Opened Eye art, music and physics are bound together, are the
and was designated by the Cabbalists KETHER, ELOHIM, the seven Breaths that move upon the
the Crown of the Eternal Glory. AIN SOPH, the Deep.
Absolute, was life in suspension. KETHER, the
first-born of the Absolute, was life in expression. THE FORMATION OF THE WORLDS. The
Within the nature of Kether was manifested polar­ second verse of Genesis states:
ity which is the foundation of activity. The polar­
ities were called ABBA, the father, and AlMA the "And the earth was without form, and void;
mother. Abba was the positive manifestation of and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
spirit as force, energy and power. Aima was the A nd the Spirit of God moved upon the face of
negative manifestation of spirit as matter, substance the waters."
and receptivity. From the union of Abba and Aima, Interpreted according to the mystical tradition,
that is energy and substance, was produced form. this would read:
According to the Cabbalists, the ELOHIM, or
the creator-gods, were the progeny of the union of And the below, the passive aspect of Being,
life and matter. It was the Elohim in turn, mov­ was formless and devoid of manifested life,
ing in Space, who brought forth the mundane uni­ and darkness or oblivion filled the whole ex­
panse. The spirits of ELOHIM moved, im­
verse over which they ruled. By mundane is meant
__ pregnated and enlivened the essences of the
not the physical worlds but the metaphysical system
of which the physical creation is the lowest or sev­ negative Principle.
enth part. This first manifestation or agitation was In some of the Hindu works this motion of the
equivalent to the conception of the univers( in all Elohim is referred to as the "curdling of Space"
its parts, or like the planting of a seed from which into the worlds. The seven modes .of intelligence,
was to grow the worlds. It is the first motion in which are the personification of the seven laws of
the Absolute. nature, which are in turn the seven wills of the
The comparisons in other religious systems spirit, began to manifest patterns. They were first
checks and justifies the speculations of the Jewish in the nature of vortices, called in the SEPHER
mystics. In the Northern Tibetan system the medi­ YETZlRAH the whirlwinds. One form of this
tations of Adi Buddha, universal consciousness, pro­ theogonic myth declares that the universe was creat­
duces the seven Dhyani Buddhas or the seven ed by the Deity speaking the Sacred Word. Of
course the Word was made up of the seven vowels universe is brought into being by seven gods, each
of the Elohim which together are the Fiat which of whom rules over one of the seven parts of the
issues as a host of living powers from the "lips of mundane diffusion. In the Greek system the gods
the Creator." In the North Asiatic tradition the are: Phanes, Ouranus, Chronos, Rhea, Zeus, Posei­
seven Sons of the Eternal establish their foundation don and Hades. The mundane world consists of
in the Deep. Seated in the six directiuns of space, seven interpenetrating spheres of which six are su­
six of the Builders turn upon the seventh who is perphysical and the lowest or seventh is physical.
placed in the center and is called the Immovable. According to this system, the seventh or physical
In the Cabbala the center is called the Holy Temple, plane is ruled over by Hades the subterranean god,
the Sabbath of eternal rest, around which moves to .cymbolize the physical plane as being the furth­
the six days of creation. est removed from the divine energy.
In the Cabbala the higher powers do not de­
scend into the lower elements to ensoul the mun­ THE SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION. The
dane diffusion, but rather CAST THEIR SHADOWS upon description given in Genesis I: verses 1 &0 31, must
the Deep or the lower elements. In the teachings be understood to represent the gradual developmenl
of La:maism we have a somewhat Similar statement of the physical universe4 - T..h.e-..Elahim,.JoLgods.._Qf= ,/

