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Letter Details ntted image (Via commercial Cenified mal retum receipt requested) nanos eat .ce Health Transplant Insite Patient: {am swrting today to fet you know of important news about the Kidney Transplant Institute at Gui Coast Medical Center, As we explained to you in previous Iter, the Trensplant Institute entered into a voluntary inactive satus due to the lack of Surgical availablity on August 16,2018, ‘Tis leer i to inform you that as of December 2, 2018 the Kidney Transplant Institue at Gulf Coast Medical Center willbe permanently closing. Untorunately, despite Lex Health's effons, the program has faced many obstacles which make the Program unsustainable. As a result Lee Health has determined tht it isin our patient's and the community's best interest to lose the program, Realizing tht there wil be avoid in the area for potentil transplant patients, Lee Heath has worked with ‘Tampa Genera Hospital, so that upon the closing of Lee Health's program, Tompa General Hlosial will provide melinic in For Myers to provide potential transplant patients in Southwest Florida with pre and post-transplant care. This wil provide Southwest Florida residems withthe opportunity to access Tampa General Hospital's excellent care and transplant services ‘while receiving the majority of their care close 19 home. Paton safety is always the frst concem of Lee Health Transplant Institute at Gulf Coast Medical Center and Lee Health believes this isthe best interest of ts patients ‘So hat does the closure mean to you, our patient? If you ae a potential candidate, you will need to have another transplant program evaluate you for transplant registration in ‘hele program. I you are a candidate for transplantation and chose to remain on the Le Health waist afte the program entered ito ‘voluntary inactive status, you wll need to wansfer your wail ime to another active transplant center. Prot to being registred {a an active candidatal another transplan program, the accepting transplant program wil need to complete an evaluation to ‘determine your suitability for transplant reglaration in their transplant program. Whea trancfered, you will retain your existing wait ime and continue to accrue waiting according to your status on the waiting list atthe time of the program's closure, If you area transplant recipient currently being followed by Drs. Mogilshetty and Saith in Fort Myers, your post-transplant care will remain available atthe Fort Myers location under the medical care of Drs. Mogilshety and Saith as part of Tampa General Hospital's program. ‘As noted above, Tampa General Hospitals program i wiling to work with you locally to provide an eaey tasition tot program, owever, you have the choice to transfer your cae Wo any other Medicare-approved transplant center, ‘Whatever {your decision ot preference, ou stale ready and willing (assist you inthis process. ‘A transplant coordinator from Lee Health will be in touch son t arrange forthe transfer of your wait ime, ‘Ifyou have say questions in the meantime, please contact Missy Korb, Transplant Administrator, at (239) 343-0442, Sinootly, Lipo ‘Venkat Prasad, M.D. (Chief Medical Officer Lee Physician Group Enclosure: UNOS Organ Transplant Information