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16/05/2018 EBX5 Documentation - Installation note for Tomcat 8.

EBX5 Documentation EBX5

Installation note for Tomcat 8.x

Section contents
Con guration for EBX5
Deploying EBX5
Start EBX5


This chapter describes a quick installation example of EBX5 on Tomcat Application Server.
It does not replace the documentation of this application server.
They are not general installation recommendations, as the installation process is determined
by architectural decisions, such as the technical environment, application mutualization,
delivery process, and organizational decisions.
The complete description of the components needed by EBX5 is given in chapter Java EE
In order to avoid unpredictable behavior, the guideline to follow is to avoid any duplicates of
ebx.jar or other libraries in the class-loading system.
The description below uses the variable name $CATALINA_HOME to refer to the directory into
which you have installed Tomcat, and from which most relative paths are resolved. However, if
you have con gured Tomcat for multiple instances by setting a $CATALINA_BASE directory, you
should use $CATALINA_BASE instead of $CATALINA_HOME for each of these references.

Create EBX_HOME directory: copy

Copy EBX5 and third-party libraries: add libraries (jar les) to Tomcat lib directory
Con gure JVM arguments (Java system properties): create the JAVA_OPTS environment variable
Deploy EBX5 application: copy all war les to Tomcat webapps directory

Java SE 1.7.0 or higher
Apache Tomcat 8.x
Database and JDBC driver

1. To download Tomcat 8.x, choose a core binary distributions from
80.cgi 1/3
16/05/2018 EBX5 Documentation - Installation note for Tomcat 8.x

2. Run the installer or extract the archive and perform standard installation with default options

Con guration for EBX5

1. Create EBX_HOME directory, for example C:\EBX\home, or /home/ebx
2. Copy from EBX5 CD the\files\ le to EBX_HOME. In our example, we will
then have the following le:
C:\EBX\home\, or /home/ebx/, a text le
3. Edit the le to override the default database if needed, by default the standalone H2
database is de ned. The property key ebx.persistence.factory must be uncommented for other
supported databases and it is required to comment the h2.standalone one.
4. Copy third-party library les to $CATALINA_HOME\lib\ (or $CATALINA_BASE\lib\) directory. In our
example, we will have:
$CATALINA_HOME\lib\h2.jar (default persistence factory)
The exact description of these components is given in chapter Components . Obviously, if those
components are already deployed on the class-loading system, they do not have to be duplicated
5. Modify $CATALINA_HOME\conf\server.xml (or $CATALINA_BASE\conf\server.xml) le. Add the following
line to the <Host> element
<Context path="/ebx" crossContext="true" docBase="ebx.war"/>
After this modi cation, we will have:
<Host name=...>
... ...
<Context path="/ebx" crossContext="true" docBase="ebx.war"/>
... ...
6. Con gure the launch properties
If our Tomcat is launched by a command in Windows' Command Prompt or Unix shell, we can create
another launcher le:
For Windows, edit the launcher le %CATALINA_HOME%\bin\startup.bat, and add the following
command lines:

set EBX_HOME="<path_to_the_directory_ebx_home>"
set EBX_OPTS="-Debx.home=%EBX_HOME%\"

or for Linux, edit the launcher le $CATALINA_HOME/bin/, and add the following command


(!) Accounts used to launch EBX5 must have create/update/delete rights on EBX_HOME directory.
Windows users that have installed Tomcat as a service may set Java options through the Tomcat service
manager GUI (Java tab).
Be sure to set options on separate lines in the Java Options eld of the GUI:


where <path_to_the_directory_ebx_home> is the directory where we copied In our

example, it is C:\EBX\home, or /home/ebx 2/3
16/05/2018 EBX5 Documentation - Installation note for Tomcat 8.x

Deploying EBX5
1. Copy from EBX5 CD the\lib\ebx.jar le to $CATALINA_HOME\lib\ (or
$CATALINA_BASE\lib\) directory. In our example, we will have:
2. Copy from EBX5 CD the war les in\webapps\wars-packaging to the
$CATALINA_HOME\webapps\ (or $CATALINA_BASE\webapps\) directory. In our example, we will have:
$CATALINA_HOME\webapps\ebx.war: Initialization servlet for EBX5 applications
$CATALINA_HOME\webapps\ebx-root-1.0.war: Provides a common default module for data models
$CATALINA_HOME\webapps\ebx-manager.war: Master Data Management web application

Start EBX5
1. After Tomcat launch, run EBX5 web application: http://localhost:8080/ebx/
2. At rst launch, EBX5 Wizard helps you to con gure the default properties of your initial repository.

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