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Tatmadaw’s sports competition Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe meets with
opened in Nay Pyi Taw officials from Naga Self-Administered Zone

Vol. V, No. 276, 12 th Waxing of Pyatho 1380 ME www.globalnewlightofmyanmar.com Thursday, 17 January 2019

President meets with three pillars

of democracy in Kayah State
PRESIDENT U Win Myint at-
tended the meeting with offi-
cials from the executive, leg-
islative, and judiciary pillars
of Kayah State held in Loikaw
Township yesterday morning.
Accompanying the Presi-
dent were Union Ministers Lt-
Gen Kyaw Swe, U Min Thu, Dr.
Aung Thu, U Ohn Win, U Win
Khaing, and Nai Thet Lwin,
and other officials. Present at
the meeting were the Kayah
State cabinet, officials from the
State Hluttaw and High Court,
Hluttaw MPs (Pyithu, Amyotha,
Kayah State), and officials from
state, district and township level
In his opening speech, the
President said he has been trav-
eling to the states and regions
urging democratic transition
and national reform to be car-
ried out uniformly. He said that
Myanmar was transitioning
from an old system to a new and
modern system, and that this
required the people to break out
of their old habits and onto new
paths. He said every responsi-
ble official needed to cooperate
to reach the intended goal. He
said a firm resolution has been President U Win Myint greets attendees at the meeting with officials from the judiciary, executive and legislative pillars in Kayah State yesterday.  
set to establish a ‘democratic PHOTO: KO THA BYAW
federal union’. He said all cit-
izens in a democratic country cluded. He said this was why he the world is that change is con- democratic foundation of the the administrative mechanism.
enjoyed equality, justice, fair- made the resolution to establish stant. Both living and non-living nation and its people. He said He said change will only occur
ness, and the same rights and a democratic federal union. beings change with time, said just changing the entire cab- when the officials and staff from
opportunities. He said Myanmar The President said some the President. He said adapting inet of the Union or state and the grassroots departments im-
comprised many ethnic national people may be hesitant, worried with change is the key to surviv- regional government cannot be plement the changing policies
races and cannot be called a or feel burdened to change. He al. He said the changes being called a democratic transition of the nation.
Union without all of them in- said the unchanging truth of made intend to strengthen the nor will it result in a change in SEE PAGE-3



Union Minister U Thaung Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Union Minister U Ethnic excursion
Tun meets with Japan’s State Joint Bill Committee Min Thu meets group visits
Minister for Foreign Affairs discusses Tax GAD staff in Nay Pyi Taw
Administration Bill Kayah State

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing receives Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint

Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Bill Committee discusses
Tax Administration Bill
THE Pyidaungsu Hluttaw’s Joint secretaries, joint secretary and
Bill Committee held a meeting committee members of Joint Bill
over the Tax Administration Bill Committee and Joint Public Ac-
sent by the Union Government at counts Committee, Deputy Min-
the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Building isters for Planning and Finance
D yesterday. U Maung Maung Win and U Set
Present at the meeting were Aung, Legal Affairs and Special
the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Deputy Cases Assessment Commission
Speaker, who is also Joint Bill members, and officials from Un-
Committee and Joint Public Ac- ion Attorney General’s Office,
counts Committee Chairman and Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Office.
U Tun Aung, also known as U — MNA
Tun Tun Hein, deputy chairmen, (Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. Toshiko Abe. 

Commander-in-Chief of De- er-in-Chief of Defense Services. Japan’s assistance for Myan-

fence Services Senior General During the meeting, mar’s local peace process and
Min Aung Hlaing received Ja- they openly discussed matters development, and assistance
pan’s State Minister for Foreign related to Myanmar’s peace and equal rights to be given to Deputy Speaker of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw U Tun Tun Hein delivers
Affairs Ms. Toshiko Abe at the process, problems in Rakhine the local ethnic people in Rakh- a speech at the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Committee meeting
Bayintnaung Guest Hall in Nay State being solved by govern- ine State. —MNA yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
Pyi Taw yesterday, according ment and Tatmadaw, the condi- (Translated by
to the Office of the Command- tions of opening door for peace, Kyaw Zin Tun)
Union Minister U Thaung
Ethnic excursion group visits Nay Pyi Taw Tun meets with Japan’s State
Minister for Foreign Affairs
UNION Minister for Invest- bilateral economic, investment
ment and Foreign Econom- and technical cooperation
ic Relations U Thaung Tun were discussed.
received State Minister for The meeting was
Foreign Affairs of Japan Mrs. attended by officials from
Toshiko Abe yesterday at the the Ministr y of Foreign
Ministry of Investment and Affairs and Ambassador Mr.
Foreign Economic Relations. Ichiro Maruyama of the Jap-
Matters related to political anese Embassy in Yangon.—
and economic development, MNA

Ethnic excursion group observe Antique Curios (Konbaung) displayed at Defense Services Museum in Nay
Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

WITH the aim of enhancing each from the Kokang Self-Ad- ment of Agricultural Research,
friendship and understand- ministered Zone, Kayah State, Yezin, Nay Pyi Taw, Yezin Dam
ing among ethnic people, the Kayin State, Rakhine State and and the Safari Park on 15 Jan-
Ministry of Border Affairs Chin State arrived in Nay Pyi uary. They then paid a visit to
arranged the excursion pro- Taw on January 14, 2019. the Maha Setkya Yansi Pagoda
gramme for the ethnic people Under the arrangements and offered cash donation at
from remote areas to visit Nay of Department of Development the pagoda yesterday. They
Pyi Taw for four days from 15- for Border Areas and National proceeded to the Mausoleum
18 January. Races, the ethnic excursion for Heroes (Nay Pyi Taw) and
As a part of the excursion group visited Nay Pyi Taw Defence Services Museum. —
programme, a 150-member ex- Buddha Gaya Thatta Thattaha MNA (Translated by Win Ko Union Minister U Thaung Tun meets with Japan’s State Minister for
Foreign Affairs Ms. Toshiko Abe yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
cursion group comprising 30 Maha Bawdi Pagoda, Depart- Ko Aung)
17 JANUARY 2019

President meets with three pillars of democracy in Kayah State

President U Win Myint meeting with officials from the executive, legislative and judiciary pillars of Kayah State in Loikaw, Kayah State yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA/KO THA BYAW

FROM PAGE-1 ministration where all citizens do must repay in diligent work to the He also urged the attendees were on trial.
The President said everyone not worry about prestige, riches people. The administration we from the governmental depart- As the judiciary system was
in a department must work hand- or pride and implement fairness are heading towards must be fair ments to give correct informa- independent, the administrative
in-hand to bring about successful in society, business, and politics. and supportive of the rule of law. tion to their superior bodies to and legislation pillars are not to
change. He added we must shed There must also be equality in It must be averted from becom- be able to make right decisions, interfere in it, and judges at dif-
our old habits to instill change opportunities, class, and before ing an oppressive administration. stressing the need to complete ferent levels were to take respon-
in the nation and the people. We the law. No one was above the The mechanism must be ser- the works at the state/region level sibility and accountability.
need to gauge how much we law and must be in accordance vice-oriented and citizen-based. in conformity with the region/ Regarding the drug issues,
have changed ourselves when with the law. This would ensure The legislation pillar has state level laws. the President urged the gov-
implementing changes, as we the country was a democratic a responsibility to serve the The Judiciary pillar was an ernmental departments neither
can only change other people country. There must be respon- country abiding by the rules and important pillar for democracy, involve in the crime nor turn a
when we succeed in changing sibility and accountability in a regulations of the enacted laws, and only when this pillar can work blind eye to the drug trafficking
ourselves. Therefore, the heads of democracy. Democracy meant and directives and instructions. in a right way with legal norms cases, stressing the need to ar-
departments needed to guide and abiding by the rules and the law. Only then, the administrative, and standards, the rule of law will rest the main source of the drug
amend change in spirit and hab- This was a fundamental pillar of legislative and judiciary pillars prevail in the country, he said. All trafficking.
its of the staff under their care. democracy, said the President. could interact to ensure check those who were working in the Regarding the legislative
Change was neither worrying He continued to say that and balance. To achieve success judiciary pillar should observe sector, the President urged to
nor fearful. Everyone needed to everyone here in attendance in implementing works, all should the law concerning with the le- enact laws which could benefit
actively participate with their own must be able to work harder then have an attitude of magnanimity, gal system because only when the state, saying that only when
thoughts and reasoning, said the everyone else, and must endure tolerance and forgiveness mutu- the judiciary pillar is right, can the capacity of MPs and service
President. and sacrifice more as well. Offi- ally and all should embrace wel- the society ensure fairness and personnel were high, could the
The President said the inten- cials must accomplish the tasks fare of others before self, said the justice. legislative pillar be developed.
tion was to head towards an ad- entrusted by the people. They President. A fair and just society The three pillars should
strengthens a democracy and work in a check and balance
can be supportive to a federal way avoiding competition, said
system, said President U Win President U Win Myint, adding
Myint. that a good government should
He called on the governmen- ensure accountability, responsi-
tal officials for solving the prob- bility, transparency, calculation
lems faced by the people daily and cooperation.
first rather than their own, urging A bad management of a re-
the officials to actively partici- gion or state government could
pate in implementing the State cause hindrances to the demo-
policies. cratic transition and all citizens
Afterwards, Kayah State need to participate in building
Chief Minister U L Phaung Sho a federal democratic nation as
reported on regional develop- the country was in a transition
ment works by the Kayah State to democracy.
Government; Speaker of Kayah Following the meeting, Pres-
State Hluttaw U Hla Htwe on ident U Win Myint and entourage
Hluttaw affairs and Kayah State visited the Taungkwe Pagoda and
Chief Judge U Kyaw Lin Maung Myo Nam Pagoda in Loikaw and
on judiciary affairs. made cash donation there.
Afterwards, President U Win Afterwards, the President
Myint made his concluding re- and his entourage returned to
marks, urging the courts to settle Nay Pyi Taw by a Special flight
the cases quickly and fairly not to of the Tatmadaw. —MNA
cause grievances in education
President U Win Myint and entourage visit the Myo Nam Pagoda in Loikaw yesterday.  PHOTO: KO THA BYAW and socio economy of those who (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

