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A. Pricing Structure ....................................................................................................................... 5

B. Scooter Availability and Service Area ..................................................................................... 7
C. Plan for Safe Riding and Storage of Scooters… ...................................................................... 8
D. Images of Scooter ................................................................................................................... 12
E. Mobile app Images .................................................................................................................. 13
F. Scooter Recharging Plan .......................................................................................................... 20
G. Maintenance, Cleaning and Zero Waste Plan ......................................................................... 21
H. Experience and Qualifications ................................................................................................. 22

December 1, 2018
Jan Hernandez,
Manager, Parking Services
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Go X OSU Scooter Program Proposal

Dear Jan Hernandez,

Thank you for considering Go X’s proposal to become an electric scooter provider at the Oklahoma
State University. As a founder and CEO, I started the company 3 years ago with a sole purpose of
providing affordable, environmentally friendly and convenient transportation options for students
across the nation.

My team and I have worked closely with universities in Northern California to create the most ideal
solution for universities. Today, this is reflected in our product and software offering at Go X. I
welcome the opportunity to become a trusted partner with Oklahoma State University and can assure
you that our team will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. At Go X we provide a number
of solutions that makes us different, unique and the go to option for a number of our trusted

Go X is the only company to provide the following:

1. Go X Operating System – a dashboard for your administration that shows real-time view of all
rides on campus, usage reports and feedback about the service. Through this portal the
administration can control speed limit in various parts of campus, restrict riding in others, and
designate virtual parking spots.

2. The Highest Revenue Sharing – Go X pays $3 per day per vehicle to OSU, which is 3x times
higher than any other company. With 500 scooters on campus, OSU will make $405,000 per
academic year, which it can choose to allocate towards scholarships.

3. Proprietary Vehicles for OSU – our 3-wheel scooter is the safest transportation solution for
students. It comes with helmet attached, allows students to place their backpacks on them and is
much more stable than other scooters.

4. Membership Pricing – in addition of providing of per ride pricing of $.95 to start $.15 per
minute, Go X will allow OSU students and faculty to sign-up for $39 per month unlimited rides
plan. This is by far the most affordable riding plan in the industry today.

5. Swappable batteries – only Go X vehicles come equipped with swappable batteries, which
allow us to further reduce carbon footprint. In order to recharge a fleet of 300 scooters, our
competitors need to have 7 vans (each can can fit 25 scooters a time) and 14 people, while Go X
only needs 1 van to do the same job. This way, the complexity and amount of carbon emissions
is greatly reduced with Go X solution.

6. Customer Service – we provide 24/7 phone, e-mail and customer service support to all of our

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have you review our proposal and if chosen, I guarantee that
our team will work diligently to exceed all of your expectations.

Most Sincerely,

Alexander Debelov
Go X
CEO & Founder

#1 E-Scooter Sharing Company for Universities

There are many players in the electric scooter sharing industry today and that number is only
growing. Go X has watched competitors move into this market and was able to capitalize on many
things that help us stand out from competition today. What makes Go X different is the following:

§ Management – Our operating system allows us to control where vehicles function; restrict
students from riding on sidewalks and enforce parking in designated areas.

§ Revenue – Go X pays $3 per day per scooter. Go X pays its partners 3 times more than any
other company in the industry, of which university allocate to providing additional
scholarships for students. This is key to why Go X has been such a popular program.

§ University Portal – Go X partners are given access to our fleet management system to
monitor vehicles and collect feedback.

§ Operations – Go X employs full-time employees to recharge and service scooters, making

sure all vehicles are safe to ride and are always charged.

§ Helmets – Each scooter comes with its own attached helmet that is required to wear by
students to initiate a ride.

Go X is the first and only electric scooter and bicycle sharing company for universities. The
company only services higher education market and does not operate in any cities. All of the
hardware and software designed by Go X was created to address the problems that universities face
with on-campus transportation. The company is venture backed by leading Silicon Valley investors,
which also invested in: DoorDash, DropBox, AirBnb and other break-out companies.

