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  By - Siddha Guru Pushkara Purvajna
Date: 27th & 28th October (Saturday & Sunday)
Learn Healing and
Meditation in a Timings: 10 AM - 5:30 PM

holistic, traditional Venue: "Avadooth Dham

Siddha Peetam"
and fun way. JP Nagar.

(the course will be

Those who are interested to attend the course can
conducted for 2 days) enroll your names & confirm your seats.

For further details contact : +91 99164 - 24774

Bless You.
Meditation & Healing Methods that will be thought to you thru
Shakthi-Path Deeksha are :

1: *Siddha Yogic Breathing* 6: *Siddha 7 Chakra Healing & Cleansing Kriya*

For Relaxing and Calming your Mind & Tuneup For Healing & Cleansing the 7 Body Chakras from
your Body blockages & unwanted energies

2: *Siddha Nadi Shuddhi Kriya* 7: *Siddha 7 Chakra Expansion Kriya*

For Cleansing your IDA nadi & PINGALA nadi For Expansion of the AURA of an Individual

3: *Siddha Surya Shakthi Kriya* 8: *Lumerian Crystal Healing*

For Generating the Surya Shakthi thru Pingala For Chakra Balancing and Chakra Opening to receive
nadi life force energy

4: *Siddha Fast Breathing Kriya* 9: *Body, Mind & Emotions Healing & Meditation*
For Generating Siddha Energy Within You For Healing your body health, reduce Stress, anxiety,
tensions, emotional imbalance, negative thoughts, etc
5: *Siddha 7 Chakra Activation Kriya* and Over all body healing thru meditation at deeper
For Activating the 7 Body Chakras state