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Your First Horoscope Analysis

Dear Ramesh,

Your first horoscope analysis by Pt. Punarvasu would guide you to understand:

The planetary combinations in your horoscope that are shaping up your destiny
How you respond to situations in relationships & personal matters
Your career & fortune trends

Name: ramesh
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23 Dec, 1970
Time of Birth: 23:15
Place of Birth: Alor Setar, Malaysia
Moon sign: Libra
Vedic Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Western Sun sign: Capricorn
Nakshatra (Constellation): Swati
Lagna (Ascendant): Leo
Stellar Planetary Combinations of your Horoscope

When planets sit together to give enhanced results

Moon-Venus Combine:

Your horoscope has a promise of Moon Venus Combination. The Moon Venus combination is sensitive,
happy and positive. This is a source of creativity and healing. Wealth comes naturally with this
combination as you will get the confidence & faith of all you are in touch with. Very good level of
happiness & growth is possible with this fusion of planets. more

Moon-Mars Combine:

Your Horoscope shows promise of Moon-Mars combination. Moon signifies happiness, mental strength &
wealth and Mars is about raw power, the enthusiasm behind working hard to get to you goal. This
combination gives an uncommon ability to amass wealth. The periods of operation of this planetary
partnership holds out a special promise of progress based on your creative ability, financial and business
prudence to make money. more

Special Yogas in your horoscope

Your chart has special planetary combinations called 'Yoga'. Some of them have been analysed for you here

Malvya Yoga:

You are blessed with Malavya Yoga. It is one of the Panch Maha Purusha Yogas.
Panch Maha Purusha Yoga has been accorded the highest rating amongst all
acknowledged yogas/ planetary combinations in Vedic astrology. Panch means five
and Purush means person. This yoga is capable of making you truly great. It is caused
by the presence of Venus in a specific location in your horoscope that is giving it great strength. You seem
to have great physical presence as well as a graceful personality. You would be prosperous and blessed
with luxuries and materialistic pleasures.

Dharam Karam Yoga:

The coming together of planets of 9th and 10th house is causing a very special Dharam - Karma Yoga in
your horoscope. It’s a combination involving the divine blessing, luck, professional success & power. This
yoga is behind you enjoying luck unexpectedly, travels, possibility of gains from overseas sources, power
& authority, rise in career & many such gains. Dharam - Karma Yoga would keep on bringing in the
possibilities of progress when any of the planets involved in the Yoga operates in your life. If you are lucky
enough to have both the planets operating together at some stage in life then that period would become
your most successful period or the ‘peak’ of your professional life.

Chandra Mangal Yoga:

You are blessed with Chandra Mangal Yoga in your horoscope. Chandra (Moon) is the planet for
happiness, mental strength & wealth. Mangal (Mars) signifies raw power, the enthusiasm to work hard to
get to your goal. Their coming together in sector of your horoscope is making this powerful wealth
generating combination of Chandra Mangal Yoga. It is enhancing your creative ability, increasing financial
and business prudence to make money. This yoga grants exclusive power of making riches by the sheer
talent, persona and capabilities.

Sunapha Yoga:

You are blessed with Sunapha Yoga in your horoscope. This yoga makes you indulge in Karma. It is the
giver of intelligence, wealth, self earned assets and good reputation. It is a strong wealth generating
combination in your horoscope. This yoga would have an exceptional influence on your thinking and
attitude and help you with great ability to deal with people and the vision to create fortunes for yourself and
even for the people blessed to be associated with you.

Budh Aditya Yoga:

Your horoscope has the promise of Budh-Aditya Yoga, due to coming together of Sun & Mercury. It is
making you shine out like a bright beacon of wit, hope & intelligence in the society. You seem be blessed
with intelligence and natural leadership skill due to your positivity, tact & knowledge. This yoga,
depending on the strength of the two planets in your chart can bestow you with luck, status, financial
progress, power & respect.