Tatmadaw’s sports competition opened in Nay Pyi Taw

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers the opening speech at the Tatmadaw’s sports competition in Nay Pyi Taw.  PHOTO: OFFICE OF THE
THE sports competition of the ceremony. and Commander of Nay Pyi Taw the Commander of Nay Pyi Taw ball, men’s and women’s Judo,
Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) During the opening ceremo- Command, Maj-Gen Myint Maw. team 2-0. Swimming, Weightlifting and
was opened yesterday at Zeyya ny, Tatmadaw troops along with Afterwards, the senior The Sports competition will Bodybuilding contest, Wushu,
Thiri Tatmadaw sports ground the 17 sport teams took place in general delivered the opening be ongoing till 28 January and Karatedo, Myanma Thaing and
in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. the sports ground followed by speech. will include colorful sport events: Taekwondo according to the
Commander-in-Chief of the the opening of the ceremony by Next, in the football compe- boxing, Sepak takraw, track and statement with the Command-
Defence Services, Senior General cutting the ceremonial ribbon by tition, the Commander-in-Chief field, Parasports event, Chin- er-in-Chief Office. — MNA
Min Aung Hlaing attended the Adjutant-General Lt-Gen San Oo Office team beat the Office of lone, men’s and women’s Volley- (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

Union Minister U Min Thu meets GAD staff in Kayah State

UNION Minister for the Office speed things up.
of the Union Government, U The Union Minister said his
Min Thu, who is in Loikaw, ministry will listen to experts
Kayah State, met with staff of and GAD staff to implement
the General Administration visible changes with the GAD,
Department (GAD) from state, which is the backbone of the
district and township offices, at administrative mechanism. He
Loikaw Tsp Hall yesterday. said his ministry will facilitate
Firstly, U Khin Maung Win, cooperation, negotiations, and
the Head of Kayah State GAD coordination to build capacity
introduced the Union Minister and form necessary groups to
to everyone in attendance. He carry out step-by-step imple-
then explained about the State mentations of the aforemen-
GAD’s processes and perfor- tioned changes. He said GAD
mances. Union Minister U Min staff should face these changes
Thu then delivered a speech. devoid of apprehension and per-
Speech by Union Minister form them systematically and
U Min Thu persistently.
The Union Minister said The Union Minister said he
the General Administration has regularly engaged in con-
Department has been agreed versation with GAD staff and
to be transferred to the Ministry the general summary of their
of the Office of the Union Gov- Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government, U Min Thu, speaks with staff of Kayah State General discussion is they know where
ernment during Union Govern- Administration Department in Loikaw Township, Kayah State.  PHOTO: KO THA BYAW and what changes need to be
ment Meeting No. (23/2018) on New Year speech in April 2018 an administrative mechanism scape and be consistent with made to bring good results. He
28 December 2018. He explained to initiate government reforms that is in line with the political the regions and states. said they know changes can be
that the reason for the transfer and decentralize institutions. system the country is working Making gradual changes in made in the workplace. He said
is to be consistent with Presi- The Union Minister said the towards, and for the emergence the GAD there are worries in changing
dent U Win Myint’s Myanmar transfer also aims to establish of good governance. He said the The Union Minister said routine processes. He said not
administrative mechanism has they have to work towards the to fear change but to take pride
been traditionally viewed from national reconciliation and in being able to change.
It is important for the adminis- an administrator’s perspective. peace process lead by the State GAD needs to address illegal
He said it is linked to political Counsellor so as to be ready drugs, squatter issues
trative mechanism to change its systems. He said it is important to walk together towards the The Union Minister said the

view as civil servants in the cur- for the administrative mecha-

nism to change its view as civil
democratic federal Union the
whole country is heading to. He
administrative mechanism now
comprises a direct link from the
rent administration elected by the servants in the current admin- said they must take slow steps Union level down to the region
istration elected by the people. in implementing changes to the and state, district, township, and
people. He said the GAD must change political system, national policy, ward and village level.
with the shifting political land- and aspirations and eventually SEE PAGE-5
17 JANUARY 2019

Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe meets with

officials from Naga Self-Administered Zone
UNION MINISTER for Office by Sagaing Region Chief Min-
of the State Counsellor, U Kyaw ister Dr. Myint Naing, Region
Tint Swe, held talks with offi- Hluttaw Speaker U Than, Dep-
cials from the Naga Self-Admin- uty Ministers Maj-Gen Than
istered Zone’s Leading Body, Htut, U Kyi Min, U Kyaw Lin,
leaders of ethnic Naga tribes, U Hla Maw Oo, Commander
Naga central traditional culture of the North-West Command
and literature committee, at Maj-Gen Phone Myat, regional
the Taungzalat Yeiktha, Leshi ministers, Hluttaw representa-
Township in the Naga Self-Ad- tives, officials-concerned from
ministered Zone, Sagaing Re- the departments, Naga Self-Ad-
gion, at 8 am yesterday. ministered Zone Leading Body
The meeting was attended Chairman U Kay Hsai, other

Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe holds a meeting together with officials from the Naga Self-Administered Zone
Leading Body, Naga central traditional culture and literature committee.  PHOTO: MNA

members of the body, leaders and the status of inviting invest- ter then presented gifts to the
of ethnic Naga tribes and offi- ment in Naga region. Naga Self-Administered Zone
cials from the Naga central tra- Then Naga Self-Admin- Leading Body Chairman U Kay
ditional culture and literature istered Zone Leading Body Hsai, officials, leaders of ethnic
committee. Chairman U Kay Hsai, Hluttaw Naga tribes and chairman of
First, Union Minister for Of- representatives and leaders of Naga central traditional culture
fice of the State Counsellor U ethnic Naga tribes presented and literature committee.
Kyaw Tint Swe explained about their difficulties in education, Following this, Union Minis-
the conditions of the Govern- healthcare, transportation, ter, Regional Chief Minister and
ment’s efforts to implement the communication and electricity. officials left Leshi for Homalin
all-round development of Naga Union Minister U Kyaw Tint by Tatmadaw aircraft and ar-
region, and then Sagaing Region Swe coordinated with regional rived in Yangon by the Myanmar
Chief Minister Dr. Myint Naing government and officials from National Airlines.—MNA
Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe presents gift to the Naga Self- clarified on the implementation the departments to cope with (Translated by
Administered Zone Leading Body Chairman U Kay Hsai.  PHOTO: MNA process of tourism development these difficulties. Union Minis- Win Ko Ko Aung)

Union Minister U Min Thu meets GAD staff in Kayah State

FROM PAGE-4 are ‘ignorant of the situation or rights. He said the GAD staff

He said the GAD are in

turning a blind eye’.
The Union Minister also
need to be more diligent and re-
sponsible, and must try harder
The staff are to continue working
direct contact with the public talked about the numerous in the future. as normal, fulfilling their duties,
and must actively participate cases of squatters. He said ig-
in eradicating illegal drugs. He noring one or two squatters in GAD staff need not worry of while adhering to the law, rules
said members of the public are
afraid to come forward with in-
the GAD’s designated territory
eventually leads to a mass inva-
The Union Minister con-
and regulations in place and to
formation on illegal drug deal- sion of squatters. This leads to cluded by laying down two carry out reforms in line with any
ers. He asked whether the GAD difficulties for the government points he wished for GAD staff
staff, who are working in the and the public, he said. He said to consider. changing policies and instruc-
closest capacity with the public this is the same case with land The first point is to cast
away any worries concerning
tions: Union Minister U Min Thu
the General Administration
The Union Minister said he has Department’s transfer to the
Ministry of the Office of the with any changing policies and GAD. He concluded his speech
regularly engaged in conversation Union Government, said the instructions. by wishing GAD staff peace of

with GAD staff and the gener- Union Minister. He said the
administrative system needs
The second point, said the
Union Minister, is to carry out
mind and happiness in carrying
out the new changes and contin-
al summary of their discussion to be stable first before initiat-
ing reforms. He told the staff
reforms and changes while
considering the goodwill and
uing their work.
Afterwards, GAD staff in
is they know where and what to continue working as normal, benefit of the people. He said attendance submitted require-

changes need to be made to bring fulfilling their duties, while ad-

hering to the law, rules and reg-
the GAD needs to bring about
visible change in their convic-
ments to the Union Minister,
who gave necessary sugges-
good results. ulations in place. He instructed
them to carry out reforms in line
tions and spirit so that the pub-
lic increases their trust in the
tions and directions. —MNA
(Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

Union Minister Dr. Win Myat

Aye receives Japan’s State
Minister for Foreign Affairs
UNION Minister for Social Wel- issue, works being carried out by regarding the repatriation to
fare, Relief and Resettlement Dr. six UN organizations in Rakhine camps in Bangladesh, social
Win Myat Aye received Japan’s State with the assistance by Jap- welfare activities for the disabled
State Minister for Foreign Affairs anese government, preparation in cooperation with Japanese so-
Ms. Toshiko Abe at the ministry for receiving displaced persons cial organizations and plans for
in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. and reception programs in ac- peace and stability in Rakhine
During the meeting, they cord with the bilateral agree- State.—MNA
Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye shakes hands with Japanese State
discussed matters related to ment with Bangladesh govern- (Translated by Kyaw Zin Minister for Foreign Affaris Ms. Toshiko Abe in Nay Pyi Taw. 
Japan’s assistance for Rakhine ment, distributing fact-sheets Tun) PHOTO: MNA

Jade stone monument erected to commemorate 71st

Anniversary of Kachin State Day
A large jade stone was erected about Myanmar’s treasured jade U H La Aung, Kachin State Min-
as a monument for the 71st An- and will give rememberance of ister for Development Affairs U
niversary of Kachin State Day Kachin state in conjunction with Nay Win and officials opened the
in front of Myitkyina Airport at 9 jade land for ever. He mentioned ceremony by cutting the ceremo-
am yesterday. there are plans to erect more jade nial ribbon and Chief Minister Dr.
Chief Minister of Kachin stone monuments in other loca- Khet Aung and Donor Dr. Banlun-
State, Dr. Khet Aung, delivered tions. The Chief Minister then Duwa Bomyan pressed a button
opening remarks at the ceremo- expressed his gratitude to the do- to unveil the jade stone.
ny. He said erecting the monu- nor family for the jade memorial. The Chief Minister awarded
Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mrs. Toshiko Abe greets mental jade stone in front of the Next, the jade’s donor, Dr. honorable certificate to Donor Dr.
international students from Myanmar Language class at Yangon Myitkyina Airport intends to raise Banlun Duwa Bomyan explained Banlun Duwa Bomyan. After the
University of Foreign Languages in Yangon.  PHOTO: MNA awareness of Kachin State’s rep- about the donation. ceremony, the Chief Minister and
utation as the land of jade and Minister for Kachin State local people pose for documentary

