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End of Semester Reflection

Cassidy Fields

Ms. Little

6 January 2019

Senior year. Wow it is hard to believe that first semester is almost over. It is crazy to

think about honestly, I remember writing my very first end of semester reflection. I still dislike it

just as much! Just kidding but this year has been a wild ride so far. 2018 was something and I am

very glad it is over but it was a pretty fantastic year for the dance department. Filled with change,

but change is a good thing.

We have only done fall concert so far and that was very enjoyable, I also had my very

first ballet lead! Which now I am also the lead in my studios ballet production so that is pretty

cool too! This year has been pretty crazy for me because of applying for colleges and auditions

but it honestly has been really good for me. I feel like I have really been putting myself out there

especially in dance but I have also been branching out into theatre and vocal recently (really just

to build my resume) but it is good for me to step out of my comfort zone especially because this

is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am honestly really happy with my life right now, I

am just ready for this semester to be over. A few of my goals were to eat better, gain some

muscle and stretch more than I normally do. I started that next 56 days diet and I slimmed down

but I never really went to the gym. However for christmas my Mom got me a Y membership so

now my Mom and I are trying to go as frequently as possible! It makes me so happy because I

genuinely enjoy spending time with my Mom and now I get to work out too.

Some of my favorite memories of this semester would be fall concert being in the

dressing room with my fellow seniors, I feel as though we do not bond as much as we should and
that was a great bonding experience for us. We DEFINITELY learned a lot about each other that

week. I have also really enjoyed rehearsals for senior pieces so far, it has been really fun,

stressful and almost a journey of self-learning. Also working with the juniors is a hoot. They are

surely a mess but we love them anyways.

Overall this semester has been pretty bomb. It is kinda sad to think that this is the last

time I have to write a fall reflection, but also hallelujah because I am sick of these things. I can

not express how thankful I am for all my administration and teachers though. (Especially one

named Mrs. Little) Spring is about to be amazing with senior concert, spring concert, my

birthday (18!) and graduation. Bring on the fun in 2019!

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