-the meditating Dhyani Buddhas dream them­ the Datun, mold the negative substances of being
selves into the illusion of matter, causing a certain into the form and pattern of the solar system. Hav­
part of their own consciousness to assume the illu­ ing brought the planets (including the luminaries)
sion of existence, though ever meditating above it. into objective existence, the Elohim then take up
The shadows of the Elohim, descending into the their thrones in the planetary bodies, and, accord­
depths of matter, result in the formation of four ing to the Chaldean genesis, circle. about in their
levels or planes of illusion which the old Jewish orbits age after age, governing with their celestial
philosophers called "worlds." These planes corre­ splendours the creatures of the lower world.
spond roughly to the levels of spirit, mind, soul and The pattern for the creation of our own solar
body in man. In each of the four worlds the seven system applies to all other solar systems in our uni­
Elohim are reflected, to become in all twenty-eigth, versal chain. The pattern also applies to all forms
which caused them to be associated in symbolism of life evolving within solar systems, from suns and
with the lunar month and its four weeks of seven planets to grains of sand, electrons and atoms. This
days. The ancient Jewish priests had peculiar ven­ is the Cabbalistic teaching concerning the Macro­
eration for the Moons, their faith being a lunar cult. cosm and the Microcosm, or the grecaer and the
Only the lowest of the four "worlds" was in­ lesser creations, each patterned according to the
volved in the physical creation. This lower or other. This led the Cabbalists to say, comparing
fourth"world" was made up of seven parts or planes man, a microcosm, with the universe, Ct macrocosm,
- -the shadows of the seven Elohim~ Of the seven that- "Man_is- a- littie-Univer..s.e.-f1J1.tL.thI!-JJnW.e.rSLi
planes which make up the mundane sphere, six are the Grand Man." This did not mean that the uni­
superphysical and one is physical, the lowest. The verse actually resembled man in his physical form
six superphysical are called CAUSAL and are the but rather that the same system of geometry which
source of the energies and patterns which manifest patterned man also patterned the world, and that
or flow into and through the seventh. the same essences, principles and forces were in
The seventh and lowest diffusion of the fourth both. The Elohim say: "Let us make man in our
"world" is that with which the Creation story in own image" etc. That is, let the lesser creation be
Genesis is concerned. The unfoldment of this patterned after the greater creation, and be similar
physical plane is according to the pattern common­ to it in principle.
ly known as the Chaldean system of cosmogony. Medieval theologians insisted that the seven
In the cosmogony of the Greeks the material creative periods called "Days" made up together ~

week similar in time to a week of mortal calcula­ It should be distinctly realized that the ancients
tion. This the wisest of the ancient philosophers understood by their "gods" or creative hierarchies
always denied, insisting that the term "Day" in not personal beings performing sorcery in space but
Genesis referred rather to an age, cycle, or great rather aspects of creative intelligence gradually un­
period of time. Science uses such terms as "period" folding through their own creations. In the Egyp­
or "age" to signify one of the major divisions in tian rites it is said the gods impregnated space with
the evolution of the earth and the life evolving themselves, and then the seeds of the divine natures
upon it. Thus such terms as the Miocene or Plio­ sprouted and grew up to form the universe. The
cene Age, or the Glacial Period. Modern science proper attitude is to realize that divinity is evolving
is of the opini~n that the physical earth has existed in and through the universal formation. Evolution
for from 500 to 1000 million years. A recent dis­ is really eternal life ideating or shining through
covery of fossil remains indicates animal life upon material organisms, as a light might shine through
the earth at least 175 million years ago. When a lamp. Evolution is also therefore inward life
these figures are compared with the theological quilding ever more perfect forms through which to
opinion that the earth was created by the arbitrary express its own potentialities.
Will of God In the 5th--millenium B. C., it is ap­ The Book of Genesis, Chapter I, verses 24 to 26,
parent that science and theology come to a parting inclusive, reveal that the ancients were fully aware
of the ways. The Biblical scholar, however, is not of man's relationship to the animal world. In the
guilty of the delusions which afflict the pious but sixth day both the animal and the human kingdom
fanatical theologian who clings desperately to the is formed, the animal manifesting first and finally
jot and tittle of the "revised version./I There is man, created in the image or likeness of the Elohim.
abundant confirming evidence to indicate that the
The first part of verse 26 requires special em­
Genesis given in the Bible describes processes oc­
phasis: "And God said let US make man in OUR
curring over a period of at least a billion years;
image, after Our likeness./I Then in the last part
and that it describes how the creative forces of na­
of the 27th verse it says: "male and female created
ture brought forth sequentially the superphysical
he them." T his is a very confused picture accord­
bodies of the solar system, then the material planets,
ing to the King James version. That the word
and then shifting perspective to the planet earth,
God is intended to be plural is evident in the state­
unfolded the life upon it up to the present state.
ment "Let us make man in our image, after our
The deJCent of the Elohim with their hosts of
likeness." Here, of course, God should be read
spirits into the swirling mists of Primordial Sub­
Elohim, the creators. By the word "said" in each
stance and their molding of these mists into the
case is to be inferred not to speak but to will or to
sidereal patterns and bodies, constituted the INVOLU­
inwardly determine, the same thought that is im­
TIONARY process or the descent of spirit into matter.
plied in the Tibetan creation when the worlds are
The unfolding of- the worlds through - llie mani­
formed by the meditation or the inward mental
festation of ever-improving types of life, or the re­
determination of the Dhyanas. In the Gnostic
lease of consciousness through a concatenation of
writings it is described that the Builders each gave
'improving vehicles, constitutes what Darwin called
to man a certain part of their own nature so that
EVOLUTION. There is no real argument between
when he was finally completed he participated in
science 'and religion. The difficulty is principally
all of the universal powers and in addition possessed
due to the extremely compressed description of the
the l£fe of the eternal Father, Ain Soph, the Bound­
creative processes given in Genesis. If the reader
can take such a statement as "And God created"
and read instead: And the forces of nature, over THE PRE-ADAMIC MAN. The condensation
a great period, caused to manifest-most of the dif­ of the earth from its nebulous fire-mist state re­
ficulties. will be overcome. quired many millions of years. In those ages there