Japan’s State
is a signature of Kachin State. Road, Communication, Electric- photos with jade stone. The jade
He said domestic and foreign ity and Industry U Win Nyunt, stone is weight:6.37 tons, height:8
travellers entering and leaving Minister for Kachin State Envi- feet and width-4 feet.—MNA

Minister for Foreign the airport will be able to learn ronment and Natural Resources (Translated by M T A)

Affairs visits YUFL

A delegation led by Japan’s class and international stu-
State Minister for Foreign Af- dents from Myanmar Language
fairs Ms. Toshiko Abe visited the class.
Yangon University of Foreign In the evening, the Japan’s
Languages (YUFL) on Univer- State Minister for Foreign
sity Avenue Road in Yangon Affairs and delegation depart-
yesterday. ed from Yangon and were
During the visit, the dele- seen off by Japanese Ambas-
gation met with YUFL’s Rector sador to Myanmar Mr. Ichiro
Dr. Kyi Shwin, Pro-rector and Maruyama and officials at Yan-
lecturers at YUFL IR Office. gon International Airport.—
Afterwards, the delegation MNA
met with the fourth-year stu- (Translated by Kyaw Zin Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khet Aung and local people pose for documentary photo in front of jade stone
dents of Japanese Language Tun) to mark 71st Anniversary of Kachin State Day at Myitkyina Airport.  PHOTO: MNA

Governor of CBM receives Senior Vice President

of Federal Reserve Bank of New York
U KYAW KYAW MAUNG, Gover- Bank of Myanmar in Nay Pyi anti-money laundering com-
nor of the Central Bank of Myan- Taw. pliance process that financial
mar (CBM), received a delega- During the meeting, they institution need to follow. Also
tion led by Senior Vice President discussed matters relating to present at the meeting were
Mr. Mike Schetzel from the the money transfer process Deputy Governors of CBM and
Central Bank of Myanmar Governor U Kyaw Kyaw Maung meets with Federal Reserve Bank of New between Myanmar and foreign Directors-General. —MNA
Senior Vice President of the New York Fed Mr. Mike Schetzel.  York, yesterday morning, at the countries, facilitation process (Translated by Win Ko Ko
PHOTO: MNA Zabhuthiri Hall of the Central for international loans and Aung)
17 JANUARY 2019

YBS soon to install card payment system

YANGON Bus Service (YBS) Within 9 months, we will make
is going to start its card pay- the card payment system avail-
ment system instead of cash, able in 4,000 buses.” said Chief
said Chief Minister of Yangon Marketing Officer Daw Yi Yi
Region, U Phyo Min Thein, at Khin.
the event of the 2nd anniversary During the project, bus fare
of Yangon Region Transport Au- is still fixed and after the pilot
thority (YRTA) at Sky Star Hotel project time, the card payment
in Yangon yesterday. system will detect depending on
The Chief Minister said, the distance. A total of 380 top up
“We are preparing to install a agencies will widely be opened in
payment system instead of cash Yangon and also 5 card service
boxes. There are questions re- centers will be opened for lost
garding with the sector. OK Dol- cards.
lar and Anypay are part of the The ceremony was present-
current payment systems. Now ed by Ministers of Yangon Region
our changing payment system is Government, Regional Hluttaw
not at that level. The card pay- representatives, departmental
ment system will be available for officials, officials from YRTA, of-
every bus.” ficials from 18 current operating
Within the next 9 months, bus companies and the Chief
we are planning to change the Minister awarded the best YBS
A staff of YBS demonstrates how to use a smart card with the card payment system to media at the
card payment system step by ceremony to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of the Yangon Buse Service.  PHOTO: PHOE KHWAR awards for 2018. The ceremony
step and Asia Starmar Transport was closed by taking documen-
Intelligent Company will take re- “For the first 3 months, we ment system. We will need to In the final 3 months, we tary photos.—Myint Soe
sponsibility for the YPS (Yangon will import the necessary equip- take up to 3 to 5 months to install will try to operate the card sys- (Translated by Myat Than-
Payment Service). ment for installation of the pay- the equipment. tem from 1,000 to 2,000 buses. dar Aung)

MLF seeks customs duty cut on MBM FDI inflow

increases $659
By Aye Yamone cent is levied on imports. If MBM
is on the raw material list, only
request may get accepted,” said
Dr. Khin Hlaing.
mills has slowed, feedstuff such
as sesame meal and bean meal
mln to top $1.3
AS customs duties on meat and 1.5 tax will have to be paid. The Myanmar started importa- are faced with a lack of storage bln in Q1
bone meal (MBM) imported high tax is increasing the price of tion of MBM from the Nether- facilities along with rice and corn,
from the Netherlands are high, feed,” said Dr. Khin Hlaing, the lands in 2015. At that time, only prompting the inflow of raw feed- BY Nyein Nyein
the Myanmar Livestock Feder- vice chair of the MLF. a 1.5-per-cent customs duty was stuff materials from foreign mar- IN the first quarter of the cur-
ation (MLF) plans to ask Myan- Other ASEAN countries im- levied on raw materials. As per a kets, according to the MLF. rent financial year, foreign di-
mar Customs Department to pose zero import tariff on MBM. notification issued on 2 October At present, feedstuff is being rect investments into Myanmar
reduce the tariff to 1.5 per cent This was reported at the 23rd 2018, MBM was put under H.S. imported form the Netherlands, exceeded US$1.3 billion, an in-
by switching MBM to H.S. Code meeting led by Vice President U Code 2301.10.00 and 15 per cent Brazil, India, and Viet Nam. My- crease of $659 million compared
2309.90.20. Myint Swe with entrepreneurs, of tariff was set on import. anmar is also importing finished to the corresponding period of
The high import tariff on raw and the respective ministry di- “Even if there is tax reduc- animal feed. Additionally, local- the previous FY, according to
animal feed drives the domestic rected the MLF to approach the tion on MBM, the price of finished ly produced dairy products are Myanmar Investment Commis-
feed prices up, according to the Customs Department. animal feed is not likely to fall as listed as tax exempt. However, sion (MIC).
MLF. The feedstuff association “The tax rate might change we primarily use corn and bro- only milk, condensed milk, and “In the same period of the
under the MLF will soon send once MBM is placed on the raw ken rice as raw materials and milk powder are registered on previous FY, $662.29 million of
a report on the tariff rate to the material list. The feedstuff body MBM is used only as a protein the list, but not yogurt. Some FDIs flowed into the country.
Customs Department. will hold a meeting and forward ingredient. Soybean meal has small businesses have to pay a The investment inflow this FY
“The Customs Department its report to the Customs Depart- zero tax, while MBM attracts a 5-per-cent tax on yogurt. There- has increased by $659 million,”
needs to change the H.S. tariff ment. When there is a change in 15-per-cent tax,” said Dr. Kyaw fore, the MLF has asked that said U Aung Naing Oo, the sec-
code. MBM is not currently listed the H. S. code, a notification is Htin, a livestock breeder from the list be changed so milk and retary of the MIC. Between 1 Oc-
as raw feed. As it is registered as released. If we submit a system- the Mandalay Region. milk products are tax exempt. tober 2018 and 11 January 2019,
a finished product, a duty of 15 per atic report to the department, our As the operation of local oil (Translated by Ei Myat Mon) a total of 78 foreign enterprises
received permits and endorse-
ments, bringing in a capital of
MIC permits, endorses 50 investment projects $970.4 million. The total FDI of
$1.3 billion includes expansion
THE Myanmar Investment will be engaged in the manu- domestic enterprises with es- plifying the verification process of capital and investments of
Commission (MIC) permitted facturing, electricity, livestock timated capitals of K21.5 billion of investment projects. over $89.47 million in the Thil-
and endorsed 40 foreign and 10 and fishery, real estate develop- including $2.86 million to execute At present, 60 per cent of awa Special Economic Zone.
domestic investment projects ment, and other sectors, creat- projects in manufacturing, hotels foreign investments are concen- Additionally, domestic en-
during a meeting (1/2019) held ing 31,695 jobs for local people. and tourism, and other sectors. trated in Yangon Region, and trepreneurs invested K506.67
on 11 January. The majority of the investments They will help create 863 jobs. 30 per cent in Mandalay. Other billion with 54 projects. Factor-
The MIC and the investment will flow to the manufacturing Under the new Myanmar In- regions and states get only a ing in expansion of capital from
committees of Yangon, Bago, sector. vestment Law, region and state small portion of the investments, previously permitted enterpris-
Mandalay, Tanninthayi, and The MIC and the invest- investment committees are au- according to statistics released es, the total domestic invest-
Ayeyawady regions approved ment committees of Yangon, thorized to endorse investment by the Directorate of Investment ment exceeded K620.9 billion.
foreign businesses to bring in Mandalay, Ayeyawady, and proposals with a capital of not and Company Administration. The MIC targets FDI of $5.8
a capital of US$309.6 million to Bago regions, and Rakhine and more than $5 million (K6,000 —GNLM (Translated by Ei billion in the current fiscal year.
the regions. The enterprises Kayah states also approved 10 million). This is aimed at sim- Myat Mon) (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)
17 JANUARY 2019

Let flowers Round Table discussion held on social security 72nd Anniversary (2019)
Union Day National Objectives

of the Union benefits and reform program 1. All ethnic nationals to work with collective strength for
non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of

“We will release an exclusive report only after thoroughly researching

national unity, perpetuation of national sovereignty; and to
work for preservation and protection of the above.

the difficulties and delays encountered by employers’ associations

2. To strive for the emergence of a Constitution that is in align-
ment and harmony with the Democratic Federal Union.
3. To strive for the success of the Union Peace Conference

as well workers’ associations”:

