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Background of the Study

In an educational setting, academic setting

academic achievement of students along with teaching-
learning situation is always observed and evaluated. Different
methodologies were asked to be improved and be exercised
by authorities through variety of trainings and that even
levels up nationality.

The call for teachers’ urgency to be competitive

rises up to be able to attend to the generation need for
learning Fuentes (2010) states that to improve students
mathematical ability we must improve their reading
This chapter is divided into several part.
Reding comprehension and mathematical ability,
the academic performance and their relationships
the three perspective on reading and solving
Linguistic, Physchological and Mathematics
Education Perspective, the theories of reading
perspective, the theories of reading
comprehension; context literacy and cognitive
processes, stragetic reading comprehension and
other strategies regarding reading

The following are hypothesis of the study:

1. There is no significant relationship between

Reading Comprehension Skills and Mathematical
Academic Achievement.
2. There is no significant relationship that exists
between the academic performance in English and
reading comprehension skills on getting the main
idea of the selection, predicting outcome, compare
and contrast, cause and effect.
Types of Research Design Types of Research Design
Grounded Theory Phenomologist

The focus is to develop an Studies a human experience as an

understanding of a phenomenon or expirement level such as understanding what it
situation in order to be able to develop a means for a woman to lose a child. It is about
understanding the essence or meaning of the
theory for items such as factors a form of experience.
interaction or a process

Types of Research Design

Used to obtain information
information concerning the current status of
the phenomena and to describe what exists
with respect to variables or conditions in a
Types of Research Design
Correlational research is a type of
non-experimental research method, in which a
researcher measures two variables,
understands and assess the statistical
relationship between them with no influence
from any extraneous variable.

Types of Research Design Types of Research Design

Case Study Historical
Intent to study and understand a Collect a variety of material in a
single situation which could be a leader, a
specific and bounded time period. This
classroom, a process, a classroom, a process,
program, activity. is also used for historical studies, when
collecting historical data to understand
and learn from the past.

Types of Research Design Types of Research Design

Casual Comparative Casual Comparative

Compare two groups with the Compare two groups with the
intent of understanding the reasons or intent of understanding the reasons or
causes for the two groups being causes for the two groups being
different. different.

Types of Research Design Types of Research Design

Narrative Experimental

Describe the lives Test an Idea, treatment, program

to see if it makes a difference. There is a
of individual to get control group and a test group and a test
group. Individuals and a randomly
meaning from them. assigned to the two groups.