was no time with which to measure the infinite superphysical, subjective universe, although in fact

processes, as time is man-made. At last the body the opposite would be more nearly trur:o

of our planet was formed and the surface of the In the Biblical story, man dwelt in a Paradisiacal

earth was in a molten state, and vapors surrounded sphere before his fall into the mystery of genera­

the whole planet. The earth was not habitable tion. This Paradisiacal sphere is called a garden

by any such creatures as man has recollection of, and has been variously located by religious enthusi­

although it is taught in the old records that fantastic asts upon almost every part of the earth's surface.

beings did float in the flames. The physical globe The fact, however, is that Eden is not on the earth's

floated in a sea of superphysical humidity, termed surface but above it, or, more correctly, in the high­

by the Greeks "aether." This is the origin of the er etheric element which encloses the earth in a

primitive belief that the· continents of the earth globe of translucent energy. The, four rivers are

floated in a great sea. This aether was not the the four streams of ether or energy which sustain

physical humid vapors arising from th~ earth's sur­ the four kingdoms of the physical world-mineral,

face, but vital ethereal element in which were evolv­ vegetable, animal and human. Man physically is

ing the forms that were later to descend upon the nourished by the vital ethers of nature. These

earJh-M spe..cie-f---41}.d faces-oc[ "iving--tlling!--=~~. ._dUas.fl.Q1Jl wo-d.~tJr.gl1gh:-3im~ut inPre-Adamic

--- Most of the ancient philosophies teach that life times he possessed no physical body and these
descended onto the physical planet from some ethers formed an etheric body.
sphere of superphysical energy which encloses the In the midst of Eden was a small area which

physical planet. Curiously enough this old opinion was termed Paradise. The ancients believed this

survives, and recent stratosphere explorations have to represent approximately the North Polar area of

discovered living spores in the stratosphere. A the etheric globe which, like the physical globe,

number of scientists have come to the conclusion possessed polarity. The study of cell life shows that

that space may contain these spores which, like impregnated cells develop first from their North

drops of condensing water, represent seed-lives polar caps, and the same is true of planets and all

oozed out of the etheric body of the earth. 'It is of the cosmic planes. The first connection between

too soon to say what will be the final opinions of the etheric plane and the physical was polar.

scientists upon this matter, but it is also entirely too Therefore physicall£fe, moving downward from the

soon to declare the ancient philosophers to be etheric state, flowed particularly to the poles which

wrong. were the first parts of the physical earth's surface

Boehme, the German mystic, describes the Celes­ to crystall£ze.