– 21st Century Panlong and thence till the success of the

HE cool and pleasant winter season in the Himalayas internal peace process.
makes all the trees and flowers across the country 4. All union nationals to cooperate and work in “Unity and
bloom. Just as the flowers blossom in the natural Harmony” for rule of law and for the people to be secure
world, it is heartening to watch Myanmar blossomin U Maung Maung Aye, Director-General and free from danger.
into a Union. 5. All union citizens to be able to enjoy good education and
After the battle for independence, the essence of our Union By Khin Yadanar at the social security hospitals, adequate health care protection.
has manifest in the Kayin New Year, Kachin State Day, Naga PHOTO: May Oo Moe and that if and when necessary;
New Year, and Kayah State Day celebrations. These days were

we have to transfer the patients
observed with joyful celebrations not only in their respective HE MRTV broadcast to government hospitals. Some
regions, but across the country. Seeing our national leaders
celebrate these auspicious occasions with the people brings up
a round table discus-
sion as Part Three on
workers may like it and some may
not like it. Invitation for drug elimination
images of a flourishing garden.
In his speech on the 67th Kayah State Day, President U Win
social security benefits
and the reform program. The
At that juncture, we are try-
ing to sign with the private hos-
Myint said: “The languages, literature, traditions, and cultures panelists are U Maung Maung pitals so that the workers would Submissions for themes are open for the 22nd International
of our ethnic national brothers Aye, Director-General of Social be able to transfer to the private Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which will be
and sisters are multi-color- Security Board, Daw Than Than medical facilities. held on 26 June 2019, and facilitated by the Central Committee

The fact ed flowers that are blooming

beautifully and beautifying the
Nu, Director of SSB, U Win Na-
ing, Employers’ Representative,
The last factor is about the
upgrading of the clinics and hos-
for Drug Abuse Control. Interested applicants can submit
their ideas for anti-drug themes, and 5 themes will be chosen

that each garden which is our Union.” Daw Phyo Sandar Soe, Workers’ pitals under the social security for use in the competitions on short novels, articles, poems,
“For the eternal exist- Representative, and Dr. Thein board. We intend to do it through songs, photographs, computer posters, paintings, cartoons,
ence of the beautiful garden, Than Htay, ILO National Project posters, and computer paintings.
ethnic race
PPB designing system and that
we are imbuing it with good Coordinator. the remaining clinics and hos- (1) A single applicant can submit up to 2 themes
thoughts and good intentions Moderator: Please explain pitals are to be streamlined into (2) Each theme must be submitted in both Myanmar and English

is allowed by establishing a peaceful and

developed union that will
the reform plans of the Social Se-
curity Board.
Internal Market Model.
Another plan is administra-
(3) Applicants must use Font size -13, Myanmar-3 for Myanmar
language, and Font size-12, Myanmar 3 for English language.

to celebrate bring about socio-economic Director-General: We have tive reform in which we intend (4) Submissions should be made no later than 15-2-2019
development of all ethnic na- some challenges in our reform to reduce the complicated and (5) Submissions must be sent to Fax No: 0673-401716 and Email:
tionals; a union that will exist programs as I had earlier dis- ccdacpm@gmail.com
its own
the pilot projects through the is very much vital for all of us. messy methods and procedures in
as long as the earth exists. All cussed, and at the moment, we branch offices at the township Another area is medical re- obtaining benefits by the workers. (6) Applicants must include their contact information, such as
Another area is medical reform, which we are
ethnic nationals are urged to are working on four reform pro- levels in the country. The last re- form, which we are tackling with Some pilot projects would be car- phone number and email, their name, and full address.

special participate in it,” he added.

The fact that each ethnic
Five tasks ahead
form is the legal reform.
Although we have six cate-
tackling with a three-pronged approach. As
part of the reforms, workers will be offered
a three-pronged approach. As part
of the reforms, workers will be
ried out at Hlinethaya Township in
Yangon Region and Pyigyidagon

day signals treatment and medical services at our hospitals

race is allowed to celebrate The first task is on IT reform gories of social security systems, offered treatment and medical Township in Mandalay Region
its own special day signals the and that we are planning to go only three systems are opera- services at our hospitals and clin- during the first quarter of 2019. Myanmar Daily Weather Report
unity of our country. All ethnic ahead with social security system and clinics, and also outside private hospitals. (Issued on Wednesday 16 January 2019)
the unity
tional and the remaining three ics, and also outside private hos- Reform of law is on the agen-
races dress in their unique based on data and information. systems are yet to implement. This is in line with the international standards pitals. This is in line with the in- da as asked by the workers, and
colors and outfits which bring All of the four reform pro- We are studying the matters in and norms prescribed by the ILO. ternational standards and norms the necessary discussions would SUMMARY OF OBSERVATIONS RECORDED AT 09:30 hrs

of our out their intrinsic beauty and

culture. The caretakers of
grams are to be implemented
with the technical support of the
detailed with the intention for
making reform.
prescribed by the ILO.
We need to go on with the
be made with the law experts from
the ministry and the law sector for
MST: During the past (24) hours, rain has been scattered in
Taninthayi Region, weather has been generally fair in Nay Pyi

our Union garden are work- ILO, and the IT reform is to be Doing reform according to law and technology with the intent proper way and with transparency PPS system and practice. A Pro- the greater good of the workers. Taw, Magway, Bago and Ayeyawady regions, Kayah and Kayin
ing hard to nurture and in- carried out with the support of In line with the New Year to enable us to go on with the ex- according to the directive of the spective Payment System (PPS) For raising awareness and states and partly cloudy in the remaining regions and states. Night
tegrate the elegance of the Korean Project. speech of the President, we are tension programs regarding the President’s Office. Regarding the is a method of reimbursement communication strategy, we have temperatures were (3°C) below January average temperature
different and distinct flowers Another plan is about ad- complying as his direction. The benefits of the workers; otherwise technical reform, the first year is in which Medicare payment is sought advice and assistance in Rakhine State, (2°C) below January average temperature in
in it. There is no discrimination between the plains and the vanced health care medical re- system under the social security the process would be delayed. to carry out the data center, the made based on a predetermined from the ILO. In the knowledge Ayeyawady Region and Chin State, (2°C) above January average
highlands, the states and the regions, as they are working for form, being collaborated with ILO program must be solid and firm The IT reform is underway cabling, and the construction of fixed amount. It is to be managed dissemination programs, we are temperatures in Taninthayi Region and about January average
equitable development for all. Luxemburg. Another plan is about for the benefits of the workers. with three year program, and that basic structure. through capitation payment, and broadcasting through the Myan- temperatures in the remaining regions and states. The significant
The Union government is working to preserve the languages, administrative reform. Therefore, we are working for the the study had begun in December In the second year, the the pilot projects are underway in ma Radio and Television to the night temperatures were (-1°C) in Haka, (2°C) each in Heho and
literature, traditions and culture of the ethnic races, in addition to The SSB has five main func- reform of the system. 2016 with the ILO personnel. E-Banking and the E-Money are Myeik Township, Myitkyina Town- public, and also other ways and Ramthlo, (3°C) each in Pinlaung and Loilin, (4°C) each in Putao,
working for their socio-economic development. Only when their tions, and all the working methods We also discussed on the cov- The Terms of References to be established. ship and Taunggyi Township. means. Hsipaw, Namhsan, Tiddim, Tonzang and PyinOoLwin. The note-
rights and ways of life are protected and elevated will our country and procedures are lengthy, bulky erage extension , and we have (TOR) have been drafted and the The third year is earmarked Care Well Medical Product We are evaluating on the fact worthy amounts of rainfall recorded was Kawthoung (0.28)inch.
become strong and everlasting. We can see the undertakings of and messy, and therefore, we are categorized (15) types of work document is under discussions for the task of the hospital man- treatment and service is being in- which method would be most ef- BAY INFERENCE: Weather is partly cloudy over the Andaman
the Union government ever more clearly. We would like to urge trying to simplify the steps. establishments according to law, within the relevant departments, agement, and to hook up with all troduced in Hlinethaya Township, fective. When the workers came Sea and Bay of Bengal.
all our ethnic brothers and sisters to cooperate in safeguarding We made many discussions such as that of (5) workers and where the necessary points were the hospitals in the country. Shwepyitha Township and Min- to understand the procedures and .
and developing our Union. on the matter with the experts of above. added and submitted the docu- Currently, the tender mat- galardon Township, where study way out, then the claim of benefits
the ILO, and have decided that we When a claim of benefit is be- ments to the Union Minister and ter is in the process which had is being made how to apply in the would be easier and also the steps EARTHQUAKE NEWS
would like to release an exclusive ing delayed, we need to explore then forwarded to the Economic started with the interest of (85) settlement of health care costs. in taking medical treatments at
report only after making a proper the reason and to address with Committee of the Government. companies, and we received (14) It would be coordinated with the the hospitals and the clinics, and A slight earthquake of magnitude (3.9) Richter Scale with its
research over the difficulties and solution in line with the standard When the approval was being ac- proposals out of them, and there ILO for final decision. And then we the workers would be comfort- epicenter inside Myanmar (about (12) miles southwest of Mawlaik),
delays encountering employers’ and norm of international prac- corded, the invitation of tender is were four finalists. After scrutiny, would further moved on. able. latitude 23.49°N, longitude 94.31°E, depth (28) kilometers about
association as well as workers’ tices. floated and called out. we would be able to sign the con- Second Priority To be continued. (50) miles south of Tamu seismological observatory was recorded
association. Filling up amendments Reform tract and the implementation is The second priority is about Translated by UMT (Ahlon) at (14)hr (27)min (35)sec MST on 16 January 2019.
Next, we plan to go on with We have added information The tender is spread out in likely to start in 2019. The reform the inpatients taking treatment

w w w.glob al n ewl i g hto f myan mar.c o m


Aye Min Soe


Kyaw Myaing

Zaw Min
Zaw Htet Oo
Win Ko Ko Aung


Ye Htut Tin,


Tun Tun Naing (Editor),
Nwe Nwe Tun (Sub-editor),

Khaing Thanda Lwin, Naga people dancing at the traditional 2019 New Year festival in Leshi, Naga Self-administered Zone of Sagaing Region.  PHOTO: MNA
Hay Mar Tin Win,
Ei Myat Mon

