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Activity no.

1 Trends, Network, and Critical Thinking

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Key Points:
 Trends facilitate social change and development in societies
 Trends operate as forces of social change.
 The development of nations and communities is propelled by trends
 A trend is a sequential pattern of change in recorded data
 Megatrend is a large-scale, sustained shift in whatever is being measured. It is in a global-scale.
It continues to shape and transform our economic, political, social, and cultural lives.
Example: The Rise of Women in Leadership
 Microtrends are the emerging small forces behind tomorrow’s big changes.
Esample: Stay-at-home workers.
 Fads are transient in scope and affect only particular social groups without long-term
 There are components of culture, which are short-lived social norms, that people are expected
to comply
Rethink Critically:
Identify if the statements in the first column are a trend or a fad then write your prediction.

Trend or Fad Prediction

More and more youth today
are fond of using high-tech
gadgets like tablets and smart

Playing Pokemon Go and

integrating it into one’s

More people buying organic

and organically grown products