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11 September I963
TARIFFS AND TRADE Limited Distribution

Action Committee • Original: English



Communications from Governments


tiH In response ce the invitation to governments in GATT/AIR/338 to report on

measures taken and those to be taken before the end of the year to implement the
Action Programme (MIN(6j)7), the following communication has been received from
the delegation of Canada:

(i) Standstill on tariff ar.l jther trade barriers

"Canada has accepted this recommendation and is not contemplating

restrictive action of any kind for the goods considered by Committee III.

(ii) Elimination of quantitative restrictions

"Canada does not maintain quantitative restrictions of any kind on the

goods considered by Committee III.

(iii) Duty-free entry for tropical products

C^ "Canada is prepared, as part of a general move involving major importers,

tc work for duty-free treatment for all products listed for which less-
developed countries are the principal suppliers to Canada. With respect to
oilseeds and vegetable oils, prebltms arise in so far as a large proportion
of Canada's imports come from industrialized countries. Canada will examine
this item in the framework of the forthcoming trade negotiations.

"On the ministerial recommendation to remove tariffs on tropical hard-

woods, the Canadian tariff already provides for free entry of all timber up
to and including timber dressed en one side. As tc the removal of duties
on tea, this will require parliamentary authority. It is the intention of
the Canadian Government to seek this authority as soon as appropriate in the
light of parliamentary procedures and timetable.

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(iv) The elimination of tariffs on primary products

Canada, in supporting this recommendation, beliovc-s that the removal

of duties on such products would be of advantage to the users of primary
products as well as to the suppliers, and proposes to work towards this
objective in the context of the forthcoming trade negotiations.

(v) Reduction or elimination of tariff barriers on exports of semi-

processed and processed products from less-developed countries

"Canada is prepared to join in the undertaking given by ether

industrialized countries that such products would net be left out of the
forthcoming negotiations.

(vi) Progressive reduction of internal fiscal charges and revenue duties

"Canada does not impose special charges on these products and it is

not the intention of the Government to alter this policy."