Sukh Sampati:

You are blessed with a special Yoga in your horoscope that is caused due to the involvement of planets in
the 4th house with 9th house. 4th house signifies real estate, happiness at home, material possessions and
the 9th house governs your luck, divine blessings & comforts. This yoga is bestowing you with wealth,
high living & great happiness. This yoga is capable of making you opulent & successful. You seem to
have the ability to handle wealth & real estate well and would have also been gifted with excellent people-
skills. This yoga gives you a flair for politics as well as to create products & services with mass appeal.

Your temperament & attitude and how others perceive you

Your Traits:

ramesh, you are peace loving, but adamant and independent. It appears that your body
type is fleshy and the under part of your feet is a bit curved and the ankle risen, giving
it an attractive look. You are a fair person, neither you want to take away from others
what doesn’t belong to you, nor would you be willing to relinquish your own rightful
material possessions.

You don’t appreciate when being criticized and once you have lost temper, it’s difficult to calm you down.
Keeping a balance of mind would thus be important and should be kept in mind.

You, it appears believe in straight talk and don’t give undue respect to others; you actually are not
hypocritical about it and believe in giving limited value or respect to the others irrespective of their
position. You could be the best friend in need and a worst enemy if hated. But you would go ahead and
settle scores with your enemy.You would provide helping hand to your near and dear ones, till the time
your own freedom is not questioned. You would go any length to protect the interest of your loved ones,
but may withdraw as you face criticism from those you had helped. It appears you are a show off and like
to flaunt.

Your Relationships:

ramesh, you can bond well socially and have an ability and willingness to learn. You
are good with your social skills and it seems you are much inclined to social
networking.Your married life may not be highly congenial. But this might not be out
in the open. For the outsiders, you would continue to be the couple who are very well
together and compatible.

Your Fortune, Career & Profession

Your Fortune:

You could face problems in your early years, ramesh. Even if you are born to a family
with good financial backing, you seem to suffer initially till 25 years of age. Your
golden period when you would get much advancement in your career and profession
would begin from 30th year and will go on till 60 years of your life. The spurts and
peaks in between need to be correlated with dasa operating in those phases and other combinations in your
birth chart. Please note that you have an airy nature, which needs a balance and stability.

Your Professional Life / Career:

ramesh, you need to learn to put your ideas into practice and take decisions in time to achieve success.
Your intelligence and capacity to do work seems to be good. You are likely to earn in profession of
traveling, acting or related creative fields, as an engineer, in defense or in trading business too. You could
also do well as a pilot or a crew member.

Your Health

Your Health:

Largely, you would have good health. You could however, have problems related to
abdomen, joints or digestion.

Additional observations about you

Please note: This section is based on basic analysis of your birth chart and is subject to other influences
that can be delineated only after an indepth analysis of your horoscope.

Some special Vedic Insights on you:

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As Parent: It appears that you encourage kids right from the beginning and imbibe in them
that ‘everything will be fine’. You would be participating in a lot of social gatherings with your kids and
expect your kids to be well-mannered, cultured, witty and wise. You dress your kids up in a manner that
they look stylish every time they leave the house. You share a harmonious relationship with your child and
become more of a friend than an authoritative figure from quite an early age. You are not one of those who
are comfortable leaving kids under the watchful eye of a caretaker.

As Child: ramesh, as a child, you could never play on your own for hours. You are a social

being and cannot deal with solitude. Your parents would have got used to having your friends at home and
frequent sleepovers. Your need for companionship is deep-rooted, probably when you were in the womb.
You always need a playmate and treat your younger siblings with warmth and affection. You are born with
a great sense of fashion, so could be quite choosy at times. You would be the tiny trendsetter at school. You
have a strong aesthetic sense, so find fun in art sessions and drama classes.

