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Asked As One Of The Tasks Of English Courses

Supervisor :
Agus Wiwit S.Kep Ns., M.Kep.
Arranged by :
Group 6/3A

1. Muhammad Mubayin A (201501027)

2. Firda Aulia Indriani (201601024)
3. Lukman Fatkul Aziz (201601034)
4. Mega Susanti (201601038)
5. Moch. Reviansyah Y.S (201601042)
6. Nur Hambyah (201601048)
7. Prila Rochmawati (201601050)
8. Riyan Widiyanti (201601054)
9. Tri Endah Lestari (201601058)
10. Yunita Setyaningrum (201601062)


Jl. Ciptomangunkusumo No.82 A Ponorogo
School Year 2017/2018

A. Title : roleplay relaxation techniques

B. Theme : relaxation techniques
C. Characterization:
1. Nurse A : Lukman Fatkul Aziz
2. Nurse B : Riyan Widiyanti
3. Nurse C : Nur Hambyah
4. Doctor : Prila Rochmawati
5. Patient A : Moch. Reviansyah
6. Patient B : Mohammad Mubbayin A
7. Family of patient A : Mega Susanti
8. Family of patient A : Tri Endah Lestari
9. Family of patient B : Yunita Setyaningsih
10. Narrator : Firda Aulia Indriani

C. Dialog
One day at the Hospital Hardjono Ponorogo Precisely in Flamboyan
Room there is a patient named Mr.Refian with medical diagnosis preoperative
BPH and Tn.Mubayyin with postoperative medical diagnosis appendiksitis.
Soon doctors and nurses came to visit.
Riyan : good morning Mr.Revian and Mrs.Tri endah, sorry to disturb your
Tri endah : morning Nurse, what is this?
Riyan : Again sorry to disturb your time, how are u today miss?
Tri endah : we are good nurse
Riyan : introduce me Ns,riyan , and doctor prila. In here doctor prila want
to do visite to c heck on the state of Mr.Revian today
Tri endah : oh yea, please dok
Prila : what Mr.revi pack doing today?
Revian : good sus
Prila : Anything to complain about it?
Revian : only abdominal pain in right lower dok
Prila : oh yes sir, for the schedule of operations tomorrow so you can
prepare everything first, for his fast will be told the with this
nurse sir
Revian : yes sus, so now I have not started fast yes dok.
Prila : Not yet sir, maybe someone wants to ask again?
Revian : oh yes dok, I was afraid about tomorrow's surgery dok
Prila : a quiet Sir, you can many pray sir
Revian : oh yes sus.
Riyan : yes already if so much rest first yes to start fasting we will later
tell Sir
Tri endah : yes sus, thanks
Riyan : Yes Miss, later if suppose there is need anything can contact us in
the nurse station
Tri endah : yes sus
Riyan : Yes it's so Miss, assalamualaikum
Tri endah : waalaikum salam

Then the nurse and doctor moved to the patient next bed that is to bed
Nur : assalamualaikum, good morning sir n Miss
Yunita : waalaikumsalam, morning sus
Nur : how are you today?
Yunita : good sus, want to visite yea sus?
Nur : Yes sir, sorry to disturb your time introduce me Ns.Nur who is on
duty this morning and this doctor Pril want to visit this morning.
Are you ready?
Yunita : oh yes, ready sus
Nur : oh yes thank you Miss. Please doctor prila
Prila : good morning Mr.Mubayin? How are you today?
Mubayyin : I can not sleep last night because feel the pain
Prila : oh yes sir, I want check first yes sir
Mubayyin : please sus
Prila : oh yes sir this situation is already stable but because it's the effect
of anasthesia yesterday it was gone then from that you feel the
pain is a natural thing sir
Mubayyin : yes sus, but is there no medicine to reduce pain?
Prila : there is Sir, I will prescribe it later
Mubayyin : thank you dok
Prila : you are welcome sir, maybe there's something to ask again sir?
Mubayyin : not yet dok
Nur : yes already if no one asked you to rest again. If there is anything
later Mrs.Yunita can call me in the nurse station
Yunita : yes thank you
Nur : you are welcome Miss, Assalamualaikum
Yunita : waalaikumsalam

