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January 11.2019

Office ofthe Attorney General

393 Walnut Street, 16"'Floor

Harrisburg,PA 17120

Dear Attorney General Shapiro,



Local government, vice chair

Environmental Resources a Energy

Health a Human Services

Aging a Youth

Communications a Technology

Since its passage in June, our respective offices have kept in contact with and attended training sessions alongside local school districts regarding the impending roll-out ofthe new Safe-To-Say program. With the official start date ofthis program quickly approaching, we wanted to bring to your attention some of

the feedback we have received.

First and foremost,there appears to be confusion between the three main stakeholders in the program; the school districts,the 911 dispatch centers and law enforcement. The confusion mainly centers on the training process and who is responsible to train who. According to reports we received from local districts and staffwho attended trainings,there are dispatch centersand law enforcement groups that have yet to be trained and the task ofeducating these entities was passed to the school districts. Due to the fact

that the launch date is in a few days, there have been months of preparation time and the fact that law

enforcement is a major player in the success of this system working effectively, it has been disappointing

to hear that so many entities are still not on the same page

and/or not yet trained.

There also seems to be a general lack of understanding by

as well as their general role in the process.

educators ofthe basic concepts ofthe program

The success ofthis program will be instrumental in keeping our school children safe. We are committed to ensuring a successful roll-out and will do eveiylhing in our power to work with your office to address the above-stated issues. We look forward to your response on this feedback.

Thank you in advance.


Scott F. Martin

PA State Senator,13^ Senatorial District

Bryan Cutler

PA State Representative,100*^District