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Sub Questions

1. Public transport
a. There are bus stops in every 2
b. There are a total of 3,600 buses
in Mumbai,Maharashtra.
c. There are train stations in every
5 km
d. There are 2,342 trains in
e. Metros are also being developed
in india and is promised to be
completely constructed in 2
f. The tickets come at a cost of
around 30 - 40 rs/km
g. These are not very environmentally friendly but the indian government
is coming up alternatives
2. Means of transports for students and teachers
a. Students generally travel from the school
bus which arrives at a scheduled time to
pick up students from a particular locality
b. Teachers also come from the school bus
or come from personal cars
3. Transport of the family members ?
a. The members of our families generally use
personal personal cars but do not miss a
chance to carpool.
b. Using ola and uber is also used to travel to
office and to commute to other places from
the office.
Family diary with trips of one week
Date Who/ Distance Who decided Why
Means of
4/1/2019 Cycle 25 Km Shresht For a Cyclathon
1/1/2019 Car 10-15 Km Naisha Shopping
7/1/2019 Bus 25.7 Km Anika To go to school
6/1/2019 Cab/Taxi 15 Km Aarav To take Stationary
3/1/2019 Train 86 Km Sreya To visit her aunt
Add row

My green diary with my green trips of the week

Date Means of Distance Who decided Why
20/12/18 Walking 2 km Shresht For buying stationary
21/12/18 Cycling 4 km Naisha For taking printouts
22/12/18 Cycling 3 km Anika For going Shopping
23/12/18 Walking 1 km Aarav For visiting friend
24/12/18 Cycling 1.5 km Sreya To Buy Groceries
Add rows if necessary.

Worksheet. Topic 7. My green trips. 10 students

First names / distan type First distance type of

age ce transport names/age transpor
1. Shresht/15 5 Km Walking 6. Sreya/11 2 Km Walking
2. Anika/14 6.1 Km Bus 7. Vihaan /7 12 Km Train
3. Naisha/13 4.5 Km Car 8. Rohan/14 15.6 Km Bus
4. Aarav/13 3 Km Cycle 9. Neel/16 2-4 Km Walking
5.Siddhant/8 10.5 Car 10. Joshua/15 12 Km Auto

Worksheet. Topic 7. My green trips. 5 teachers

Names distance type transport

1 Paromi Roy 5 km Car
2 Deepali Bhagwate 10 km Car
3 Urmila Rajeshirke 4 km Public Transport
4 Amruta Naik 14 km Car
5 Shefali R 22 Km Car

Worksheet. Topic 7. My green trips. Public transport

Names/age of five distance type is public transport

people using public transport efficient/comfortable
transport daily
1.Smita 15-20 Km Bus No
2. Melchi 24 Km Train Yes
3. Rohan 33 Km Uber Cabs Yes
4. Harpreet 120 Km Train No