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Basic  Education Department 
Tagum City 
2​2nd​ Semester, SY ​2018-2019 
Department: Senior High School 
Course No.:  ICT 1  Date: November 12, 2018 
Subject Title:  Empowerment Technology   
I. ​Preliminaries 
A. ​Topic/Lesson Name: ​Introduction to Information and Communication Technology 
B. ​Motivation: ​Stand Up Sit Down 
  The teacher will allow his students to understand the importance of ICT in the 
society.  After  that,  the  teacher  will  let  his  students  to  share  their  understanding  about  the 
following guide questions. This activity is good for 5 minutes only. 
Guide Questions 
1. What  are  your  understanding  about  information  and  communication 
2. What  are  your  impressions  and  misconceptions  about  information  and 
communication technology? 
3. How  does  information  and  communication  technology  affect  our  society 

II. Lesson Development 
A. Presentation of Concepts 
● Teaching Strategy: 
1. Interactive Discussion   
The students will … (Specific Learning Objectives) 
1.  explain  the  principle,  fundamentals  and definition of information and communication 
technology through interactive discussion; 
2. appreciate and familiarize the importance of information and communication 
technology; and 
3. provide an output of the application of information and communication technology. 
● The students will be able to…(Performance Standard) 
1. define the composition of Information, Communication, and Technology. 
2. discuss  the  different  usage  of  Information  and  communication  technology  in 
everyday life. 
3. analyze  the  development  stages  of  industry in accordance to information and 
communication technology. 
4. explain  the  impact  of  information  and  communication  technology  in  our 
5. independently  compose  an  insightful  reflection  on  the  nature  of  ICT  in  the 
context of their lives, society, and professional tracks. 
B. Integration 
a. Ignacian Core/Related Values: ​Excellence 
b. Social  Orientation:  ​The  Social  Study  of  Information  and  Communication 
Technology: Innovation, Actors, and Contexts 
c. Lesson Across Discipline: Social Sciences 
d. Faith/ Biblical Reflection: 1 Corinthians 6:12 
“I  have  the  right  to  do  anything,”  you  say—but  not  everything  is  beneficial.  “I have 
the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.” 
III. Practice: Formative Assessment 
●   The  teacher  will  show  a  visual  presentation  about  the  impressions  and 
misconceptions  about  ICT.  After  that,  the  teacher  will  let  the  students  give  their 
insights  for  each  picture.  The  teacher  will  randomly  select  a  student  to  answer 
the  questions  given.  Points  will  be  recorded  for  each  students  after  the  oral 
a. What can you say about the specific picture?  
b. How can you relate that in your own experiences?  
c. What is the message portrayed in the picture? 

IV. Enrichment: The teacher will ask a question. 

1. The teacher will inform his students to enumerate different innovations of 
technology that has been used in different sectors. After that, the students will 
explain the advantage and disadvantage of that particular technology to the society. 

V. Evaluation:  
● The  teacher  will  let his students study and analyze the impact of information and 
communication  technology  in  a  form  of  visual  presentation.  The  students  will 
explain  the  differences  between  the  manual  and  the  automated  process  of  the 
particular area in terms of experiences.  

VI. References:  
Avgerou,  C.,  Ciborra,  C.,  Land,  F.  ​The  Social  Study  of  Information and  Communication Technology: 
Innovation, Actors, and Contexts. ​Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-925356-0, 2004. 
Instructional Materials: Powerpoint Presentation 
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