Naga New Year Festival attracts tourists

Kyaw Zin Lin
Kyaw Zin Tun

Nyein Nyein Ei,
reporter1@globalnewlightofmyanmar.com A total of 49 tourists visited the Israel, the US, Canada, Czech migration and Population in evenings, proving a big draw for
2019 Naga New Year Festival in Republic, Italy, South Korea, Sagaing Region. photographers, both from home
Kyaw Zeya Win @ Phoe Khwar
Leshi Town in the Naga Self-ad- and Spain joined the Naga New According to records of and abroad.
ministered Zone of Sagaing Re- Year festivities. the department, the number The annual festival is held
COMPUTER TEAM gion on 15 January, according “Tourists mostly visit Leshi of tourists to Leshi Township for two days each January. The
Tun Zaw, Thein Ngwe,
to the Sagaing Region’s De- in the travelling season. Over totalled 7 in 2011, 37 in 2012, 21 first day is set aside for tradi-
Zaw Zaw Aung, Ye Naing Soe,
Hnin Pwint, Kay Khaing Win, partment of Immigration and 40 tourists visited the festival in 2013, 19 in 2014, 59 in 2015, 39 tional dance rehearsals, and
Sanda Hnin, Thein Htwe Population. this year. in 2017, and 63 in 2018. the proper festival takes place
This year, 33 men and 16 There are few tourists dur- As part of the festival, which on the second day.—Win Oo
(+95) (01)8604529,
women from countries such as ing the remaining seasons,” falls on 15 January, ethnic hill (Zeyar Tine)
Fax — (+95) (01) 8604305 Germany, Belgium, Switzer- said U Kyaw Soe Moe, official tribes turn out in full traditional
land, Japan, Australia, France, from the Department of Im- costumes in the afternoons and (Translated by La Wonn)
San Lwin, (+95) (01) 8604532,

20 Forest staff attend capacity building training in Kanbalu

Hotline - 09 974424114


( +95) (01) 8604530,
Hotline - 09 974424848
TO improve knowledge-sharing the Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary.
marketing@globalnewlightofmyanmar.com with locals, a five-day intensive The bat cave natural con-
subscription@globalnewlightofmyanmar.com course has been organized at servation park and education
the Kanbalu bat cave education center was opened to show-
Printed and published at the Global New
Light of Myanmar Printing Factory at center from 14 to 18 January case the area’s biodiversity and
No.150, Nga Htat Kyee Pagoda Road, Bahan for rangers from the Chatthin ecosystem. It includes a guest
Township, Yangon, by the Global New Light Wildlife Sanctuary, the Alaung- house, a lounge, a museum, and
of Myanmar Daily under Printing Permit No.
00510 and Publishing Permit No. 00629.
daw Katthapa National Park, an orchard farm.
and township forest depart- The area has been identified
gnlmdaily@gmail.com ments in Kanbalu and Shwebo as a bat cave natural conserva-
districts of Sagaing Region. The tion area and preparations are
assistant director of the Forest under way to give it that status.
Department in Nay Pyi Taw and Once the status is granted, it
five other trainers will conduct will be opened to visitors and
the course which has 20 partici- researchers. Constructed near
pants. They will be the first batch milepost 65/0 on the Shwebo-My-
to undergo the capacity building Kanbalu bat cave natural conservation park and education center itkyina Road in Kanbalu Town-
course for forest staff. showcases the area’s biodiversity and ecosystem.  PHOTO: AUNG WIN ship, Sagaing Region, the park
“The course is being con- NYEIN (KANBALU) was inaugurated on 26 Decem-
ducted under a project entitled ber, under the guidance of the
‘Sustainable Cropland and For- The project is supported by the the Food and Agriculture Or- Sagaing Region government.
est Management in Priority Community Forestry National ganization (FAO),” said U Min —Aung Win Nyein (Kanbalu)
Agroecosystems of Myanmar’. Working Group (CFNWG) and Swe, the Assistant Director of (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)
Write for us
We appreciate your feedback and

Police seize illegal drugs in Kunhing, Laukkai townships

contributions. If you have any comments
or would like to submit editorials,
analyses or reports please email
with your name and title.
Due to limitation of space we are only POLICE from Drug Enforce- inspection checkpoint, Kunhing long confiscated 23,400 psycho- cases under the Anti-Narcotic
able to publish “Letter to the Editor” ment Division (27) Loilem con- Tsp, on 15 January. The drugs tropic tablets from a motorcycle Drugs and Psychotropic Sub-
that do not exceed 500 words. Should
you submit a text longer than 500 words fiscated 600 kilos of ICE (meth- are estimated at K15 billion. driven by Pham Kine along the stances Law against both men.
please be aware that your letter will be amphetamine) from Myint Similarly, police from Drug Laukkai-Chin Shwe Haw Road, —MNA (Translated by Su Mon
Aung’s car at Tar Kaw bridge Enforcement Division (21) Kun- Laukkai Tsp. Police have filed Khaing)
17 JANUARY 2019

British PM faces confidence vote after Brexit humiliation

LONDON (United Kingdom )— High-stakes poker
Prime Minister Theresa May will Increasing numbers of
on Wednesday face a confidence pro-European MPs are calling
vote after MPs overwhelming- for a second referendum as the
ly rejected her deal to leave the way out of the deadlock, with an
European Union, leaving Britain option to cancel Brexit altogether.
with no plan as it hurtles towards EU Council president Don-
Brexit on 29 March. May suffered ald Tusk tweeted after the vote:
the largest government defeat in “If a deal is impossible, and no
modern British history on Tuesday one wants no deal, then who will
night when the House of Commons finally have the courage to say
rejected by 432 votes to 202 the what the only positive solution
withdrawal agreement she struck is?” Speculation is also growing
with Brussels late last year. on both sides of the Channel that
The EU immediately warned May could ask to delay Brexit,
that the vote raises the risk of a although she denies this.On
hugely disruptive “no deal” Brex- Wednesday morning the pound
it where Britain could sever ties edged down, but mostly held its
with its biggest trading partner ground as investors considered
overnight. European Commis- Drinkers watch a television screen in the Red Lion public house on Whitehall, as it shows Britain’s Prime Minister the next likely developments in
sion chief Jean-Claude Junck- Theresa May speaking in the Houses of Parliament in London on 15 January, 2019, after MPs vote against the the long-running saga.Sterling
er urged London to “clarify its government’s Brexit deal. British lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to reject the EU divorce deal struck had tanked to a near two-year low
between London and Brussels, in a historic vote that leave Brexit hanging in the balance.  PHOTO: AFP
intentions as soon as possible”, soon after the expected defeat but
warning: “Time is almost up.” Ireland’s Democratic Unionist May—opposed Brexit ahead of “fundamental change” to the it rebounded back against both
Ireland, the only EU mem- Party (DUP) have led the charge the 2016 referendum, which has Brexit deal.“We will give the gov- the dollar and euro on hopes that
ber state with a land border with against her Brexit deal, they do caused bitter divisions across ernment the space to set out a a no-deal Brexit could be avoided.
Britain, said it would now intensi- not want a Labour government. the island nation.Nearly three plan to secure a better deal,” While it was slightly lower in
fy preparations for a “disorderly However, Britain’s newspa- years later, they still cannot she said.But, speaking ahead Asia, the pound managed to avoid
Brexit”. May struck a conciliato- pers were withering at the scale of decide what to do, with MPs of Tuesday’s vote, German For- the sort of pummelling many had
ry tone after the vote, promising her defeat, a damning verdict on criticising May’s deal both for eign Minister Heiko Maas ruled predicted and analysts say the
cross-party talks to try and salvage 18 months of negotiations with the keeping Britain too closely tied out any substantial changes to positive news is that the options
a workable Brexit deal before re- EU.The top-selling Sun tabloid to the EU, and for not keeping the withdrawal agreement—a for the future are narrowing.Brit-
turning with a new plan next Mon- said May was “crushed”, while it closer.Former foreign min- message reinforced by Juncker. ish businesses urged politicians
day. She expects to win the confi- the Daily Mail said her power ister and leading Brexit sup- “It is the only way to ensure an to unite.“Financial stability must
dence vote scheduled for around was left “hanging by a thread”, porter Boris Johnson said the orderly withdrawal of the United not be jeopardised in a game
1900 GMT on Wednesday night. It and one commentator in The vote gave May a “massive man- Kingdom from the European of high-stakes political poker,”
was tabled by opposition Labour Times described her as a “zombie date” to renegotiate her deal Union,” Juncker said. After the warned Catherine McGuinness,
leader Jeremy Corbyn, who wants prime minister”. with the EU.DUP leader Ar- defeat, French President Em- policy chair at the City of London
to force a general election. lene Foster, whose small party manuel Macron said “the pres- Corporation, the body governing
While her own Conservative Fundamental change props up May’s government in sure” was mainly on Britain to the British capital’s massive fi-
MPs and her allies in Northern Most lawmakers—including the Commons, also called for find a solution. nancial district.—AFP

Spanish police raid Barcelona 15 killed in ongoing Islamist

cell suspected of plotting attack attack on Kenya hotel complex
BARCELONA (Spain)—Spanish police removed from a flat, according to an AFP NAIROBI (Kenya)—Fifteen people have toll but warned “there are areas not yet
launched a counter-terrorism operation reporter on the scene. died in an Islamist attack on an upmarket accessed but that’s what we know so far.”
in Barcelona and a nearby city against on The operation was ordered by Spain’s hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenyan police After 12 hours trapped inside the
Tuesday against a cell suspected of plot- High Court, which is charged with terror- sources said on Wednesday, as fresh ex- complex, a group of dozens of people was
ting an attack, a police spokesman said. ism investigations, and it is focused on plosions and gunfire rang out in the siege freed at 3:30am (0030INGGMT), according
Two people had been arrested in Bar- “the crimes of terrorism, public health of- which stretched into its second day. to an AFP journalist at the scene, followed
celona and Igualada, 60 kilometres (40 fences and organised crime”, the Mossos Security forces worked throughout by fresh gunfire and a detonation.
miles) west of the Catalan capital, as part said. Barcelona was on alert last month the night to secure the DusitD2 com- “We still believe there are two or
of the raid, the spokesman for Catalonia’s after the US State Department warned pound, which includes a 101-room hotel, three attackers in specific locations,” the
police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, told off the risk of a terrorist attack in Spain’s spa, restaurant and office buildings, after first police officer said. “The situation is
AFP. Further arrests were expected, he second-largest city over Christmas. an attack claimed by Al-Shabaab Islamists far from over.”
added. On 17 August, 2017, a van rammed on Tuesday afternoon. The second police officer said that
“The goal (of the cell) was to attack crowds on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas At least one suicide bomber blew him- at one point they had been sure the at-
but we are still investigating which places boulevard, killing 14 people and injuring self up at the hotel while gunmen sprayed tackers had been neutralised after a long
may have been targeted,” the spokes- over 130 others. fire before engaging security forces and period without shooting, however gunfire
man said. Over 100 officers were taking The 22-year-old Moroccan driver then holing themselves up at the premises as resumed again after 2am.
part in the “counter-terrorism operation” stole a car after killing the driver and fled. civilians fled or barricaded themselves in Further explosions and gunfire were
launched by the Catalan police force at Several hours later five of his ac- their offices awaiting rescue. heard shortly before dawn, with no offi-
six am (0500 GMT), the Mossos said on complices mowed down pedestrians on “We have 15 people dead as of now cial word on how many people were still
Twitter. Police stormed five properties in the promenade of the seaside resort of and that includes foreigners,” a police trapped inside.
Barcelona and a sixth in Igualada as part Cambrils, south of Barcelona, before source told AFP on condition of anonym- “There is a floor where they are
of the operation. stabbing a woman to death. The Islamic ity. shooting from, we still believe there are
Armed officers, wearing black ski State group claimed responsibility for Among the dead was an American people there,” he said, after reports that a
masks, stood guard outside a building in the attack, Spain’s deadliest in over a citizen, a State Department official said. large number of people had fled upstairs.
central Barcelona as boxes and bags were decade.—AFP A second police source confirmed the —AFP
12 WORLD 17 JANUARY 2019

