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1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 12

1. There are times when everyone has to face grief. When someone dear to oneself passes away
and one is left with a state in which grief and shock overcome the ordinary life. One is left in
a situation when one feels there is nothing one can do. Grief and mourning are always
associated with death. It also happens with other kinds of losses. It could be the loss of one's
job, losing one's house or the loss of a close friend.
2. The best people able to cope with these are those, who come from cultures that have strict,
Formal and intensive mourning ritual. In India we have diverse rituals which nowadays are
being discarded. But these help in surmounting the crisis. The near and dear ones come to
share the grief and apply balm with their words of solace. In modem society one is expected
to act as if nothing has happened, but research has shown that mourning is an essential part
of coming to terms with loss. There comes a time when one has to give up one's grief and
rejoin the main stream of life. Mourning in itself passes through these phases. Firstly it is in
the nature of the shock and disbelief. A feeling of numbness overtakes. The brain is not in a
position to accept. It so happens that one expects the arrival of a lost one thinking that
nothing will change and he will be the lost one. In the second phase, one realizes the truth
that the loss has actually happened, and it was not a dream. It is now that one feels the pain.
Now one recollects the old moments and the memory of guilt creeps in.
3. Here the affected person displays odd behavior and has difficulty in eating and is unable to
Sleep. He may remain in this stage for weeks, months and sometimes years. In the next
ohase.relief from pain and negative feeling creeps in. This leads to the positive side. Now he

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Feels he must make alternative arrangements or replacements. Here he is ready to cope with
the situation. He knows he cannot recover what he has lost, but is conscious of the future
accepting the loss and ready for the alternative.
4. On passing through all the stages of grief it seems that time has passed like a river under the
bridge. This shows that mourning has been successful. He cannot forget the loss but he
comes to terms with reality.
5. Grieve with the person who is bereaved. This shows that you too value the mourned person.
This gives helping support and builds trust. Your support to the bereaved should not stop after
a few days. It may be needed for months. Assure the affected person that the feelings of grief
diminish and is not always the same.
6. You will see there comes a time when he has to be distracted from grief. Take him for an
outing, especially away from the current situation. Give him the opportunity to let go.
1.1 Read the questions given below and write the correct option you consider the most 6
appropriate in your answer sheet:
1 In the last phase of grief: 1 .

a) There is a relief from pain and negative feelings.

b) There is still pain and grief

c) The person is ready to cope with the situation, ready to face reality

d) Both (a) and (c)

2 One must grieve with the person who is bereaved to show: 1

a) That you must value the mourned person

b) To distract him/her

c) You understand what your duty is

d) You are his/her well wisher

3 The person from grief displays: 1

a) Sleeplessness

b) Enjoys eating

c) Difficulty in eating

d) Both (a)and (c)

4 On passing through all the stages of grief: 1

a) Time passes smoothly

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b) Time passes with difficulty

c) Problems increase with time

d) All of the above

5 The duty of close relatives and friends is to: 1

a) Help the bereaved financially

b) To take the bereaved into difficulty

c) To take the bereaved out of difficulty

d) to mourn with the bereaved

6 The affected lets go of grief: 1 .

a) When time passes quickly

b) When he is distracted from grief

c) When he forgets the lost one

d) When he goes on an outing

1.2 Answer the following questions very briefly. 4
a) What are grief and mourning associated with? 1
b) What kinds of people are able to cope up best with grief and mourning? 1
c) Briefly explain the first phase of mourning. 1
d) How can close relatives and friends help a bereaved person come out of grief? 1
1.3 Find words in the above passage which convey the same meaning as the following: 2
a) Overcome (para 2) 1
b) Shows (para 3) 1

2 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 8
1 Humankind has always been fascinated by the question of who we are, where we came from
and how we used to live. Our past can be studied, from early prehistory onward, using the
material remains of our ancestors and the possessions they left behind. Over thousands of
years, evidence of human dwellings became buried. Archaeological teams discover these
sites and uncover this evidence by careful excavation. The material is then conserved and
studied in order to help the archaeologists piece together a picture of how people lived and
died in the past.
2 Archaeological sites are found during building work, through reading historical documents,
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geophysical surveys and field walking. Archaeological excavations are done in layers.
Workers remove the top most layers and work down, uncovering older, deeper levels. The
study of these layers and the items they contain is called Stratigraphy. It gives information
about history of a site and the people who lived there.
3 Archaeologists use shovels and handpicks to remove the top soil. Then smaller hand tools
such as dental picks, teaspoons and trowels are used to excavate delicate objects.
Archaeologists draw or photograph the artefacts to make a visual record. They carefully
measure and record the shapes, colours, decorations and ages of the artefacts. This helps
them link and relate different objects and sites. Horizontal and vertical lines seen from the air
often show medieval strip fields, roads and ditches.
4 Buried objects are fragile and decay quickly after excavation. To stabilize them, they are
cleaned and conserved. Then they are studied, recorded, photographed and displayed in a
museum. Sites beneath the sea or lakes are more difficult to excavate than those on land as
shifting silt causes poor visibility. Conservation may involve treatment with chemicals or
careful drying. ·""
5 The greatest field archaeologist of the day, Mortumer Wheeler(l890-1976) set up the
Institute of Archaeology in London. He developed new excavation methods and made
archaeology popular through TV. In 1944, he became Director General of Archaeology in
India and investigated the Indus Valley Civilization.
a) Make notes on the passage in any suitable format using recognizable abbreviations 5
wherever necessary. Give a title to your notes.
b) Write a summary of the passage in about 80 words based on your notes. 3


3 You are Sudhir/Sudha , Secretary of the Cultural Society of Bishop Cotton School, Pune. 4
You are planning to organize a charity cultural program. Write a notice inviting names of
students who are willing to participate for the same. Draft the notice, giving all details in not
more than 50 words.
You want to sell your 3BHK flat. Draft an advertisement to be published in the 'For Sale'
column of a newspaper. Invent all necessary details.
4 You are Ankit/Anika, 20 East Park Road, Jabalpur. Write a letter to the Editor of a national 6
daily showing your concern at the mushrooming of illegal colonies and slums in all the
metros. Also suggest some remedial measures to stop them.
You are Akash Arora, the proprietor of S.A. Traders, Ludhiana. You want to purchase some
electrical appliances. Write a letter to place the order with M S Appliances, GT Road,

5 The use of plastics is not eco-friendly. Things made of plastic are not bio-degradable. They 10
choke the sewers and give out toxic smoke when burnt. Write an article on 'Say no to
Plastics'. (150-200 words)
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Write a story beginning with the following line:

'They said she was able to utter a few words before she went into a coma...'
( 150 -200 words)

6 The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the line. Write 4
the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct number.
Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.

Incorrect Correct
Lord Brougham said, "Blessed is the man who had a)

hobbies". The pursuit of hobbies is not a waste in b)

time. Rather it prevents us while wasting our c)

time by other frivolous pursuits. Hobbies d)

fill our vacant hours with amusement or interest. e)

So here, I have justifying my hobbies. I take f)

child-like pleasure to collecting rare old g)

stamps of different nation . h)

7 In the following passage one word is missing in each line. Write the missing word 4
against the question number with the word that precedes and follows it. Underline the
word that forms your answer.

In those early days, when first men a) ___

wandered about , it used to very cold. b) _

This period called the Ice Age. People c) _

must found it very difficult to live. Naturally d) _

they lived only there were no glaciers. e) _

We told by scientists and geographers that f) _

at that time the Mediterranean completely g) _

land locked. Life was difficult one and all. h) _

8 Rearrange the words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. 2
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