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Bar Council Malaysia

CPD Record Sheet

Please submit the application form based on the steps below:

(1) Refer to Appendix One for a list of accredited CPD activities to be included in the CPD Record
(2) Complete Section A, B, and D, and return the form to the CPD Department.
Kindly send the duly completed form to the CPD Department by email at cpd@malaysianbar.org.my.
Please note that you do not have to submit the CPD Record Sheet if you have received written confirmation that
you have been exempted from the CPD Scheme.
Name (per NRIC)
Bar Council Membership No
Email (for main correspondence)
Telephone (office)
Fax (office)


Please complete the CPD activities that you would like to claim for CPD points
CPD Category Description of the CPD Activity Date Organiser


The personal information that you provide to the Bar Council, whether now or in the future, may be
used, recorded, stored, disclosed or otherwise processed by or on behalf of the Bar Council for the
purposes of research, audit, and maintenance of database for communication, and such ancillary
services as may be relevant.

I hereby confirm that all the information provided is correct and I am aware that any false declaration
on my part may lead to disciplinary proceedings being instituted against me by the Bar Council.



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Bar Council Malaysia
CPD Record Sheet

Appendix One: List of Accredited CPD Activities

Maximum CPD To be Included in

Category CPD Activity
Points per CPD Cycle CPD Record Sheet
Attended international courses
T1 10 Yes
organised by private providers.
Attended local courses organised by
T2 10 Yes
private providers.
Attended courses organised by Bar
T3 16 No
Council/State Bar Committees.
Attended in-house training/roundtable
T4 10 Yes
discussions organised by law firms.
Participated in online courses organised
T5 16 Yes
by Bar Council/State Bar Committees
Completed Part 1 and Part 2 of Yayasan
T7 Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan (“YBGK”) 5 No
T8 Attended Sijil Annual workshop. 1 No
Attended Bar Council Ethics and
T9 4 No
Professional Standards Course
Completed any additional
A1 undergraduate or postgraduate 16 Yes
Completed University of London
A2 postgraduate law programme/module 1 – 16 Yes
accredited by Bar Council.
P1 Authored approved publications. 10 Yes
Conducted courses organised by Bar
S1 16 No
Council/State Bar Committees.
Conducted courses organised by
S2 10 Yes
commercial course providers.
Worked as part-time lecturer on
S3 10 Yes
courses accredited by Bar Council.
Worked as examiner/markers for Ethics
S4 5 No
and Professional Standards Course
Worked as examiner/assessor for
S5 professional/academic bodies with 2 Yes
approval from Bar Council.
Attended the Annual General Meeting
(“AGM”)/Extraordinary General
B1 4 No
Meeting (“EGM”) organised by Bar
Council/State Bar Committees.
Attended committee and subcommittee
B2 meetings organised by Bar 3 No
Council/State Bar Committees.
Handled files from the Legal Aid
B3 7 Yes
Sat as chairman/member of the
B4 6 No
Disciplinary Committee.

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Bar Council Malaysia
CPD Record Sheet

Maximum CPD To be Included in

Category CPD Activity
Points per CPD Cycle CPD Record Sheet
Held watching briefs, conducted
inquiries, assisted in getting injunctions,
acted as intervening solicitors, handled
B5 6 Yes
appeals, and sat on adjudication panels
representing or on behalf of Bar
Council/State Bar Committees.
Conduct legal research or write
B6 opinions upon the written request of 6 Yes
Bar Council/State Bar Committees.
Spoke at luncheon or acted as Master of
E1 Not applicable Not applicable
Represented Bar Council/State Bar
E2 Committees for admissions of pupils in Not applicable Not applicable
chambers to the Malaysian Bar.
Participated in entertainment, annual
E3 Not applicable Not applicable
dinners, and/or sporting activities.
Submit application
EX1 Aged 75 years old and above. Not applicable
for exemption
Submit application
EX2 Suffer from serious medical illness. Not applicable
for exemption
Submit application
EX3 Have at least 30 years of legal practice. Not applicable
for exemption

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