Then the nurse and doctor left the treatment room to return to the nurse
station. When all the activities are finished nurses also talk about the state of
the patient.
Riyan : Ns.Nur what about the complaints that Mr. Revian?
Nur : oh yes yes, for Tn.mubayin td complained of pain and had been
prescribed antipyretic drug by doctor prila
Riyan : yes, actually Tm.Revian also complains of pain and anxiety.
Approximately we can do what kind of nursing actions besides
giving antipyretics and motivation?
Nur : yes yes yes
Lukman : how do we do benson relaxation therapy
Riyan : good idea, no problem
Lukman : yes, benson relaxation therapy can also be for patients with pain
and anxiety for relaxation for pre-operative patients to be more
calm and confident to undergo surgery, and for postoperative
patients may reduce pain. Well fitting right for Tn.revian and
Riyan : yes it's really nice, it happened to Mr.Revian and Mr.Mubayin one
room so we can give the therapy simultaneously
Nur : yes so later me and riyan who accompany patients and lukman
who became his therapy instructor. How?
Lukman : Okay, now what? The sooner the better
Riyan : okay, lets go
Then the nurse rushed to the treatment room to do benson relaxation
therapy. Then arrived at the treatment room
Riyan : assalamualaikum
Mega : waalaikum salam
Riyan : sorry to disturb your time
Mega : yes sus, what's up?
Riyan : In here we will do benson relaxation therapy which aims to reduce
the anxiety and pain of father
Nur : Well coincident Tn.Revian is afraid of surgery and Tn.mubayin
pain after surgery so this therapy is very suitable for Mr.Revian
and Mr.Mubayin, maybe before we start there who wants to ask?
Yunita : but Tn.mubayin has been treated with anti-piretik medication by
doctor so why should this therapy be done?
Riyan : this therapy can be done anytime and for now the medicine not
yet come so this can be used to reduce the pain before the drug is
inserted, this therapy also make relax, so later Tn.mubayin will
not depend on the drug.
Yunita : oh yea sus. Alright important that immediately healed
Riyan : yes thank you for believing in us. Maybe someone asked again?
Tri endah : for therapy is done together sus?
Riyan : for the therapy done together bu, then Mr.Revian will be
accompanied by Ns.Nur and Tn.mubayin will accompanied by me
and will be guided by Ns.Lukman.
Tri endah : oh yes sus
Nur : okay so can we start now?
Mega : please sus
Nur : please Ns.lukman to guide his therapy
Lukman : yes Ns.nur thanks. First of all before Sir in the most comfortable
sitting position (best is sitting leaning) Ns.Nur and Ns.Riyan
please help his patients
Nur : yes Ns.lukman next
Lukman : then please close your eyes Sir, calm and relax the muscles of the
body from the toe to the facial muscles and feel relaxed. Then
take a deep breath through the nose, hold 3 seconds then blow
through the mouth accompanied by saying a prayer as an example
Astaghfirullohalazdim. Prayer so that everything runs smoothly
and soon healed. Then discard negative thoughts, and stay
focused on the deep breaths and prayers or spoken words. Do this
for 10 minutes. Then proceed to end the relaxation by keeping
your eyes closed for 2 minutes, then opening them slowly. So
now help father open his eyes now slowly.Yes very good.
Nur : how about you Mr.Revian after the relaxation therapy?
Revian : My feelings are more sus
Riyan : then how about you Mr.Mubayin?
Mubayin : less sus pain, maybe because I turned my attention to this therapy
earlier Riyan: yes sir, it's good if the pain decreases.
Lukman : so this therapy can be done every day and can stimulate relax to
be able to sleep soundly so later can be tried again yes sir. Later
you can do it yourself without our help because this therapy is
very easy to do.
Revian : yes thank you, it is easy to do alone
Lukman : yes sir, maybe before I end there is something to ask again?
Revian :oh yes sus, when for my fast start?
Lukman : for the fasting will start at 12.00 pm Sir, so now you can still eat.
After 12.00 pm, you will start fasting until the operation is
completed. Do you understand sir?
Revian : oh yes understand sir, thank you.
Lukman : yes sir
Riyan : if there is no one we excuse to go back to the treatment room yes
sir , if later there is anything or need anything you can contact us
the nurse station
Yunita : thank you sus.
Riyan : you are welcome, assalamualaikum
Yunita : waalaikum salam
After that the nurse rushed back to the treatment room to document the
actions taken in the patient's medical record.

No. Action Procedure Information

A. Preparation Phase

1. Giving teraupetik greetings

2. Provides a quiet environment

3. Validate the patient's condition

4. Maintain patient privacy

5. Choose a prayer to focus attention

during relaxation

B. Stage of Work
1. Position the patient in the most
comfortable sitting position (best
to sit back)

2. Instruct the patient to close his


3. Instruct the patient to calm down

and relax the muscles of the body
from the toe to the facial muscles
and feel relaxed

4. Instruct the patient to take a deep

breath through the nose, hold 3
seconds then exhale through
mouth accompanied by saying a
prayer or a word that has been
selected (ex:
5. Instruct the patient to get rid of
negative thoughts, and stay
focused on deep breathing and
prayers or spoken words

6. Do it for about 10 minutes

7. Instruct the patient to end

relaxation by keeping the eyes
closed for 2 minutes, then opening
them slowly

C. Termination Phase

1. Evaluate the patient's feelings

2. Make the next meeting contract

3. End with greetings