Section A. Pricing Structure

1. Standard Cost
The cost of renting a vehicle, whether its an electric scooter or bicycle is the following:

• Per Ride – $.95 to unlock and $.15 per minute

• Monthly Membership - $39 for unlimited rides

The monthly membership of $39 per month for unlimited rides will only be offered to OSU students
and faculty. Go X is the only company that offers this type of service.

2. Low Income Plan

Go X offers a low-income plan that waives the $.95 unlock fee, and only costs riders $0.15 per
minute to ride. There are no additional signup fees or out-of-system costs. Go Xwill be adding new
features to our low income plan this month, including 20 minutes of free ride time each day for
qualified riders and an option for cash payment for non-banked riders.

Go X low-income plan is available to anyone currently enrolled in or eligible for a state or federal
assistance program, including, but not limited to CalFresh, SNAP, or a discounted utility bill.

To enroll in GO X's low-income plan, users will simply have to email proof of enrollment in a
qualifying program as outlined above along with their full name and phone number to
we@goxapp.com. Approval will take between two and three days.

Users without a smartphone can sign up for Go X by calling customer service and signing up for a
card over the phone. Anytime, they would want to initiate the ride, they would text Go X number,
which would unlock a particular scooter for them to use during that ride.

3. Revenue Sharing Model

Go X will pay Oklahoma State University (OSU) $3 per vehicle per day. Here’s the breakdown
of what this would means for OSU:

• 100 fleet on campus - $300 per day - $81,000 per academic year
• 500 fleet on campus - $1500 per day - $405,000 per academic year
• 750 fleet on campus - $2250 per day – $607,500 per academic year

Go X optimizes to make sure that each vehicle is used 3x per day and based on the current data the
company recommends to have at least 1 vehicle for every 50 students and faculty on campus. As
such for OSU’s population of 25,000 people, the company believes that ideal number of vehicles on
campus will be 500.

The revenue generated from Go X program can be applied towards auxiliary services and scholarship
programs for students. Typically, 50% of the revenue generated goes towards auxiliary services and
the other 50% towards scholarships.

Section B. Scooter Availability and Service Area

1. Pilot Program

An ideal pilot program for OSU would include be 200 scooters. The pilot will be conducted over
30-day period during which Go X will analyze usage trends and students needs. All of the
findings discovered during this phase will be shared with university administration. The
administration will be given access to its own dashboard, which will show usage reports, student
feedback and provide real-time of view of how students are using the scooters. During the pilot,
the company will also asses the best parking locations and riding zones.

Based on the data, Go X will adjust the size of the scooter fleet on campus accordingly. If the
usage of scooters is less than 3x per day, than Go X will remove the scooters that are not needed
on campus.

2. Geo-Fencing and Speed Restrictions

The Go X software comes equipped with geo-fencing capabilities, which allows university
officials to restrict zones where students are riding as well as set a speed limit for on-campus
transportation. Our partner universities have chosen to restrict on-campus speed to 10 mph,
while others have restricted students from riding in certain areas and even limited their ability to
ride on sidewalks.

3. Virtual Parking Spots

The administration will have an option to restrict locations where students are allowed to park
Go X scooters, thus reducing clutter and improving campus aesthetics.

4. Travel Outside of OSU campus

Administration will have the option to restrict students traveling on scooters outside the
campus. They also have the option to allow them to use these scooters to travel to local
businesses in Stillwater, Oklahoma and beyond. Given, the option Go X will work closely
with city officials to make sure that our service is compliant with local laws and guidelines for
using such scooters.

Go X would be happy to work with your administration and city officials to make sure all
parties are satisfied as Go X did do in the city of Yuma in partnership with Arizona Western

If scooters are left off campus, Go X full time employees will pick up scooters by 8pm and
redeploy on campus properly.

Section C. Plan for Safe Riding

1. Safety Overview
Safety is Go X’s top priority. Go X educates its riders to park and ride our scooters with the
utmost attention to their own safety and the safety of others. All the scooters in our fleet are
speed-capped at 15 MPH, and using our software, the speed can be further reduced to 10 MPH
for on-campus travel.

Go X team will perform 4 workshops on-campus to train students on how to ride scooters
appropriately. All of the videos from these training workshops will be available online, and will

be provided to all students upon signing up for our service through the app.

