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First speaker

good morning to the respected speaker, cautious time keeper, honorable judges, members of the
opposite team and members of the floor.
Before I put forward my case today I would like to define today’s motion ‘school athletes should
be rewarded with cash money’. According to the Longman dictionary of contemporary English
published in 2016, A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning
environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers while athlete is
someone who is good at sports and competes in sports competitions. Reward means something
tangible that is value to young people in recognition of their service, effort, or achievement.
Cash money means coins and bank notes in cash that used to buy things

. In short our motion today is defined as the school students who excel in sports should be
rewarded some cash money as a recognition to appreciate their effort and achievement .
Today I ...........................as the first speaker of the government team strongly believe with the
motion ‘school athletes should be rewarded with cash money’.I the first speaker of the
government team will present one argument, .................. as the second speaker will give two
arguments and ........................ will rebut all the arguments presented by the opposite team.
now, let me deliver my argument

Performance in sports activities serves as a crucial indicator for ranking position among athletes.
Today in Malaysia, improving athletes' performance and ensuring continuity of athletes is
pertinent for the national sports development in realizing the potential among citizens who have
passion for sports. Cash money as rewards can motivate the athletes to the limit. Cash money is
a great motivator. Beck (2004, ) defined Motivation as an internal state which is the driving force
that activates behaviour or gives directions to thoughts, feelings and actions of an organism.
Fisher (1995) viewed incentives as payments linked to the achievement of previously set and
agreed objectives and targets, aiming to motivate people to achieve higher levels of performance.
The desire to have money is ingrained in people today as explained by Ventura (1995) when he
said that money has become the absolute standard of access and status.

in the past, young athletes whom choose sports as their career often subject themselves too much
uncertainty - whether the career in sport would bring stability and sustainability in the long run.
This has greatly discourages the school athletes and perhaps affect their motivation considerably.
By introducing the cash prize money has indirectly send a message of career stability and
prospects in the sport industry. With this change, the uncertainty is no longer viewed as
hindrances for them to strive for excellence in the profession as great performance in sport will
certainly bring about lucrative rewards. Now school athletes have started dreaming to be like ….

In order for them to win or break records in a competition, they must be greatly motivated to
attain that goal. In other words, the motivation must be great enough for them to do the
extraordinary. Besides having the inward desire to win, external motivators such as money can
be an add-on factor to push an athlete to strive for more. I believe by encouraging such excellent
spirit will bring about excellent performance in sport.

To conclude, sport industry has grown to become an industry with better long term career
prospect and stability since the introduction of cash prize money. It has definitely motivates the
athletes to push themselves to greater height.

Once again before I rest my case I would like to stress that ‘school athletes should be rewarded
with cash money’. Thank you.

second speaker
Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good afternoon to the chairperson, time keeper, members of the
opposition team, judges, ladies and gentlemen. I'm the second speaker for the government team
and I will be continuing my team's case today. Our team strongly agree with this statement which
is this house believes that school athletes should be rewarded with cash money Now, ladies and
gentlemen , allow me to rebut the points laid out by the opposition.

The first speaker of the opposition team said that

Okay, ladies and gentlemen please take a look at our motion today . The motion of today’s
HEALTH PROBLEMS . What *opposition point* got to do with today’s debate motion? I
disagree with that point because

Now , the first speaker from our team stated that

The second argument of my team is junk food can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay can happen
in any stage of life , starting from adolescent, teenage, adult or even elderly. The reason for this
is junk food. Candy and confectionery contain very soluble sugars and nutrients that are
immediately digested by bacteria. Acids are produced as a result of this digestion, which then
damage the tooth enamel. For your information, people are consuming foods and drinks high in
sugar and starches more often and in larger portions than ever before. It’s clear that “junk” foods
and drinks gradually have replaced nutritious beverages and foods for many people. It is
estimated that the average American teenagers consumes 81 gallons of soft drinks each year.
From my simple research in the internet, the National Institute Of Dental And Chraniofacial
research official webpage stated that during the early 1970s, 90.4% of kids had dental cavities.
They had an average of 6.2 cavities a piece! 92% of adults are having this problem too and did
you know approximately 5% of adults age 20 to 64 have no teeth .

Without wasting any time, I would like to present our third argument that is junk food can also
cause cardiovascular problems without age limit. A new research by Canadian scientists says
junk food causes a third of all heart attacks and it is diets heavy in fried foods, salty snacks and
meat which are the culprits.
Oxycholesterol, is mostly found in fried and processed food and take-aways. Oxycholesterol can
be formed when foods such as burgers and steaks are fried or grilled, causing their fats to react
with oxygen . The new research indicates that eating foods high in the substance gives an extra
boost to blood cholesterol levels and is more likely to damage arteries than ordinary cholesterol.
Most cholesterol health warnings involve low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol,
Second speaker
helps form hard deposits in the arteries called atherosclerotic plaques. Based on European society
of cardiology webpage each year cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes over 4 million deaths in
Europe and 1.9 million deaths in the European Union . The percentage of children aged 6–11
years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2010.
Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to
18% over the same period because of eating too much junk food . In fact, someone in America
dies every 37 seconds from some form of cardiovascular disease. Fewer than 3% of children in
the United States have high blood pressure. But high blood pressure is a serious condition in
childhood, especially if it is not detected. On the other hand, eventhough only less than 15% of
children have high cholesterol level . It seems like it’s a small percent but the truth is it will
leading to the serious cardio problems in the future. That’s the truth .

