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Officials fear all 189 people on plane that

crashed in Indonesia were killed

Jakarta (CNN)After retrieving six bodies from the sea where an Indonesian
passenger plane crashed near Jakarta Monday, search and rescue officials say they
fear there will be no survivors.

Lion Air flight JT 610 was carrying 189 people, including three children, when it
disappeared from radar just 13 minutes after takeoff, according to Basarnas,
Indonesia's national search and rescue agency.
The plane, a new Boeing 737 MAX 8, was carrying 181 passengers, as well as six
cabin crew members and two pilots. It was bound for Pangkal Pinang on the
Indonesian island of Bangka.
"My prediction is that no one survived because we only managed to retrieve body
parts. It has been a few hours since the crash so it is possible all 189 people were
killed," Bambang Suryo Aji, director of operations for Basarnas, said in a news
As many as 21 body bags have been transported to a hospital in east Jakarta for
identification as rescue workers continue to search the sea. The bags contained
human remains, debris from the airplane and personal items belonging to the
victims, according Indonesia's National Search and Rescue agency. Six bodies were
recovered earlier in the day and taken to the same hospital.
Aji said that rescue workers had found debris appearing to be the plane's tail. The main
wreckage had still not been located.
Search and rescue teams were working against high waves and strong currents, in an
area spanning 150 nautical miles, added Aji. Underwater robots were being used in the
search effort.

After Sesudah Kata kerja
retrieving mengambil Kata kerja
six enam
bodies tubuh Kata benda
from dari
sea laut Kata benda
where dimana
an sebuah
Indonesian indonesia Kata benda
Passenger penumpang Kata benda
plane pesawat Kata benda
crashed terjatuh Kata kerja
near dekat Kata sifat
Jakarta jakarta Kata benda
Monday senin
search mencari Kata kerja
and dan
rescue penyelamat Kata benda
officials resmi
say berkata Kata kerja
they mereka
fear takut
there disana
will akan
be menjadi
no tidak
survivors. selamat

Lion Air lion air

flight terbang
JT 610 jt 610
carrying membawa
189 189
people, orang
including termasuk
three tiga
children, anak
when ketika
it ini/itu
disappeared lenyap
from dari
radar radar
just hanya
13 13
minutes Menit
after Sesudah
takeoff, Lepas landas
according According
to Ke
Basarnas, Basarnas
Indonesia's Indonesia
national Nasional
search Mencari
and Dan
rescue Penyelamat
agency. agen

plane, Pesawat
a Sebuah
new Baru
Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 737 MAX 8
carrying Membawa
181 181
passengers, Penumpang
as sebagai
well baik
as sebagai
six enam
cabin kabin
crew kru
members anggota
and dan
two dua
pilots. pilot
It ini/itu
bound terikat
for untuk
Pangkal pangkal
Pinang pinang
on diatas
Indonesian indonesia
island pulau
of dari
Bangka. bangka

"My saya
prediction prediksi
is adalah
that itu
no tidak
one satu
survived survived
because karena
we kita
only hanya
managed berhasil
to untuk
retrieve ambil kembali
body tubuh
parts. bagian
It ini/itu
has punya
been telah
a sebuah
few beberapa
hours jam
since sejak
crash jatuh
so jadi
it ini/itu
is adalah
possible mungkin
all semua
189 189
people Orang
were adalah
killed," Terbunuh
Bambang Bambang
Suryo Suryo
Aji, Aji
director Direktur
of Of
operations Operasi
for Untuk
Basarnas, Basarnas
said Berkata
in Didalam
a Sebuah
news Berita
conference. Konfersi

As sebagai
many banyak
as sebagai
21 21
body Tubuh
bags Tas-tas
have Memiliki
been telah
transported transported
to Ke
a Sebuah
hospital Rumah sakit
in Didalam
east Timur
Jakarta Jakarta
for Untuk
identification Identifikasi
as Sebagai
rescue Penyelamat
workers pekerja
continue terus
to Ke
search Mencari
sea. Laut
bags Tas-tas
contained terkandung
human Manusia
remains, Tetap
debris debris
from Dari
airplane Pesawat udara
and Dan
personal pribadi
items barang
belonging termasuk
to Ke
victims, korban
according menurut
Indonesia's Indonesia
National Nasional
Search Mencari
and Dan
Rescue Penyelamat
agency. Agen
Six Enam
bodies Tubuh
were adalah
recovered pulih
earlier sebelumnya
in Didalam
day Hari
and Dan
taken Diambil
to Ke
same sebuah
hospital. rumah sakit