tial Adam who dwelt not upon the earth but in the It is therefore stated that in ancient times, mil­
heavens, a term which may infer this etheric diffu­ lions of years ago, the gods brought the seeds or
sion. Certainly the ancients believed that even the germs of life first to the earth's polar cap. The
-.-- process of incarnation infers the descent of the su­ descent -of the gods is- describ.ed in GenesiS-1lI-y-2,~- ---- ­
~ perphysical principles of man from a humid sphere where the Sons of God saw the daughters of men
otttside of the earth. This humidity is described by and took unto themselves wives. ' By this we are
the old mythologists as a river which divides the to understand that the c;oling of the earth's surface
earth from the outer universe. To the pagans this resulted in the liberation of elements. These ele­
river was the Styx, and to the Christians it is the ments, moved by the will of the gaels, gradually
Jordan with its hosts of the Redeemed gathered assumed forms and patterns, even as the impregnat­
upon the distant shore. The Greek poets wrote of ed cell gradually builds an organism capable of
the herds of souls floating in the mist which divides sustaining individual intelligent existence.
the world of the living from the world of the dead. In the very ancient times the first bodies were

By the world of the living is simply meant the such as air and water, for these responded most

physical plane, and by the world of the dead the easily to the impulses of the creating will. When

[7 ]

the vehicles or bodies built up first from the more evolved his monad into an ego or a center of iiI
subtzIe parts of the physical globe reached a certain am-ness."
degree of development, the spirits dwelling in the The process of man's entry into physical exist­
ether above and called in the Bible the "Sons of ence, or the birth of the terr;estial Adam, was pre­
God/' flowed downward and into the new bodies ceded by an elaborate evolutionary program. Forms
which are called the fldaughters of men/' or more were built up in the materiq! world by a process
correctly the daughters of Manas or mind-the of natural experimentation. These forms were not
mind-formed bodies-for the word man literally habitable by creatures possessing mind and they
means min d.­ passed away in the laboratory of evolution. It was
While dwelling in the Paradisiacal state the en­ only after hundreds of millions of years of growth
tities which we 'n ow know as men were androgy­ and development that forms were generated suit­
ffOUS, as is expNcitly stated-athey were created male able to the manifestation of the celestial Adam.
and female." In the old Cabbala they are described The forms which were not used, called the
as having been formed back to back, a male and mind-less, the shadows, and the monsters, are de­
female organism. But more correctly is to be in­ scribed by Berosis in his CHALDEAN HISTORY as com­
ferred that they possessed inwardly the-potentialities posite being made up of~ animals,- birds and fishe
of both positive and negative powers. with many heads. They are also referred to in the
The Edenic Garden contained not only the rudi­ Cabbala as the Kings of Edom, the unbalanced
ments of human existence but also the other king­ giants who perished in the Void. In chapter VI,
doms which were to manifest. It was therefore a 4th verse of Genesis it says: flThere were giants
sort of superior earth in which forms of life devel­ in the earth in those days."
oped and prepared themselves for physical incarna­ At last by the workings of nature from below
tion, even as the wise in this world are building upwardly, forms were organized through which the
superphysical bodies in which to function when the human life wave could come into mantlestation.
race has finished its physical evolution. When this process had been consummated, man's
. The name given to the order of Nfe which was cons~iousness descended into a specially prepared
to incarnate as human was ADAM which means part of what appeared to be the animal kingdom,
species, type or kind. Never for a moment does whereupon this kingdom branched off definitely
it infer a single individual. Adam, therefore, cor­ from the true animal kingdom, resulting in the
rectly means a mode of consciousness, a type with scientific perplexity concerning the missing link
mind, as distinguished from the animal and vege­ and the origin of human individuality.
table kingdoms which do not possess individualized Such are a few of the reasonable conclusions,
intelligence, and therefore are properly termed sustained by the ancient commentaries and cosmo­
species. These lower kingdoms have a center of logical systems, to be den·ved from the early
consciousness called a monad, whereas man has chapters of Genesis.

Yours very sincerely,


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