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1. How can you show your commitment to public interest?

- It is clear that as a public employee, I should ensure that the resources and privileges given
to me by the government will all be provided through the services I was assigned to do with
the utmost efficiency. In accordance to this, I must also observe that each of the equipment
or resources inside our workplace will be utilized with the utmost care to avoid any forms of
wastage of the public fund. Everything that the government provides came from the public
fund and it is unjust if I use it for my own personal use.
2. How can you become more professional? How can you improve the work you do in the office to
improve your service to the public?
- Being a professional doesn’t just mean being a doctor, an engineer, an architect, or any of
those. As what I have read, being a professional is doing a job that you specialize in. In order
to become more professional, one must look deep into their skill and find a way to improve
it so that the quality of the output will long surpass the standards which will surely satisfy
the client.
Maintaining a good relationship with everyone in the workplace will surely improve the
services I provide to the public. I know in myself that I am confident enough that I could
provide an excellent service, however it would surely skyrocket if I have a strong support
system in the workplace. Like for example, someone to double check my works in hopes of
finding ways to improve my work or just the fact that someone is there to give me
motivation to keep going if I’m having an off day.
3. How can you put into practice political neutrality?
- Personally, I have never been fond of solidly supporting one political party. Political
neutrality has been a practice of mine for as long as I can remember. I vote people who I
think will make a difference to our community. I won’t look at someone differently if they
will vote the candidate who opposed the candidate who I am supposed to vote. Everyone is
entitled with their own opinions so I will respect it and will keep on doing the job I was
assigned to do whether you’re a supporter of political party A or B.
4. Can you recall an experience when your dishonesty was tested? Or when you become a victim
of dishonesty? (You may want to share your experience(s) with a colleague.
a. What can you conclude from your story or experience?
b. What can you say about honesty? About being just and sincere?
c. How can you show justness and sincerity in the performance of your work?
- I conclude that not everyone will always spit out the truth even if it will cause something
grave. But in the end, no matter how much it affected you, one must never seek vengeance
for it will just make things worse. I’m not saying we should force ourselves to forgive
someone for their dishonesty, all I’m saying is it will come naturally. Forgiveness will come if
deemed worthy.
Honesty is one of the main pillars or trust. If this were to collapse then the whole trust you
have gained will disintegrate in just a snap. One must give honesty to expect honesty in
return. Being just and sincere are the contributing factors to consider if someone is being
honest with you. No matter who they are and where they came from, they deserve our
justness and sincerity.
Providing high quality services to anyone whether they’re rich, poor or whatever
background they have is one of the ways to show my justness and sincerity in my line of
work. Whoever wishes to approach me in the office will expect my best attitude and
performance for I only wish to help them in every way that I can.
5. My feelings as a Filipino
- In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about being a Filipino. Pride coursed within me knowing
that I belong to the ethnicity that’s been recognized for our hard work and positive attitude
for most part of life. However, there’s a tiny part of me that feels a little bit of shame with
this title because some of us bring our own kin down all because they excelled
tremendously of what they do and are afraid that someone might surpass them. But for the
most part, I feel happy that I have the nationality that values family over anything else.
A. How do you feel now for the country? Do you now feel a sense of pride for our country
knowing how “powerful” Filipinos are as people? How would you show your love for our
country? How much do you care about our country?
- As what I have said earlier, I take pride of being a Filipino. However, after reading the whole
chapter, it grew more than what I have imagined. It reminded me what our ancestors
sacrificed just so we could get to experience the freedom we have today. They died fighting
for the privileges that some of us took for granted. I can’t deny that we have unwanted
traits, however it is what makes us human. There is no such thing as a perfect human. All of
us has our ups and downs and it depends on us how we could manage it and make the best
out of it. And that’s what the Filipinos are known for, we try to be optimistic in situations
that other nations find unfortunate. In other countries, in times of unfortunate events, you
scarcely find someone smiling or laughing. However, in our country, even if our houses are
severely disfigured due to natural calamities, you often see people who still have the heart
to smile or laugh. We try to bring positivity in hopes of drawing the strength to solve the
problems we currently have. We all have a saying etched inside our heads that says:
“Problema ka lang, Pilipino kami.” That alone motivates us to keep going. That’s how strong
we are and as a proud Filipino, it is my job to live up to that name. As what our ancestors
have done, I will also fight for what I believe in for the common good of our nation.
B. Enumerate eight (8) things you can be proud about Filipinos or about the Philippines.


Filipinos are family oriented. We uphold family over anything else. We can
run to our family in times of dire need.
Filipinos are hospitable. We offer the best that we can give to our
guests. Seeing them satisfied is enough
payment for us.
Filipinos are very optimistic. We still have the heart to laugh at unfortunate
events and will always find a light to a very
dark tunnel.
Filipinos are talented. We have a lot of artists that excelled in their
respective field of art internationally.
Filipinos easily adapt to different kinds of OFWs in different parts of the planet certainly
environment. proves this.
Filipinos respect their elders. We always value what our elder has to say and
will not in any way disrespect them if we know
that sometimes their opinions are wrong.
Philippines has the best tourists’ spots that Foreigners travel from the skies and seas just
exists in the entire world. to experience the gems we have here.
Filipinos are God-fearing people. We always refer to our faith in terms of
running our lives.

