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Tree changer

Spring 2010


Living in the Chittering Valley

circ. 1000

Thank you to
everyone for their support and
encouragement to the first
Winter Issue of Tree Changer. I
share your enthusiasm for living

Tree Changers
here and welcome your insights
into what makes it so special.

I agree with you that more

and proud of it!

people to our region is
inevitable. With the right brand
values and protection we can
grow as a sustainable first choice
for the many Tree Changers who
are yet to discover our “slice of

“Peace and quiet and sense This time of year it certainly

is as pretty as a picture. The
of country community” wildflowers on the side of the
road are just joyful; and already
we are starting to see the
In the Winter Issue I asked “Feeling of community, Kangaroo Paws which provides
residents of the Shire of country living and being a great game of spotto with the
Chittering “Are we a tree away from the suburban children, my favourite wildflower
changer hot spot”? sprawl” is the Blue Leschenaultia.

Thank you to those who The majority of respondents I became a Property Consultant
in the region because I believe
responded what a wonderful are supportive or neutral
people should have a great
insight into why you love living (80%) of more people moving experience when they buy or
here. here as they see in return the sell and I am confident I can
region will enjoy more essential offer that. With my business
70% of respondents confirmed
services such as medical and background you’ll receive a
they made the Tree Change. Not level of professional service
sporting facilities. Restaurants
everyone responded so I can’t which I am confident will
and late night eateries are also
draw any factual conclusions but exceed your expectations.
in demand. All these activities
what is clear is many of us are
will also help create new Please consider me for your
seeking the same things from property needs. Ph 0419 045 783.
employment opportunities which
living here:
many believe are essential for a Jackie Shervington
“Laid back atmosphere, the viable tree change. Property Consultant
space and being able to see
the stars in all their glory at
If you would like to read
the full survey responses
“The quiet. I can have my please check out
orchard, vegetable patch, http://shervingtonsecrets.
chickens and room for
children to play”

P H : Jackie Shervington: 0419 045 783 E M A I L :

Spring 2010 • PROPERTY NEWS•

An excellent example of this Some may say this is a “Nimby”

brand protection, is the recent attitude; I say; any business
controversy around Margaret who is looking to extend it’s
River’s proposed Coal mine. lines of business; first considers
What a tribute to their brand how this will cannibalise other

to hear people comment, businesses. A poor fit will
“Oh no, not Margaret River! always reduce the business
That doesn’t make sense”. benefit.
Their Shire CEO talked about
jobs and commerce but Our region has a unique and
clearly these would come at attractive offering. We need
a cost. The biggest asset on to ask ourself if Mining in the
their balance sheet is brand region is a good fit and is it
equity; whether wine, cheese worth the risk.
or furniture. If they dilute the
Our regional brand brand, they devalue those
products, not to mention the
A few years ago I flew across
the world to a world famous
has a financial biggest value product in their region called Nappa Valley,
region, yes “real estate”. I’m I returned home with photos
value that we must confident the residents will win of this beautiful place, only
protect. that battle and when they do
that will be a huge precedent
to realise I needn’t have
bothered; the photos looked
for regional branding. much like the views from
my place. Of course it was
Results to the Tree Changer
We owe it to our region, to more than the scenery
survey confirm many
look at our own branding and that attracted me; the
residents place a value on
protect what we believe to restaurants, the artists, the
the regions core attributes;
be our greatest attributes and B&Bs, the produce and the
peace, beautiful scenery,
consider the ramifications of wine. Imagine ...all of these
country lifestyle, nature
any new industries we allow. attractions could one day
and community. These are
People are currently paying describe Chittering. Oh by
becoming precious attributes
a premium to escape to our the way Napa Valley is about
globally as people seek to
region for peace and quiet. 1 hours drive North of San
escape the rat race. We must
promote and protect these as
I am concerned if we allow
we explore growth options.
mining in our region we
devalue these core attributes.

Flavours of Chittering
My family and I recently attended the
Flavours of Chittering. We arrived at the
hub and after a quick appreciation of local
offerings we took the next step to check out
one of the wineries.

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at

Hartley Estate Vineyard, the hospitality and
entertainment was faultless. We felt like we
had just arrived at a Greek festival. Others
described it as how the Swan Valley use to
be before “all the bus loads arrived”. I hope
this wonderful event will continue to grow If you missed it I believe the winery is open
whilst still attracting quality, gentile family on Sundays and is well worth the visit.
friendly attractions.
How small is
too small?
I had a lengthy call from a local resident who
shared with me her concerns for smaller lot sizes.
I wasn’t surprised at all by this comment as it is
one of the key responses in the recent “Chittering
Tree Changer” survey.

