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Shannin Mae Olivarez

Seminar 1
January 23, 2017

Sacraments and God’s Presence: Personal Reflection

Sacraments presented by the Church of God is a way for God’s followers to

have a tangible interaction of God’s presence. With this, I can be a sign of
Christ’s presence to others by following the teachings of God. An example
would be by simply following the Ten Commandments; such as love your
neighbours as you would love yourself. This teaching from God is a
sacrament, and it can be materialized through genuine actions, such as
helping those who are in need, and being forgiving and merciful to those
who have wronged you. Being a good citizen is also a way to be a sign of
Christ’s presence to others. This is because it shows that you are imparting
goodness and love to society, which is one of the main ways in order to
combat social sin.

In addition to this, by showing goodness and by helping people around the

community, it spreads the message and teachings that God wants to
impart to his children. It is said that the sacraments manifest and
communicate to people, which means that it is the connection or bond that
keeps God and his people intertwined. With this, it is important that the
community feels the presence of God through us not just by words but also
by action. This means that whatever we read in the Bible and hear during
the Homily in the Eucharist, we should embody it and materialize it
through our actions and behaviours; the way we treat and care for people
says a lot of how one can be a sign of Christ’s presence to others.

Another way that that I can manifest such presence is by using my God-
given talents in order to help those who are in need and to improve the
community. As His children, we are created in the image of God. With this,
we are destined to create, rationalize and grow as individuals that will
help God take care of our community and world. Humans are duty-bound
through a moral obligation to take care of God’s creations, and because of
this, we need to use our talents and skills in order to be productive. With
this, I can use my talents in order to help the community with their
problems. When I become a lawyer, I can help those who are oppressed by
the justice system of the country.