Cambodian opposition figures allowed to resume political activities

PHNOM PENH — The were among 118 opposition reinstating the political
Cambodian king has al- figures barred from politics rights of the 118 opposition
lowed two opposition fig- for five years as part of a figures.
ures to resume political Supreme Court decision in Prime Minister Hun
activities from which they November 2017 to dissolve Sen has said his govern-
were banned ahead of last the main opposition CNRP ment will only allow them
July’s general election, ac- over an alleged plot to top- to return to politics if they
cording to a government ple the government. make individual requests
document obtained on The royal decree, for pardons.
Wednesday. signed by King Norodom It remains unclear
Kong Korm, former Sihamoni on Tuesday, came if others will follow Kong
acting president of the after the pair filed requests Korm and his son. Sam
now-defunct Sam Rainsy with the Interior Ministry Rainsy, a former CNRP
Party and adviser to its suc- on Wednesday last week. president who lives abroad
cessor party, the Cambo- The king had earlier in self-imposed exile, has
dia National Rescue Party, promulgated an amend- called on the banned oppo-
People line up to vote in the Cambodian general election at a polling station in Phnom Penh and his son Kong Bora, a ment of the political par- sition figures to spurn Hun
on 29 July, 2018.   PHOTO: KYODO NEWS former CNRP lawmaker, ty law, paving the way for Sen’s offer.—Kyodo News

Philippine troops rescue Indonesian hostage Engagement Announcement

kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf This is to announce that
Oo Than Shwe
MANILA — The Philippine noon in a remote village in ing on 11 September last province. The Abu Sayyaf residing at No 115, Royal Ave, Keene, NH-03431, U.S.A
troops have rescued an Sulu province in southern year in waters off Sempor- is the smallest but also the son of (Kyaw Sein Hla) + Mya Tain Shwe
Indonesian kidnapped by Philippines. Saguni under- na archipelago in Sabah, most radical among the ter- residing at Ywarhaung Ward, Ponnagyun Township,
terrorist group Abu Sayyaf went a medical checkup at Malaysia. Both were taken rorist groups operating in Rakhine State, has been enjoyed to
after nearly four months in a military hospital in Jolo to the Abu Sayyaf militants the southern Philippines. Khin Mar Aye @ Phyu May
captivity, the military said town, also in Sulu, said in their hideout in Sulu The group is notori- daughter of U Tun Hla + Tin May
on Wednesday. Besana. The result of the province, said a military re- ous for carrying out kid- residing at Alesu Ward, Ponnagyun Township, Rakhine
Gerry Besana, spokes- check-up indicated that port. Troops rescued Yusuf nappings, bombings and State before both sides of parents, relatives and
man of the Philippine mil- the victim is “physically in December last year. beheadings in western honourable dignitavies “Pearl Rose Wedding Hall”
itary’s Western Mindanao healthy.” Saguni and an- The Abu Sayyaf ter- Mindanao, particularly in located at Ayeyarwun Road, Thaketa Township, Yangon
Command, said Juragan other Indonesian Usman rorists are holding five for- their lair in the island prov- Region on (14.1.2019).
Kapal Samsul Saguni was Yusuf were seized by Abu eigners and three Filipinos inces of Basilan and Sulu. Oo Than Shwe + Khin Mar Aye @ Phyu May
rescued on Tuesday after- Sayyaf terrorists while fish- in the boondocks of Sulu —Xinhua


Extension of Tender Closing Date
Myanma Railways Extends the Tender Closing Date as follows: (INVITATION FOR OPEN TENDER)
Initial Extension (4/2019)
Sr 1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in United States
Tender No Description Closing Date Closing Date
& Time & Time Dollars and Myanmar Kyats.
1 12(T)7/MR (ML) Procurement for Assembling 22.1.2019 14.2.2019 Sr No. Tender No. Description Remarks
Kyat/18-19 and Manufacturing of (5) Nos of (14:30) Hr (14:30) Hr (a) IFB-041(18-19) Rock Bits & PDC Bits (14) Items US$
Microprocessor Controlled 1200 (b) DMP/L-164(18-19) Skid Mounted Water Transfer Pump with Motor Ks
HP Complete Knocked-Down (700 igpm x 700 ft head), 185 KW (2) Sets
Diesel Electric Locomotives (c) DMP/L-165(18-19) Spares for 12 VAT 27 Waukesha Engine & MH 64 Ks
2 12(T)8/MR (ML) Procurement of 5 Sets of Diesel 22.1.2019 14.2.2019 Compressor (24) Items
Euro/18-19 Engine & Main Alternator Sets (14:30) Hr (14:30) Hr (d) DMP/L-166(18-19) Spares for P 9390 GSI Waukesha Engine and Ks
with Foundation Frame and Gemini E 604 Compressor (6) Items
Related Necessary Parts for (e) DMP/L-167(18-19) Spares for F 2895 GSI Waukesha Engine and Ariel Ks
Microprocessor Controlled 1200 JGE 2 Compressor (9) Items
HP Diesel Electric Locomotives (f) DMP/L-168(18-19) Spares for H 2475 G Waukesha Engine and KB-2 Ks
Deputy General Manager Compressor (19) Items
Supply Department, Myanma Railways (g) DMP/L-169(18-19) AJAX DPC 600 Engine and Compressor Spares Ks
(11) Items
(h) DMP/L-170(18-19) Spares for P 9390 GL Waukesha Engine, MH 64 Ks
MYANMA RAILWAYS (i) DMP/L-171(18-19) Data Acquision, Interpretation Workstation and Ks
INVITATION TO OPEN TENDER Data Processing Center (4) Items
1. Open Tender is invited for supply of the following items in Euro: 2. The Open Tender forms including Description of Materials / Qtty with details specifications
Sr No Tender No Description and Tender Terms & Conditions can be available free download at the Ministry of Electricty
1. 15(T)4/MR Spare Parts for Track Maintenance Machine (3) Lots and Energy Website Portal (www.moee.gov.mm) as from 17 January 2019. Tender forms will
(E)Euro/18-19 - Flash Butt Welding Machine (15) Items not be sold.
- Automatic Levelling, Lining and Tamping Machine (45) Items 3. The interested Bidders should submit the Technical Specifications with Original Bid
- Profile Ballast Regulating Machine (1) Item Bond and Commercial Quotation in each separate sealed envelopes on which to be addressed
Closing Date & Time-19.2.2019 (Tuesday) (14:30) Hrs to the Managing Director, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and should reach in Tender Box of
2. Tender documents are available at our office starting from 18.1.2019 during office the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise not later than 14:00 pm on 13 February 2019.
hours and for further detail please contact: Deputy General Manager Supply Department, 4. Tender Closing Date & Time – 13-2-2019, 14:00 pm
Myanma Railways, Corner of 51th Street and Merchant Street, Botahtaung, Yangon. Phone: Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
95-1-291985, 291994 Ph No. + 95 67 – 411206
17 JANUARY 2019

Antarctica ice loss increases

six fold since 1979: study
TAMPA (United States) — arctica in the coming cen- Even more worrying,
Global warming is melting turies,” Rignot said. researchers found that ar-
ice in Antarctica faster than A rise of 1.8 metres eas that were once consid-
ever before — about six (six feet) by 2100, as some ered “stable and immune
times more per year now scientists forecast in worst- to change” in East Antarc-
than 40 years ago — lead- case scenarios, would flood tica, are shedding quite a
ing to increasingly high sea many coastal cities that are lot of ice, too, said the study.
levels worldwide, scientists home to millions of people “The Wilkes Land
warned on Monday. around the world, previous sector of East Antarctica
Already, Antarctic research has shown. has, overall, always been
melting has raised global For the current study, an important participant
sea levels more than half researchers embarked on in the mass loss, even as Global warming is melting ice in Antarctica faster than ever before, a new study
an inch (1.4 centimetres) the longest-ever assess- far back as the 1980s, as says.  PHOTO :AFP
between 1979 and 2017, said ment of ice mass in the our research has shown,”
the report in the Proceed- Antarctic, across 18 geo- Rignot said. (57 metres). pening in the West. south of Australia, melted
ings of the National Acad- graphic regions. “This region is prob- By far, the most ice in A landmark study pub- around 125,000 years ago.
emy of Sciences (PNAS), a Data came from ably more sensitive to cli- Antarctica is concentrated lished in Nature in June That study found the
peer-reviewed US journal. high-resolution aerial pho- mate than has traditionally in the east, where there is last year found that Ant- massive basin would start
And the pace of melt- tographs taken by NASA been assumed, and that’s enough sea ice to drove 170 arctic ice melt had tripled melting again, with a sus-
ing is expected to lead to planes, along with satellite important to know, because feet of sea level rise, com- since 1992, but did not show tained temperature rise of
disastrous sea level rise radar from multiple space it holds even more ice than pared to about 17 feet in significant melting in the just two degrees Celsius
in the years to come, ac- agencies. Researchers West Antarctica and the the entire West Antarctic east. (3.6 Fahrenheit), the cap
cording to lead author Eric discovered that from 1979 Antarctic Peninsula to- ice sheet. However, a subse- called for in the landmark
Rignot, chair of Earth sys- to 1990, Antarctica shed an gether.” The East Antarctic Ice quent study published in Paris climate deal to avert
tem science at the Univer- average of 40 billion tons of Sheet is the world’s largest, Nature in September 2018 runaway global warming.
sity of California, Irvine. ice mass annually. Ice loss containing roughly half of analyzed layers of sediment The latest research
“As the Antarctic ice By the years 2009 to The total amount of Earth’s freshwater. from the ocean floor depos- shows that East Antarctic
sheet continues to melt 2017, the ice loss had in- ice in the Antarctic, if it all Until now, most re- ited the last time the Wilkes melting deserves “closer
away, we expect multi-me- creased more than sixfold, melted, would be enough search has shown that the Subglacial Basin, part of attention,” according to the
ter sea level rise from Ant- to 252 billion tons per year. to raise sea level 187 feet majority of melting is hap- the Eastern Antarctic due PNAS report.—AFP

CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE Request for Expression of Interest
Consulting Services for the Agricultural Development Unit (ADU)
M.V SINAR BANDUNG VOY. NO. (601 N/S) M.V MCC MERGUI VOY. NO. (902) Contract Ref: AFD-02
Consignees of cargo carried on M.V SINAR Consignees of cargo carried on M.V MCC MERGUI
BANDUNG VOY. NO. (601 N/S) are hereby notified that VOY. NO. (902) are hereby notified that the vessel will The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
be arriving on 17-01-2019 and cargo will be discharged has received a financing from the French Development Agency
the vessel will be arriving on 17-01-2019 and cargo will (AFD) for the Irrigated Agriculture Inclusive Development Project
be discharged into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will into the premises of M.I.P/M.I.T.T/T.M.T where it will (IAIDP), and intends to use part of the funds thereof for payments
lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the under the following contract package: Consulting Services for
byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon. byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon. the Agricultural Development Unit (ADU).
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am The Consultant services of the Agricultural Development Unit
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am (ADU) will be responsible for providing technical assistance to
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now the Department of Agriculture (DOA) at the Union, regional,
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo district and township levels.
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
from the Vessel. The consultancy service is divided into two (2) stages.
from the Vessel. No claims against this vessel will be admitted after The 1st stage is the preparation of the “Agricultural Support
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after the Claims Day. Assessment and Delivery Strategy” and preparation of 5 Front
the Claims Day. line centers (FCs)’ construction. Stage1will be under a lump sum
SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT type of contract with an implementation period of 8 months.
SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY Stage 2 services will commence after successful completion
MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY AGENT FOR: M/S MCC TRANSPORT (S’PORE) of Stage 1 and will be implemented under a time- based contract
AGENT FOR: M/S SAMUDERA SHIPPING LINE PTE LTD with implementation period 60 months.
The ADU Consultant will preferably be a consortium that
Phone No: 2301185 Phone No: 2301185 may involve a combination of consulting firms, international
and/or local NGOs, and possibly are search organization.

CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE For more detailed information, any interested firm can refer
to the Terms of Reference, which may be obtained upon request
M.V KOTA HARTA VOY. NO. (KHAR 0030N/S) M.V OEL MALAYSIA VOY. NO. (1902 N/S) to iaidp.mm@gmail.com.
Consignees of cargo carried on M.V KOTA HARTA Expressions of Interest must be submitted to the address
Consignees of cargo carried on M.V OEL
below no later than 20th February 2019 at 16:30 (Myanmar
VOY. NO. (KHAR 0030N/S) are hereby notified that the MALAYSIA VOY. NO. (1902 N/S) are hereby notified Standard Time).
vessel will be arriving on 17-01-2019 and cargo will be that the vessel will be arriving on 17-01-2019 and cargo
discharged into the premises of M.I.T.T/A.W.P.T where it Hard Copy:
will be discharged into the premises of A.I.P.T where it To,
will lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to will lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to U Tint Lwin
the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon. the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon. Director (Procurement Branch)
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am Irrigation & Water Utilization Management Department
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now Office No.43, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo Soft Copy to:
from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after from the Vessel. tlwin4.irr@gmail.com and
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after CC to: iaidp.mm@gmail.com, zarkyaw@gmail.com,
the Claims Day. ukhinzaw1984@gmail.com
SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT the Claims Day. Note: Consultant Selection Committee reserves the right to reject
MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT any delay submission of EOI after deadline.
Advertise w ith u s/ Hot Line : 09974424848
Phone No: 2301185 Phone No: 2301185

NY rapper tops charts

with less than 1,000 sales
NEW YORK — A Bronx rapper record tops that of 3,481 copies
has snagged the top spot on the and 84 million streams, which
US Billboard 200 chart after sell- rapper 21 Savage set last week
ing just 823 albums — and posting with his album “I Am > I Was.”
83 million on-demand streams. “Hoodie SZN,” which came
Industry tracker Billboard, out on 21 December, is the Bronx
whose chart ranks the most pop- artist’s second full-length studio
ular albums of the week in the album and second visit to the Bill-
United States, said on Monday board’s top 10, after his album
that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “The Bigger Artist” peaking at
album “Hoodie SZN” climbed number four in 2017.
to the top with the equivalent of His sophomore album did
58,000 sales for the week ending not sell enough downloads —
on 10 January. “Hoodie SZN” has not been re-
The exhibition “Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the XVI and XVII Centuries,” opened in That multi-metric sum in- leased in a physical format —
late 2017, attracted 183,865 visitors.  PHOTO: TASS cludes streams and downloads of to make Billboard’s sales-only
individual songs along with sales chart, which saw Lady Gaga

Almost 3 million people visited of the full 20-song album — but

according to Billboard, streams
and Bradley Cooper’s “A Star
Is Born” soundtrack take first

Moscow Kremlin Museums in 2018 powered the ascent, while the

sales set a record-low for an al-
place. The Billboard 200 chart
began including streams in its
bum that reached number one. ranking in December 2014, cal-
MOSCOW — About 2,867,000 lin Museums received 2,867,000 it,” the report says. The figures lay bare the ev- culating figures based on “equiv-
people visited Moscow Krem- people. This are visitors of the The exhibition “Ming Dy- er-widening gap between the rap- alent album units” that include
lin Museums last year. The museum’s main exposition and nasty: The Radiance of Knowl- idly growing business of stream- streaming, album downloads
most popular exhibition was three large exhibition projects edge” was attended by 121,573 ing and that of lethargic album and traditional album sales.
“BVLGARI. Tribute to Fem- launched in 2018. people, and the exhibition “En- sales. The 23-year-old rapper’s —AFP
ininity. Magnificent Roman The most visited exhibition compassing the Globe: Portu-
Jewels,” the Moscow Kremlin was the project ‘BVLGARI. Trib- gal and the World in the XVI
Museums press service told ute to Femininity. Magnificent and XVII Centuries,” which
on Tuesday. Roman Jewels,’ which ended on opened in late 2017, attracted
“In 2018, the Moscow Krem- 13 January: 220,428 visitors saw 183,865 guests.—Tass

Cranberries debut single of last

album to mark singer’s death
LONDON (United Kingdom) never get to play these songs live drowning due to intoxication, but
— Irish band The Cranberries made it even more difficult.” found no evidence of injuries or “Hoodie SZN” is rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s second full-length
released the first song of its final But, they concluded, “we felt self harm. “I can’t think of a more studio album.  PHOTO: AFP
album on Tuesday, exactly one that this is what she would want.” fitting way to commemorate the
year after lead singer Dolores The lead single has an un- first anniversary of Dolores’ pass-
O’Riordan was found drowned
in a London hotel bathtub.
mistakable Cranberries vibe, a
sorrowful but moving track that
ing and to celebrate her life than
to announce to the world the re-
YouTube clarifies rules on
The band dropped the new
track ahead of the April release
features O’Riordan repeating the
eerily prescient lyric “It’s all over
lease of her final album with the
band,” the singer’s mother Eileen
pranks as risky memes rage
of their eighth and last album “In now.” The group is releasing the O’Riordan said in a statement.
the End,” after which the rock music with approval from the “I have no doubt that she SAN FRANCISCO (United a perceived danger of serious
group — best known for 90s-era family of O’Riordan, who died is happy now and would be de- States) — YouTube on Tuesday physical injury,” said YouTube,
hits including “Zombie,” “Lin- aged 46. A London coroner ruled lighted with today’s announce- clarified rules against posting which like other social networks
ger”, and “Dreams” — will split that she had died from accidental ment.”—AFP videos of dangerous pranks, as is trying to show that it is better
after three decades together. risky “challenges” prompt people tackling problematic content. It
Band members Noel Hogan, to video themselves doing things made clear the updated policies
Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler like biting into laundry soap or ban pranks that trick people into
finished the new 11-song album driving blindfolded. thinking they are in danger, such
using demo vocals O’Riordan The company already for- as fake home invasions or drive-
completed in December 2017, bid content inciting dangerous by shootings.
they said on Instagram. activities likely to result in seri- “YouTube is home to many
“We remembered how Do- ous harm. But the clarifications beloved viral challenges and
lores had been so energized by “make it clear that challenges pranks, like Jimmy Kimmel’s
the prospect of making this re- like the Tide pod challenge or the ‘Terrible Christmas Presents’
cord and getting back out on the Fire challenge, that can cause prank or the water bottle flip chal-
road to play the songs live, and death and/or have caused death lenge,” said YouTube, owned by
realized that the most meaning- in some instances, have no place Google’s parent Alphabet.
ful thing to do was to finish the on YouTube,” the company said “That said, we’ve always had
album we had started with her,” in a blog post. “We’ve made it policies to make sure what’s fun-
the group said. “It was a very Singer Dolores O’Riordan of the Irish rock band “The Cranberries” clear that our policies prohibit- ny doesn’t cross the line into also
emotional process for us,” they performs at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona on 4 October, ing harmful and dangerous con- being harmful or dangerous.”
said. “Knowing that we would 2012.   PHOTO: AFP tent also extend to pranks with —AFP
17 JANUARY 2019

