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Sunday Nights
5:30-7:00P.M. AWANA for Kids, 

#FeedYourSoul Prayer Service for Youth & Adults

Wednesday Evening
Join us for Family Dinner at 5:30P.M. in the gym!
At 6:30 learn how to Master Your Bible!

Sermons Pastor Alan Shelby 13 January 2019


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Like & Follow Harvest God is a rescuing God, so to be completely Christlike we
must become rescuing __________________—functioning
Facebook.com/hbcbluesprings from, and bringing people to a rescuing ____________.
Instagram & Twitter.com @hbcbluesprings

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Join our YouTube Channel 1. Some churches decide they cannot minister to more
people so they say, Let’s ______________________
https:/www.youtube.com/user/hbcbs 2. Other churches say, In order for us to impact our

Have you downloaded our APP yet? community, let’s ______________________________________

3. Let us say, We will raise out of lethargy, be motivated to
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serve the community, and participate in care and
training through ____________________
Four Goals: From Being a Disciple to Point One
OutlineActs 6:1-7 Becoming a ______ Earth’s earliest church grew
because people simply ____________
I. THE COMPLAINT ABOUT SOCIAL 1. Establish your emotions by being __________________________.
grounded in Worship
A. Their Dilemma, 2
2. Ground your mind in the Word
3. Invest your gifts through this Point Two
B. The Decision, 3 Church In the membership we have a
C. Our Duty, 4 4. Involve your relationships in mixed multitude, but in the
Ministry with other believers leadership we have to have ________
A. Choosing out the Individuals, 5 ____________________________________.
B. Charge at the Installation, 6
C. Coverage of the Increase, 7
Turning Vision into Function in 2019 Definition
1. Be prepared for times when the • Ministry is an attitude that
Building for Eternity by needs of people ____________ our recognizes you are serving the Lord

Becoming a Rescuing Church ability to meet them

2. We will not compromise ___________
and not __________________________
• 2019 The Children’s Year _____________________________ to
• Unified Family Services Fifth Sundays solve even a legitimate problem
(Lord’s Supper)
3. We will raise up leaders who have
1. All church retreat, July 10-14
2. Israel trip, Nov 23-Dec 3 __________________ sense and
3. All church missions trip to El Salvador, __________________ sense
June 11-17 4. We will develop men and women in
ministry who deal with everything
Our vision provides an anchor for your ________________________________________
focus, a compass for your direction, and a
5. We will choose leaders who are _____
goal for spiritual development of your
family, and growth of Christ’s body. ____________________________________