Through Go X app, website, and on the footboards of each scooter, riders are informed that they
must comply with applicable laws by:

• Affirming they are 18 years old or older

• Will wear a helmet at all times while riding
• Have a valid driver license and/or student identity card

New users are required to scan their driver’s license or student identification card into the app
before they are allowed to ride. Driver’s licenses and student cards are reviewed in real-time to
ensure they are valid.

Due to its patented three wheeled design, Go X scooters come pre-equipped with a helmet
attached to the pole of the scooter. They also do not tip over. As compared to other companies,
Go X provides a helmet at a point when a user is about to initiate the ride, and does not require
them to carry their own helmet around. We also don’t require them to order and pay for shipping
of helmets. Our full time on operations (2 people for every 100 vehicles) will be responsible for
sanitizing and replacing helmets, replacing batteries and insuring scooters are safe to ride.

Our app includes a list of state and local laws by which users must abide when riding. Our
geolocation ability allows us to communicate and enforce laws and ordinances, such as areas
where riding is expressly banned or where speed limits are instituted.

2. Go X Proprietary Operating System

To ensure GO X riders are parking scooters properly and not obstructing entrances to buildings,
the sidewalk, or ADA accessible ramps Go X have taken the time to build our own operating
system that allows us to enforce where scooters can be parked and how fast they can go in
certain areas of campus.

Go X developed its own proprietary Microcontroller to control all functions of vehicle behavior.
The controller uses GPS and cellular communication (4G) for data transmission. The controller
also uses accelerometer to detect movement, ARM Cortex microcontroller, runs its own
proprietary C++ application (which powers Atlas; our operating system) and uses USART Serial
e-Vehicle communication protocol.

The administration can work with Go X to set virtual designated parking spots on the app.

Furthermore, to keep riders compliant with driving regulations, Go X software has the capability
to geo-fence areas and make sure that scooters are not functioning in no service area zones. This
applies to sidewalks, inside buildings, areas in case of an upcoming event and so on. Once the
scooter enters a restricted area, it either completely turns off or the speed is limited to 2-3 miles
per hour.

3. Unique Identifying Number

Go X is the only scooter operator that uses Unique Identifying Numbers for their scooters and
provides an easy platform for students to report any rider that is misbehaving on the scooter.

Each scooter is tagged with an ID number that is easily identifiable, making it easy for members
of the community to a report improperly parked scooters, a person misbehaving on the scooter
and so on. Riders who continue to violate rules will have their accounts suspended and, if
problems persist, terminated.

The Unique Identifying Number is clearly visible from the distance and is also the way with
which users are able to reserve, and access scooters without the need of scanning a QR code.

4. Reporting Theft and Damage

Users also have the ability to report any damage to the vehicle that occurs during their ride through
the app. Their request will prompt a full-time Go X employee to be dispatched on-campus to
inspect and repair the needed vehicle. All of the new safety features will be introduced to campus
community through on-site training and demonstration.

5. Go X On-Campus Training and Demonstration

Go X scooters will be available on-campus overnight and will be completely turned off by 10:00
pm or any time that university administration deems necessary.

Go X will be hosting multiple Q&A sessions on campus before, while and after the pilot program
to keep educating riders on safety and riding tips.

Mission of Q&A sessions is to:

• Meet riders and inform them of best practices.

• Offer safety advice and encourage them to wear helmets.
• Assist riders in any questions concerning anything other than riding

6. Insurance Coverage

Go X has 4 insurance policies in place to insure riders and anyone involved in an accident. The 4
insurance policies that the company has in place are:

• Product Liability insurance

• General Liability Insurance
• Cyber Insurance Policy and Data Breach Insurance
• Uninsured motorist insurance

During our operation and being solely focused on university, Go X has not had a single incident or
injury. This is due to limited speeds at which riders are allowed to travel on campus and geo-
restricting zones where they can do it.

But in the case of an injury, Go X indemnifies OSU and the student in case of an accident. As
noted above, the company has Product, General Liability, Cyber and Data Breach Insurances in
place. In addition, Go X is the only company to provide an Uninsured Motorist Insurance that
covers all parties in case of an accident. All policies have a $3,000,000 limit.