City gov’t tests

autonomous robots to
aid people in city hall
GIFU (Japan)—A local govern- guided the mayor from the infor-
ment in central Japan demon- mation counter to the elevator.
strated an experiment in its city Ogawa wants the project to
hall on Tuesday with robots that be implemented in 2020 when
can independently guide people a new government office is set
to the right information window to open.
or teach them how to fill out The city government is
government forms. in the midst of developing an
Ogaki city in Gifu Prefec- “electronic city hall” which uses
ture is the first local government robots and artificial intelligence.
in Japan that is attempting to Last November, it concluded an
use robots that will autonomous- agreement of cooperation with
ly guide people, according to the six businesses including those
city which is looking to integrate in charge of the development
them in its services in 2020. of robotics.
A self-driving robot aimed at assisting
“I would like to use robots The experiment features visitors is introduced at the Ogaki
to increase our services to our five different robots. The auton- city office in Gifu Prefecture, central
residents, and make our mu- omous ones have touch panels Japan, on a trial basis on 15 January,
nicipal office a gathering place from which a person can choose 2019.  PHOTO: KYODO
where we can have fun,” said the department he or she would
Ogaki Mayor Bin Ogawa. like to go to. The robots will then People who wish to apply how to fill out the appropriate ple conversations with children
At the event, an autono- guide the person to the correct for a certificate can be helped application form. Robots in the and read them picture books.—
mous robot shaped like a tube information window. by robots that explain verbally children’s corner can hold sim- Kyodo News

Russian, Chinese scientists get grant for DNA could potentially predict
project of discovering water on Moon people’s lifespan: study
LONDON—By looking at peo- of genetic variations that influence
BARNAUL—Scientists of Altai ple’s DNA, researchers can po- lifespan to produce a scoring sys-
State Technical University (Alt- tentially predict whether a person tem. They found that people who
STU) have won a grant of the can expect to live longer or die score in the top ten percent of the
Russian Fundamental Research sooner than average, according population might expect to live up
Fund and China’s National Nat- to a study released on Tuesday to five years longer than those who
ural Science Fund for 2019-2020, by the University of Edinburgh. score in the lowest ten percent, ac-
Doctor of Technical Sciences, A team led by the university’s cording to the team. “If we take 100
Professor of the Measuring Usher Institute looked at genetic people at birth, or later, and use
The scientists will explore
Methods and Instruments and data from more than half a million our lifespan score to divide them
and develop the physical
Automation Department at the principles of the ultrasonic people alongside records of their into ten groups, the top group
Biysk Technological Institute (a drilling of extraterrestrial parents’ lifespan. Some 12 areas of will live five years longer than
branch of the AltSTU) Vladimir objects’ surface to discover the human genome were pinpoint- the bottom on average,” said Dr
Khmelyov told TASS. The scien- water and ice, including ed as having a significant impact Peter Joshi, who is an AXA Fellow
on the reverse side of the
tists will explore and develop the on lifespan, including five sites that at the Usher Institute. The study
physical principles of the ultra- have not been reported before. The has been published in the journal
sonic drilling of extraterrestrial Khmelyov said. equipment can be eventually in- team analyzed the combined effect eLife.—Xinhua
objects’ surface to discover water According to data of the AltS- stalled on lunar and Martian rov-
and ice, including on the reverse TU’s press office, the project’s au- ers, Khmelyov said. The research
side of the Moon and Mars, which thors are planning to determine has been carried out jointly with Chinese scientists develop new
will help develop lunar and Mar-
tian research in the future.
the optimal modes of ultrasound
drilling to maximally preserve
the Space Research Institute of
the Russian Academy of Sciences
moisture-wicking fabric
“The grant equals 1.3 million water and ice, which will ensure since 2010, he added. BEIJING—Chinese scientists evaporation and quick-dry per-
rubles ($19,380) a year while the the authenticity of discovering the “Unfortunately, no flights to have developed a new mois- formance. It exhibits an outstand-
project is designed for two years. traces of water. The project will the reverse side of the Moon are ture-wicking fabric with ultrafast ing water evaporation rate, 2.1
It relates to joint work: we will help develop the scientific basis planned in our country to study water evaporation and quick-dry times that of Coolmax fabric, a
carry out preliminary research for creating ultrasonic drilling in- the soil. The Chinese state plans performance. Moisture-wicking popular moisture-wicking fabric
for the Chinese side to study the struments. The Russian-Chinese such work: in December last year, fabric can pull moisture away from currently on the market. The
process of ultrasonic drilling… research in this area is one of the they sent the first probe to the the skin to the exterior of the cloth- research serves as a source of
All missions drill upon landings prospects of developing the lunar reverse side of the Moon, landed it ing. It dries quickly and provides a inspiration for the development of
on the Moon and Mars but they and Marian programs: to find wa- in a crater and started conducting comfortable environment for the high-performance moisture-wick-
use ordinary, mechanical devices, ter so that a station can be built preliminary research. In subse- human body in hot or humid en- ing fabric. Besides sportswear,
which causes strong heating, and on the Moon where humans will quent years, they are planning to vironments. There is a growing the research has applications
water and other volatile materials live, the researcher said. carry out work already related to market demand for this material. in optimizing functional textiles
evaporate. Ultrasonic drilling is Based on indirect explora- drilling. That is why, we are going Scientists from Shang- such as wound dressing mate-
quite delicate and it should keep tions, it is assumed that water to work jointly with the Harbin hai-based Donghua University rials and diapers, according to
water and ice intact and help is located close to the surface of University, which is participating developed an assembly strategy the research team. The research
discover their presence on the craters up to 10km deep on the re- in China’s lunar programme,” the to create a biomimetic nanofi- was published in the journal ACS
lunar or under the lunar surface,” verse side of the Moon. Ultrasonic researcher said.—Tass brous membrane with ultrafast Nano.—Xinhua
16 SPORT 17 JANUARY 2019

Myanmar Police Chief ’s Shield Arsenal goalkeeper Petr

Cech to retire at end of
T&F competitions held
MYANMAR Police Force-MPF LONDON (United Kingdom)—Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech an-
held the 31 st Police Chief ’s nounced on Tuesday that he will retire at the end of the season.The
Shield Track and Field Com- 36-year-old, who won four Premier League titles with Chelsea, revealed
petitions and award presenta- his decision on Twitter. He wrote: “This is my 20th season as a profession-
tion ceremony at Kyaikkasan al player and it is 20 years since I signed my first professional contract,
Ground in Yangon yesterday so it feels like the right time to announce that I will retire at the end
morning. of this season.” The Czech, who arrived in the Premier League with
Present at the event were Chelsea in 2004 and moved to Arsenal in 2015, added: “Having played
Chief of Myanmar Police Force 15 years in the Premier League and won every single trophy possible,
Police Lt-Gen Aung Win Oo and I feel like I have achieved everything I set out to achieve.
wife, Myanmar Police Force’s of- “I will continue to work hard at Arsenal to hopefully win one
ficers and their wives, principal more trophy this season, then I am looking forward to seeing what
of Yangon’s Institute of Sports life holds for me off the pitch.” Cech joined Arsenal in 2015 and has
and Physical Education U Soe made 129 appearances for the Gunners after winning multiple
Aung, invited guests from Myan- trophies at rivals Chelsea.
mar Track and Field Federation Signed from Rennes by Claudio Ranieri in 2004, Cech won four
and athletes. Premier League titles, four FA Cups, the Champions League, the
After the competition, the Europa League and three League Cups with the Blues.Cech suffered
presentation ceremony was held a serious head injury in 2006 following a collision with Reading’s
with the speech of the Chief of Stephen Hunt.Hunt’s knee crashed into Cech’s head, leaving him
Chief of Myanmar Police Force Police Lt-Gen Aung Win Oo presents the
Myanmar Police Force. with a fractured skull, but he returned to action four months later
shield to the winners at the 31st Police Chief’s Shield Track and Field
Officials then presented Competitions awarding ceremony in Yangon.  PHOTO: MNA wearing what became his trademark protective headgear. Cech
awards to the winners in which became the first goalkeeper to keep 200 Premier League clean
the Chief of Myanmar Police and Field Competitions. curity forces and police training sheets in Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Watford last season, during which
Force and his wife presented A total of 32 teams, includ- schools took part the competi- he saved a penalty from Troy Deeney.
awards to the winners of the ed 575 male athletes and 145 tion.—MNA He is also the Czech Republic’s most capped player, making
men’s and women’s events of female athletes, from regions (Translated by Kyaw Zin 124 appearances.Cech is no longer first choice at Arsenal, with
the Police Chief ’s Shield Track and states’ police force units, se- Tun) Bernd Leno preferred for most of this season so far, but the club
were quick to pay their own tribute.Arsenal tweeted: “For your
consummate professionalism, for being the perfect role model, for

Football Association formed in the 50 clean sheets, for your honesty, your integrity and for your
inspiring work with @AFC—Foundation, we want to say... Thank
you, @PetrCech!”—AFP

Kyaukse, Mandalay Region

A football association was set up and the headmaster of the Man- Soe, the representative of wom-
in Kyaukse on Tuesday through dalay Football Academy, U Soe en footballers, Daw Htay Htay
the efforts of the football authori- Nyunt. The Kyaukse Football As- Myint, and the representative
ties, said a source with the Myan- sociation comprises 15 officials, of futsal sports, U Zaw Myint Oo.
mar Football Federation. including the Township Football The association hopes to
A meeting was held the same Association working committee recognize and develop foot-
day to introduce the football as- chairman U Myo Thet, the coach ball skills in players across the
sociation in Kyaukse, which was and secretary of the association, Mandalay Region, especially in
attended by MFF members U U Aung Aung, the representative Kyaukse Township.—Lynn Thit
Ko Ko Thein and U Ye Nyunt, of men footballers, U Than Htike (Tgi)

MFF to conduct referee course

for youths in Yangon
THE Myanmar Football Fed- high school level and must be anmar National League referees,
eration (MFF) has organized a interested in taking up refereeing or possibly as FIFA-recognised
referee course to train youths at as a career. referees upon completion of
its headquarters in Yangon from Those who successfully foreign referee courses, said an
7 to 13 February, the federation complete the course will be MFF official.
stated on its website. registered as official referees in Registrations for the course
Arsenal’s Czech goalkeeper
The MFF has outlined some Myanmar and will serve on MFF will be open at the Myanmar Petr Cech gestures during
requirements for those interest- referee committees and under- Football Federation, Thuwunna the English FA Cup third
ed in the course. Those wishing take other States and Regions Stadium, till 25 January. Further round football match
to attend the course need to be referee duties. information about the course is between Blackpool and
Arsenal at Bloomfield Road
physically fit, not require eye- Qualified referees will then available with the MFF Referee
in Blackpool, north west
glasses, and must be below 30 be selected from the pool of serv- Committee, which can be con- England on 5 January,
years of age. They also need to ing referees who have finished tacted on 09-420128064.—Lynn 2019.  PHOTO: AFP
have cleared Matriculation at the the course to be assigned as My- Thit (Tgi)