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IBA EMBA, DU Batch: 31 s t Assignment: 01 Prepared for Prof. Khair Jahan Sogra,


Batch: 31 st

Assignment: 01

Prepared for

Prof. Khair Jahan Sogra, PhD

Course Title: Managing HR in Organizations

Course Code: H-501

Prepared by


Md. Mahfuzul Hasan


Farhan Hussain


Md. Hasmat Ali

Date: December 07, 2018

Question 1: Based on the Hotel’s stated strategy, list at least four important employee behaviors for the Hotel Paris Staff?

Answer: The four important employee behaviors for the Hotel Paris Staff/Employees are given below:

1. Positive ‘Can Do’ Attitude:

Being ready, available and willing to get the job done, and done well, should be traits that Hotel Paris employees keep on the front burner. Hotel Paris management should appreciate employees who seek out quality work to remain busy as well as productive and who eagerly desire to go above and beyond their normal duties to bring further success.

2. Courteous and Friendly:

Hotel Paris employees should do their best to be courteous and friendly to their coworkers, managers and customers. These employees will make office life much more pleasant than those who seek to cause disturbances or drama. They will leave their egos behind, thus creating a good work atmosphere and brightening the office.

3. Strong Work Ethic: Setting and Achieving Goal:

A strong work ethic is clearly one of the most popular qualities Hotel Paris management will look for in an employee. Employees who set high goals for themselves, or respond well to stretch goals from supervisors, indicate a willingness to do more than clock in and clock out every day.

4. Be Dependable and Take Responsibility:

Dependability can make all the difference between an employee who usually follows through, and one who always does. Hotel Paris employees who will value their work, their word and their future with the hotel will take responsibility and tell the truth whenever they make mistakes. Making errors may or may not cause great problems, but when an employee honestly and earnestly explains an oversight or mistake he has made, the Paris hotel management will understand that the employee values his integrity.


Question 2: If time permits, spend some time prior to class observing the front desk clerk at a local hotel. In any case, create a job description for a Hotel Paris front desk clerk?

Title: Front Desk Clerk

Reports To: Front Desk Manager

Present Job Holder

Location: Paris, France

Department: Customer Service

Band: E (entry level)

Job Summary:

A Front Desk Agent at the Hotel Paris assists in daily Front Office operations and works with customers as well as guests to serve their needs and provide an excellent customer service experience.

Overall Job Description/Key Result Areas:

Primary Responsibilities:

Books guest reservations and/or coordinates with reservation center

Registers guests into the hotel in a prompt and courteous manner using up-selling

techniques to maximize room rates; prepares for group check-ins, check-outs, and VIP

arrivals. Greets, registers, and assigns rooms to guests

Answers and routes calls as appropriate; takes guest messages with accuracy

Assists with sales and marketing efforts as directed by the General Manager

Offers and properly handles requests for wake-up calls

Records pertinent guest information in the pass on log

Replenishes continental breakfast as needed and keeps area clean

Checks guests in and out of the hotel; processes customer payments according to

established policies and procedures.

Answers phone in a prompt, efficient, and friendly manner.

Promotes hotel services, facilities and outlets and becomes informed and

knowledgeable of upcoming events/ functions in the hotel and in the surrounding area.

Answers guests’ questions about the property and amenities and is able to refer and

direct guests to area attractions and outlets. Arranges for the appropriate transportation

of guests to and from the hotel when necessary.

Uses creative reasoning to overcome guest objections and concerns and to ensure 100%



Resolves minor guest complaints to the satisfaction of the customer; informs supervisor of major problems, complaints, disturbances or unhappy guests.

Respond quickly to guest requests or complaints in a friendly manner and appropriate action is taken. Follows up to ensure guest satisfaction.

Completes daily paperwork to include cashing out, documenting all adjustments, miscellaneous postings, paid outs, charges and check-outs.

Handles departmental accounting of monies, receipts, guest accounts and other forms of credit; posts all charges; completes cashier’s report, prepares deposit and counts cashier bank.

Secondary Responsibilities:

Attend all Front Office meetings

Act in accordance with fire, health and safety regulations and follow the correct procedures when required

Serve your role and team in an environmentally-conscience manner Principal Accountabilities:

Balances cash bag at open and closing of each shift.

Handles confidential information, including guest records, with a high degree of integrity

Create a report as per the accounting specifications of the Hotel Paris Job Requirements/Entry Criteria:

High school or equivalent education required.

At least 1 year experience in similar capacity

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both in French and English

Commitment to delivering a high level of customer service

Ability to work under pressure

Ability to work by roster including night-time shift

Excellent grooming standards

Flexibility to respond to a variety of work situations

Agreed By Head of the Department Agreed by Job Holder