6. Write in one paragraph your feelings or insights about the importance of democracy in a free
and just society?
- Democracy simply means that it is a government run by the whole people of the country
rather than just ruled by only one. In this type of environment, everyone, as long as you’re a
citizen of this country, has a voice. Government officials are just mere representatives
elected by the people. If we don’t agree to something happening in the society, we can
freely voice out our opinions in hopes of making a difference. It is our right and it is
protected by the law.
7. Write your insights by completing the following sentences. You can come up with as many
sentences as you can.
- I feel like I’m fortunate enough to belong in those group of people who have very simple
lives. I’m not rich nor I am poor, I am in the dead center of those two. I have enough to feed
my family, no more, no less. If my family has more than enough supplies, we would share it
to people who needed it the most. It’s just heart wrenching that there are billionaires out
there that has the power to end the world’s poverty and yet they spend it in ways to shove
it in our face that they are more powerful than us. If people would just put love over
everything else, our world could’ve been a better place for our children and our children’s

- I will share whatever I have if it’s more than enough to sustain my family’s needs towards
the less fortunate people. I can’t bring all these material things towards my grave anyways
so I might as well share it. That way I didn’t just help people, I also gave myself a sense of
accomplishment and it is indeed good for the soul.

 If you were the official concerned, what would you do after knowing the findings of the
chemist? How would you show commitment to public interest in this case?
- In all honesty, if I was the official concerned in this situation, I would’ve done the same thing
our administration has done with the Boracay island. I would momentarily shut down the
island all for the purpose of rehabilitating it. I wouldn’t risk jeopardizing the health of the
public all for the reason of some businessmen in the island would go after my head because
I’m technically shutting down their business for a short amount of time. While the
rehabilitation is ongoing, I would make a set of rules and guidelines to prevent polluting the
island again. Public safety is the number one priority.
 If you were in Rick’s shoes, how will you respond to the situation? Will you allow Alonzo to pass
through or not? Why and why not?
- Personally, I would try to be civil about the whole situation. If I show a slight hostility
towards the men, I might endanger the lives of my comrades because we don’t know for
sure if these men are armed or not but I’ll assume the worst-case scenario that they may
have weapons. However, I will subtly order one of my men to call for back up because I will
try my best to stall them long enough for the back up to arrive, saving not just mine but the
lives of my comrades as well.
 Do you agree with Glenda? Why? Is whistle blowing to the media acceptable as whistle blowing
to an elected national official?
- I agree with Glenda to a certain extent. It would be wise to report this situation to someone
in the high authority. However, personally, I think it would be a mistake to report these
kinds of things to the media. We all know the media sometimes don’t care about our cause,
they just sometimes want a good story. It may lead to the situation getting out of hand and
may potentially risk not just our safety but our families as well. Calling the attention of
someone in the high authority may bring a systematized investigation about the issue.
 Ronnie is now in quandary. Now, if you are in Ronnie’s shoes, what would you do?
- If I was Ronnie, I would follow Ms. Santos out of the room and would inform her that I
cannot take the money. I would make her understand that I was just simply doing my job
and I have sworn on the day I accepted this job that I would do everything so that I could
provide services at the best of my abilities without expecting something in return. I would
kindly hand her back her money and wish her a nice day.
 Which side would you take? Cynthia’s side or Mely’s? Why?
- I’m with Cynthia on this one. The supplies that the government provides came from the
pockets of our fellow countrymen. Bringing home some of the supplies is indeed stealing
and a form of corruption. People out there are spending their last dimes just to pay their
taxes. No matter how small the value of the item you took, it has the same equivalent of
someone else’s salary.
 What can you say about this? Is something legal also automatically moral? What do you think?
- Honestly speaking, if it’s legal and it’s not in any way violating someone’s rights or health,
then it’s acceptable in my eyes. It may be a form of gamble but we can’t deny the fact that it
did send thousands of unfortunate kids to school. It didn’t kill lives, in fact it helped nurture
the ones who had nothing to live off. I will consider something immoral if its negative
aspects overpowered the positive ones but in this case it’s the other way around.
 If you were this employee, would you agree with her opinion regarding the CSC’s dress code?
- I certainly wouldn’t agree with her perspective. Working in a government office means that
you have the same life as any normal individual would have. Flashing the people with all the
glamour that you have isn’t exactly helping the reputation of the government employees.
The reason why modesty is important in the workplace is because you are there to offer
services to the public without them getting intimidated of who you are.
 Who do you think between Adora and Josie is right? Why?
- I think Josie is right on this one. As a government official, you are tasked to do your job
without expecting for something in return. The gifts may be nominal when you count them
individually but if you consider all those gifts Adora received from the first day of her job up
until today, its value isn’t considered as nominal anymore. If I was Adora, I would start
refusing gifts from now on.
 If you happen to chance upon a government vehicle parked in places where you least expect a
government official may transact business in, what will you do? Will you take time to report the
incident to the Ombudsman? If not, what will you do? Why?
- I won’t jump into conclusions if I encountered that myself. They may have transactions in
that place that concerns the government. However, if it is indeed used for personal
purposes, I would take a photo and send it to someone in the high authority to call their
attention about that issue.
 What do you think? Who is right, Roy or his boss?
- Roy does have a point. His boss, no matter how high his position might be, should still follow
the rules prescribed by the CSC. The rules apply to everyone in the office and not even
someone in the high ranks is allowed to bend it.

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