D. Images & Description of Powered Scooter

1. Overview
Go X is the first company to offer electric bicycles and electric scooters to its partners with 3
wheeled scooters being our flagship product. For OSU launch Go X is looking to have a mix of
80% electric scooter and 20% electric bikes for students to use.

Features that make Go X fleet unique are:

• All of the Go X vehicles are completely electric and provide a comfortable

yet efficient ride.

• Go X vehicles have top speed of 15 miles per hour.

• Globally certified batteries that allows 3 hours of ride time and offer up to
30 miles range per battery.

• Swappable batteries, which allow for ease of servicing and maintain the
fleet to be charged 100% of the time.

• Monthly membership at $39/month (about $1 per day) for unlimited rides

• Or $.95 to start and $.15 per minute per ride charge

• Our scooter designs could be customized to have university logo or mascot.


E. Images & Description of Mobile Application

1. Overview

The Go X application is free and is available in the Apple App Store and Google
Play Store. It works both on iOS and Android operating systems. Users that don’t
have a smartphone are able to sign-up for a Go X account on www.goxapp.com and
initiate ride through a standard cellphone by sending a text message to company’s
customer service number.

Riders wishing to initiate a Go X ride: open the application on their smartphone and
center the local map around their location. This enables riders to locate a nearby

Each vehicle is outfitted with its own unique code and QR square. Upon approaching
the scooter, riders scan the code with their phone to activate the scooters or enter
scooters unique code. Then, riders are taken through a step-by-step process of how
to get started.
To initiate a ride, it costs $.95. As the ride continues, users are charged $0.15 a

minute. Go X provides 24/7 customer service to our users and is available by phone,
email, and in-app messages.

Go X has made our service available for people with no access to a smart phone or
debit/credit card. A student can sign-up for a plan on our website, and then initiate a
ride by either calling or texting company’s customer service.
Also, students can sign up for a special account that allows them to meet one of our
ops people on campus and initiate a prepaid account that activates the scooter once
its unique ID number is texted to 415-429-3167. Rider will be asked 3 questions
before the scooter is turned on.

2. Go X Scooters Highlights

3. Transparency

Oklahoma State University will be given access to our robust portal to track all data about
scooters in real time.

The university administration will be able to see:

• How many vehicles are deployed on campus
• Most popular drop off locations
• Most popular pick up locations
• Average: speed, mileage, ride time and O2 saved from all trips
• Collect feedback from students

During the first 30 days of pilot program, Go X will be having various Q&A sessions on campus.
Go X rep will sync up with the schools administration weekly during pilot. After pilot is
completed, rep will sync up monthly to see if any adjustments are needed.

Go X will also be giving Oklahoma State 500 free coupons eligible for free rides as a marketing
campaign for our launch and for students to get acquainted during the pilot.

F. Scooter Recharging Plan

1. Overview
Go X scooters are equipped with GPS and a “brain” that alerts our system if the battery is too low
or if the scooter requires technical assistance. Go X scooters with low or dead battery switch over
to harvest mode immediately, regardless of time or day. After 9 pm, regardless of battery life, GO
X apps turns over to collection mode. This is programmed into our system and does not need to
be done manually.

Then our full time ops team receives a notification to replace batteries of that specific scooter.
The ops team on campus will have 3 charging missions a day to replace all batteries if needed.
Ops team is provided with one service van that can fit up to 500 batteries which allows them to
keep all scooters charged all of the time.

What this means on the operations side for the school is that Go X decreases congestion on
campus and can complete our missions at anytime during the day. While some of the other
scooter sharing companies higher independent contractors to pick up the vehicles at night; with a
small fleet of 300 scooters you need 7 vans and 14 people to pick them up. Independent
contractors are not very reliable for charging and servicing scooters as it takes bad weather to
keep these contractors home and leave scooters uncharged.

Ops team will be held responsible for the following:

• Insuring scooters are safe to ride daily
• Replace batteries
• Sanitize and replace helmets

2. Tethering/Locking

Requiring scooters to be tethered or locked to fixed objects could potentially cause more
problems than it would fix. Currently, Go X scooters are relatively easy to move when they have
been improperly parked or are blocking sidewalks or entrance ways. Requiring them to be locked
to fixed objects would undermine this ease of movement. And this could encourage people to
seek other improper places to park like handrails on ADA-accessible ramps.