So, ladies and gentlemen . Before I take my seat , allow me to make a conclusion , reaffirm ,
and clearly right in saying that junk food can cause tooth decay,cardio problems and *point
sidiq* . We,the government are strongly stand that junk food is the main cause of health
problems . They killed 7,000 people a year but transfat won’t be banned . With that , thank you .

third speaker

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good afternoon to the respected speaker, time keeper, members
of the opposition team,honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen. I am the third speaker of
government team is given a duty to rebut the arguments .Before that, Our team strongly agree
ona simple premis that junk food is the main cause of health problems. I repeat junk food is
the main cause of health problems !

The first and second speaker of the opposition team said that
______ Okay, ladies and gentlemen please take a look at our motion today . The motion of
OF HEALTH PROBLEMS . What *opposition point* got to do with today’s debate motion? I
disagree with those points because
Okey . Nowadays people who have the busy lives in big cities begin eating more fast food since
it is convenient and fast. The most popular fast food usually comes from western countries such
as pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, and doughnuts.Lots of people enjoy eating
fast food daily, but they might have never realized about its bad effects to their health.
Today,I’m standing on three simple keywords which is obesity,cancer and cardiovascular
problems . I just want to add some facts and reemphasize my first and second speaker’s
points.So, based on ZeeNews Dot Com Official Page , it is stated that inNew Delhi after the
shocking disclosure of presence of toxins in widely consumed soft drinks, a study done by
the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on junk food and nutrition has disclosed that
most of the junk foods contain very high levels of trans fats, salts and sugar . One of the instant
noodles companies claims there is zero trans fats in every 100 gram – the CSE study found 0.7
gram trans fat contained per 100 gram. And one of a snack companies recorded high increase of
selling till February 2012 through huge advertisements saying that their chips are healthy
because they have zero trans fats and are cooked in healthy oil – this claim was quietly removed
later. When CSE checked, it found as much as 3.7 gram of trans fats contained per 100 gram of
the product in March 2012 batch which is a dangerously high dose !
What makes junk food so unhealthy are the high levels of salt, sugar, fats and carbohydrates in
them. Non-communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes accounted for more than 50 per
cent of all deaths in India in 2005; by 2030, they will kill two-thirds of all Indians. Trans fats are
notorious for clogging arteries. On top of that, when one has large amounts of salt, the blood
pressure increases. The heart has to work overtime to push the blood around, which weakens it
considerably. That’s why most people who are aware about this called junk food as a silent killer
.Chandra Bhushan said, “And there is enough global evidence to suggest that more and more
third speaker

young people are succumbing to problems of the heart at a much earlier age. At an age when
they should have been at their productive best but they are loosing productive life by eating this

Ladies and gentlemen,

Next,under the keyword cancer I would like to share some informations on junk food can cause
cancer . Carcinogens are chemicals that can produce cancer in human. Some carcinogens that can
be found in fast food is Acrylamide . According to new laboratory tests commissioned by the Center
for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), popular American fast foods contain high level of
acrylamide that can cause several cancers. Acrylamide is normally found in starchy foods
cooked during high temperature boiling or frying such as French fries, potato chips, and fried
chicken based on the article “carcinogens in French fries in 2002, para3 . CSPI tested the
amount of acrylamide in food, micrograms per serving, and it showed that a large size of French
fries contains 39 to 72 micrograms, which is the highest level of acrylamide among the other
foods. From my research, apart from French fries, another high level of acrylamide has been
found in potato wedges as well based on the“New Tests Confirm Acrylamide in American
Foods,” 2002, para. 1 – 4.

Last but not least, junk food can cause cardiovascular problems. University of Minnesota School
of Public Health researchers have examined the eating habits of residents in Singapore and found
new evidence that a diet heavy in fast food increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and
coronary heart disease.The latest research, published online today by the American Heart
Association’s journal Circulation, found that people who consume fast food even once a week
increase their risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20 percent in comparison to people
who avoid fast food. For people eating fast food two-three times each week, the risk increases by
50 percent, and the risk climbs to nearly 80 percent for people who consume fast food items four
or more times each week.Eating fast food two or more times a week was also found to increase
the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 27 percent.
Beloved audience,
Before rest my case, As we know Food is something everyone needs, every day. I would like to
reemphasizes thateveryone will eat junk food no matter how much it is. However, as I said
earlier we know that junk food can cause many health problems . I repeat junk food can cause
many health problems. With that thank you .