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Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo

(Original for Recipient)

Sold By : Billing Address :

Supplier address ABC
Address fo Sneder

PAN No: XXXXXXX Shipping Address :

Address of Shipper
GST Registration No: KKKKKKKKK

Order Number:123-123412341234 Invoice Number : YET1-1123

Order Date: 03.01.2018 Invoice Details : DL-GAB-9234234-2424
Invoice Date : 09.01.2018

Sl. Net Tax Tax Tax Total

Description Unit Price Qty
No Amount Rate Type Amount Amount
1 Product details | XXXXXXXX
( aavaby7 ) ₹ 1 ₹ 18% IGST ₹ ₹
TOTAL: ₹ ₹
Amount in Words:

For Othree Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

Authorized Signatory

*ASSPL-Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd., ARIPL-Amazon Retail India Pvt. Ltd. (only where Amazon Retail India Pvt. Ltd. fulfillment center is co-located)

Please note that this invoice is not a demand for payment

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