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Republic of the Philippines

Laguna State Polytechnic University

Province of Laguna


Name: _____________________________________________ Date: _____________

Subject Area: ________________________________________ Time: _____________

Directions: Below are criteria by which FS Students/Student Teachers will be evaluated during actual participation in
the teaching-learning process. Check the numerical rating corresponding to the observation on the blanks opposite
5 4 3 2 1 NA
each criterion.
(5 – Excellent 4 – Very Good 3 – Good 2 – Fair 1 – Unsatisfactory NA – Not Applicable)
(Source: ELC Handbook, 2007)
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Comes to the class prepared with the lesson plan
2. Instructional materials for the lesson are made available
3. Prepares the classroom for the lesson
4. Allows the students to settle down before beginning the lesson
B. Lesson Activities
1. Content of the lesson is congruent with the objectives
2. Provides appropriate activities to prepare students for the lesson
3. Provides excellent lessons through creative strategies
4. Provides adequate activities in the development of the lesson
5. Draws maximum participation of the students
6. Guides the students to formulate generalizations
7. Provides activities for students to apply new learning
8. Gives formative evaluation that is congruent with the objectives
9. Provides adequate time for students to think and respond
10. Gives clear and meaningful assignments
C. Classroom Management
1. Is punctual in starting and ending his/her class
2. Maximizes the use of instruction time
3. Holds interest of the students through effective and relevant motivation
4. Provides varied activities for individual differences
5. Organizes the students to manage routine class activities and monitors their behaviour
6. Provides activities for interactive and cooperative learning
7. Conducts instruction in an orderly and pleasant learning atmosphere
8. Monitors the attendance of the students
D. Teaching Competencies
1. Shows mastery of the subject matter
2. Answer students’ question satisfactorily
3. Is fluent and articulate in the medium of instruction
4. Speaks in clear and modulated voice
5. Relates previous knowledge and experience to the present lesson
6. Gives appropriate and relevant examples
7. Integrates values in the lesson
8. Encourages students to ask challenging questions and gives comments on the lesson
9. Is able to maintain the cooperation of the students in the classroom
10. Effectively integrates the lesson across other learning areas
AVERAGE (Total ÷ 32)



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Signature over printed name of the Cooperating Teacher/Observer Signature over printed name of the School Principal
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LSPU-ACAD-SF-022 Rev. 0 10 August 2016