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Band Aid auf MERCURY (Phonogram) 880502-7 Do They Know It’s Christmas? Musik und Originaltext: Bob Geldof/Midge Ure Kiay.-Bearb.: Lem Arcon Moderato J = 108 c D Ws Chvist-mas ~ time, there's no need to a= trai, AL Chtistemas ~ time in tight and we. plen = 1y——— we can spreada smile of joy. Throw your arms— a= round the world at crvistmas — time. — But, say a © esac et ost ici ie Sh Urge, Rumane, Bug, ee pray forthe olh= or ws nad ‘but! whenyou're hav = ing world outside your win - dow and its on = ty Chist-mas- bells wa - tor that flow = Ing Is fing there night tnank God thom In-stead of you. this Cheistmas-time.— the bit = ter ‘are the clang=ing chimes of The greatest. gift they'll get this year Is 7 z cones. tun. AUChristemas sting of teas. ‘And there won't be snow In AI= tite, Where noth=ing- ever giws,— no fain or rivers flow, — 0 they know It's Christemas = time at fo you, raise a glass tor ev'~ ry-one, to them un derneaththat burn-ing sun, Chvist-mas-time at all? the