Additionally, Go X scooters do not currently compete with people’s personal bikes for scarce space
on bike racks or other fixed structures suitable for tethering bikes. Requiring lock-to for scooters
would result in straining the existing bike parking infrastructure that exists.

Thanks to our operating system, Go X have rarely ever seen improper parking due to our app
enforcing it correctly. The university is also given access to company’s software to control and
create new parking spots on the app for students to park in. After the initial first month pilot
program, Go X will then understand where are the best spots to park.

G. Maintenance, Cleaning and Zero

1. Waste Plan Maintenance and Repair Plan

Go X has its own professional maintenance team that is very well versed with our scooters and
bikes. They asses each and every scooter before deploying them. Additionally, riders grade the
quality of their ride on a scale of 1-5 stars and provide an explanation for the rating. Scooters that
are rated 3 stars or less with a description related to the functionality are deemed “damaged.”
Any rider experiencing a problem with a Go X scooter can report the issue. These scooters are
also deemed “damaged.” For any scooter labeled “damaged,” a Mechanic is deployed to the
scooter to perform repairs, from a minor maintenance (tighten bolts) to a more involved repair
(tire replacement). All repairs that can be performed on-site are performed at the scooter’s
location. Repairs that cannot be made on-site are taken off the street by the Mechanic to be
repaired. Scooters that are unable to be repaired by a local Mechanic, are shipped back to our
warehouse in Northern California for further diagnosis.

2. Waste Management Plan

Use of Go X scooters can create no waste or pollution. In every market, Go X employs an
individual to monitor the quality of the Fleet process. This Fleet Coordinator helps with the
launch of the scooters, monitors maintenance and coordinates operation. If Go X scooter appears
damaged beyond repair or needs to be disposed of, the Fleet Coordinator will arrange for the
scooter to be shipped back to our Northern California location for further diagnosis. During the
diagnosis, if the scooter is deemed unrepairable, parts are salvaged and repurposed for repair to
other scooters. All remnants of the scooter are then properly disposed of from the northern
California warehouse.

3. Cleaning Plan
Go X employees will be sanitizing helmets daily with alcohol and have replaceable foam tops
that can be easily changed.

H. Hiring and Labor Plan

Our operations teams are full time employees here at Go X. They are the beating heart of our
service. While the majority of our operations team are full time employees, Go X does not mind
hiring a part of the student body to help us with charging and maintaining these scooters. Go X
would also have different roles for students to be involved on the development side while
improving our app and learning more about our software operations.

I. Experience & Qualifications

1. Overview
Go X is the #1 electric scooter sharing company for universities. Go X takes pride in the sole
provider of electric scooter services for higher education.

As the pioneer and premier provider of this new sustainable mode of transportation for the
educational sector, Go X is uniquely qualified to operate shared-use scooter fleets. Since our
launch in Arizona Western College last September, Go X has expanded services to 4 universities
including but not limited to: Arizona State University, Santa Clara University, University of
California Riverside, Louisiana Tech College and Florida Southwestern College.

The company has spent the last 3 years designing the ultimate solution for higher education

2. Team Structure

3. Executive Team Overview

Prior to Go X, Alexander Debelov (CEO of Go X), founded Virool (www.virool.com),

the largest native video distribution platform on the web. During his 5 years as CEO he
grew the team from 3 to 88 people and opened 7 offices in San Francisco, New York,
London, Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles. The company received over $20M in
venture investment and received an acquisition offer for $130M from Rubicon Project
(NYSE: RUBI). The company was recognized as one of 500 Fastest Growing companies
by Inc Magazine in 2016 and has received a number of industry awards. Virool was
acquired by a Private Equity fund, Archer VC.

The founding team of Go X were behind success of Virool and have spent the last 3 years
designing an ideal solution to simplify on-campus commute.

The team is excited about the opportunity to become Oklahoma State University’s trusted
partner and provide the most affordable, reliable and safe transportation solution on