The general consensus is a min 5 acres as people

don’t want the region to become suburbia
- rightly so.

Personally I think sub divisions within the valley

should have mandates around how many trees
must be planted. Whilst size is important, the key
issue is privacy. I have a friend on 7 acres and
I swear you feel like you are on 50 because the OUR
trees are positioned such that you can’t see your
neighbours business. I’m not suggesting high fire
risk but responsible tree planting for privacy.

Funny thing I uncovered in the conversation, as a

Real Estate person, I was being held responsible
for these sub divisions. Truth is we as residents are Not surprisingly half of the respondents
responsible as we decide what is approved through to my survey were retirees.
our council.
The challenge moving forward
I thank the resident for sharing her views and I am will be to retain these elders in
pleased I have provided a means for the discussion. our community, especially as we
recognise the benefits of embracing
the extended family. I know of at least
������������ a dozen families who have moved
to this area to be near their parents.
It certainly played a key role in my
decision to move here.
To retain our elders we need more

Escape to Bindoon
medical facilities which thankfully the
shire has earmarked for the future. I
agree it is certainly a worthwhile goal
for our residents and surrounding
� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �� � regions as we offer the perfect
downsizing retirement option.
��������� ����������
������ ������������������������ For many residents they go to
perth as little as possible - if we can
������ �� ������������������ minimise the trips for routine medical
� �������������
������ �� ����������������������������� requirements all the better. Let us
� ���������������� celebrate and welcome our new
������ ������� �� ����������������������� � arrivals Dentist, Pathology and hope
� �������������������
������ �� �������������������������� this is the start of a long list of services
� �� � ��������������������� coming to our community.

� � � �� � �

WATCH I spoke to my Mortgage Broker, Shane Abbott Director, The

Mortgage Gallery Morley to find out the latest finance issues. I
use to work with Shane many years ago at BankWest where I was
Head of Customer Development; he has been a fantastic support
in my personal finance and I thought it only appropriate he share
Are we going to see some thoughts on rural lending. Here is what Shane had to say:

a turnaround in the “If you are thinking of purchasing rural property as an investment,

property market? for a tree change or a hobby farm there are lending issues you
need to understand first.

It’s spring time and what is Banks treat rural property differently to standard sized properties,
therefore you need to take the time to review all the lending
historically a good time for buying
issues before you make any moves in the market.
and selling activity. No question the
A majority of the banks will only lend at standard rates to
market has been subdued over recent
properties 50 hectares and under. Anything over this, and it is
months and there are many wondering
considered a commercial transaction and as a result you will
whether the positive signs will have to get a commercial loan.
translate to buying activity.
What is wrong with that you ask? Well the costs associated
The reasons for a market with a commercial loan are far higher. Both in terms of interest
improvement are certainly rates and fees. Also, the required deposit is often much higher
stacking up: and commercial loans usually only run up to 15 years, meaning
monthly repayments are higher.
The banks are easing their
If you are looking at buying BEFORE you make an offer you should
lending criteria
sit down with a broker like Shane and be absolutely clear about
The economy is doing well your specific situation.
growing at 3.3% and the WA
mining sector is poised for
major expansion, particularly
in iron ore and gas
A few more
Unemployment is at low levels trees in the
Interest rates are still below
historical averages ground...
ABS figures show that WA’s
population grew by 2.3% in Thank you.
the March 2010 quarter, the
highest growth in Australia. With 48 responses received I am pleased to confirm I have
planted trees in your name. Unfortunately with such a dry
The key to tapping into these spring I might have to have another crack at it next year.
opportunities will be to build our
My son and I took up the invitation of Chittering Landcare
regional brand and market to the right Coordinator, Rosanna Hindmarsh to plant over 50 York
target markets. I’m still amazed at Gums, Sheoak and Jam at the old Wannamal tip site. What
how many Perth people have never a fantastic job they have done up there of regenerating the
old tip site just behind the tennis courts.
heard of Chittering or Bindoon.

N E X T I S S U E : B U I L D I N G I N T H E VA L L E Y
To stay abreast of property news of interest to the Valley, please check out my blog