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Ericsson is the leading provider in the new telecom

world, with communications solutions that combine

telecom and datacom technologies with the freedom of
mobility for the user. With more than 100,000 employees
in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications
for its customers – network operators, service providers,
enterprises and consumers – the world over.

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Ericsson Radio Systems AB

Fixed Radio Access
SE-164 80 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8 757 00 00 EN/LZT 108 3290 (R1)
Telefax: +46 8 764 06 20 ©Ericsson Radio Systems AB 99-11

Fixed Cellular Terminals

More business within an existing

GSM network
The edge in providing residential
and business telecommunications

For a GSM operator, A strong competetive edge for residential and

FCT means instantly commercial telecommunications
added revenues Especially in urban and suburban areas, it is vital for
GSM operators can now expand their business by any operator to ensure that residential and commercial
providing an array of fixed telecommunications customers never feel left behind in the galloping
services within their coverage area. FCT, fixed cellular development of telecommunication services.
terminals, is a flexible and user friendly system that A wired network will need constant investment
allows the operator to expand the utilization of the and maintenance to provide an up-to-date level of
mobile network. Providing residential or small technology. That is why FCT opens up a new
business areas with state-of-the-art telecommuni- competitive edge for GSM operators in the fixed
cations, FCT means instantly added revenue. market. GSM operators already have the required
services, and they are not tied by slow or difficult deployed. The mobility of its employees is always
cable routing or heavy installation costs. beneficial, but today’s system-to-system interconnect
FCT gives them the means to accommodate to charges are sometimes costly. Because the FCT has
the changing needs of the market with the speed the same operator and is already within the mobile
of light – literally. system, it will most likely significally lower the
company’s mobile calling costs.
An information highway to company
mobile users
The connection of a fixed cellular terminal provides
a company with a way of economizing their mobile
calling, depending on the rating models that are
Special applications that provide
new business for GSM operators

High tech solutions and a potential for new Security

commercial applications In security applications, the weakest link has always
The concept of fixed terminals with high speed data been the cabled connections from the local central
capacity in a GSM network opens up other routes unit to the surveillance centre. Radio connection is an
to revenue for open-minded operators. For example, obvious answer – and the GSM operator has an exis-
the high-tech applications of security and telemetry ting network to provide it.
offers technological advantages, and the commercial
potential of applications that cater to the needs of Telemetry
temporary concentrations of people, such as aboard Process information needs 24 hour functionality. So-
passenger ships or at big events. called telemetry has always had an element of hazard
in the physical connections of the sensors to the they can now offer their passengers the bonus of
processing information centre. Radio technology unrestricted telephone facilities aboard.
provides the reliable connection.
Maritime FCT offers the possibility to put a payphone literally
In many countries, there is heavy coastal maritime anywhere within the coverage area. And such
passenger traffic within the boundaries of an mobility means that an operator can easily cater to
operator’s GSM coverage. A maritime FCT appli- temporary needs – conferences, concerts, sports
cation will benefit not only the operator, but also events, etc.
the shipping company with added revenue, because
Choose FCT and get the most
proven solution
Ericsson’s fixed mobile solutions are based The FCT, system that extends business opportunities
on more than a hundred years of telecom for mobile operators, is an example.
As one of the pioneers of wireless technology, Ericsson’s leading global position in cellular
Ericsson has unparalleled experience in wireless systems, WLL and microwave transmission is built
applications. on more than a hundred years of telecommunication
Ericsson is the world’s most experienced Wireless experience. No other company offers you a better
Local Loop (WLL) systems provider, counting the platform for your business.
number of subscribers. Both analogue and digital
WLL systems have been installed all over the world. An integrated part of the GSM system
Today, Ericsson offers wireless applications for any In essence the FCT terminals are dualband GSM
customer demand and operator requirement. 900/1800 application with automatic channel
Technical data

Subscriber interface:
Common POTS telephone line socket

• GSM 900/1800 dual-band terminal
searching between the frequency ranges. The key- • 110 - 240 VAC powered with optional
board features if the mobile phone is substituted battery back-up
by an ordinary fixed telephone. Millions of users • Over-the-counter delivery, customer installed
worldwide attest to the reliability and functionality
of the system. Applications:
FCT versions available for
Extremely easy installation • Residential

The FCT terminal is installed by the subscriber and • Business

provides a common analogue telephone line socket • Security

that connects the fixed telephone – or in the case of • Telemetry

business applications, connects to a PBX. It supports • Maritime

all state-of-the-art GSM services such as call waiting, • Payphone

call forwarding or multiparty conference calls.

Standard services:
A plug-in modem module allows data and fax
• EFR, Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding
• Prepaid Subscription
• Calling line identification
(ETSI 300 659-2 DTMF)
• Call waiting
• Call barring
• Call forwarding
• SMS capability
• Multiparty conference calls
• Alternate line service

Optional services:
• Plug-in modem module
• Up to 38.4 kbps V.42bis data transmission
• Group 3 fax messaging speeds of
up to 9.6 kbps