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Gulf} Gulf Oil Marine Ltd. 1% November, 2013 To whom it may concern Certification of VGP Compliance GulfSea BD Sterntube Oils GulfSea BD Sterntube Oils are compliant with the US EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit definitions and requirements and as such are classified as Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL). YGP Requirements All vessels must use an EAL in all oil-to-sea interfaces unless technically infeasible as described in the VGP documentation, section 2.2.9. GulfSea BD Sterntube Oils have been evaluated by independent laboratories. The results of these tests confirm that GulfSea BD Sterntube Oils meet the VGP requirements of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant as defined in Appendix A of the permit. © Biodegradable * Minimally toxic * Non bio-accumulative Record Keeping In order to demonstrate compliance with the VGP requirements (section 4.2) each ship must keep records that include the Technical Data Sheets for all EALs used in the oil-to-sea interfaces. Gulf Oil Marine Ltd. will provide all necessary documentation to ensure VGP compliance is demonstrated for all EALs used. BM Keith Mullin Chief Executive Officer Gulf Oil Marine Ltd.