As Lover: You know the art of charming and attracting your love interest. You hate to stay

alone for a long time and a romantic bond completes you. You just can’t help but fall for some. The mere
idea of love gives you butterflies in stomach, even before you fall for someone. You are an admirer of
beauty, luxury and glamour. You love to indulge in cheesy, sentimental romance. You are seductively
charming and attractive, and even idealistically romantic. You can behave rather unrealistic and crazy in
love. It appear that you have a warm and soft heart and a sensitive nature. However, your quick-to-enter-
into-love approach often lands you in dangerous waters, leaving you lovelorn and wounded.

As Husband / Partner: You want your wife to look beautiful and glamorous. Beauty and

looks are in fact first thing you notice in your potential partner. As a love partner, you are awesomely
romantic and affectionate. You like to do things together as a couple. You have a soft and sweet nature, and
generally don’t like to hurt your partner. ramesh, you are all about balance and harmony. In committed
partnerships and marriage, you like to maintain a peaceful environment at home. You really get annoyed
with arguments and conflicts. All you want is a serene and sensually rich relationship.

As Boss: You love to collaborate up in business, as partnership is the most pleasant state for

you. Although you can handle things on your own, you would never be happy working all alone. You
always keep things fair and justified in the organization. You have a charming personality and gentlemanly
demeanor. Your dressing sense would be classy and polished. You might get a lot of attention from the
opposite sex in the office. You like loyal and faithful employees who are not very aggressive and

Special Vedic Tips:

Lucky Gemstones: Depending on other factors gemstones - Diamond, Blue Sapphire and Emerald may be
suitable for you.

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Your unique Karmic Cycle (based on Vimsottari dasa), representing the timeline of
dates which would describe your destiny:

Rahu (18 Years) Jupiter (16 Years)

From: 24/01/1968 From: 24/01/1986
To: 24/02/1986 To: 24/01/2002
Rahu - Jupiter 24/01/1986 - 12/03/1988
Jupiter 06/10/1970 - 02/03/1973 Saturn 12/03/1988 - 24/09/1990
Saturn 02/03/1973 - 06/01/1976 Mercury 24/09/1990 - 30/12/1992
Mercury 06/01/1976 - 24/07/1978 Ketu 30/12/1992 - 06/12/1993
Ketu 24/07/1978 - 12/08/1979 Venus 06/12/1993 - 06/08/1996
Venus 12/08/1979 - 12/08/1982 Sun 06/08/1996 - 24/05/1997
Sun 12/08/1982 - 06/07/1983 Moon 24/05/1997 - 24/09/1998
Moon 06/07/1983 - 06/01/1985 Mars 24/09/1998 - 30/08/1999
Mars 06/01/1985 - 24/01/1986 Rahu 30/08/1999 - 24/01/2002

Saturn (19 Years) Mercury (17 Years)

From: 24/01/2002 From: 24/01/2021
To: 24/01/2021 To: 24/01/2038
Saturn 24/01/2002 - 27/01/2005 Mercury 24/01/2021 - 21/06/2023
Mercury 27/01/2005 - 06/10/2007 Ketu 21/06/2023 - 18/06/2024
Ketu 06/10/2007 - 15/11/2008 Venus 18/06/2024 - 18/04/2027
Venus 15/11/2008 - 15/01/2012 Sun 18/04/2027 - 24/02/2028
Sun 15/01/2012 - 27/12/2012 Moon 24/02/2028 - 24/07/2029
Moon 27/12/2012 - 27/07/2014 Mars 24/07/2029 - 21/07/2030
Mars 27/07/2014 - 06/09/2015 Rahu 21/07/2030 - 09/02/2033
Rahu 06/09/2015 - 12/07/2018 Jupiter 09/02/2033 - 15/05/2035
Jupiter 12/07/2018 - 24/01/2021 Saturn 15/05/2035 - 24/01/2038

Ketu (7 Years) Venus (20 Years)

From: 24/01/2038 From: 24/01/2045
To: 24/01/2045 To: 24/01/2065
Ketu 24/01/2038 - 21/06/2038 Venus 24/01/2045 - 24/05/2048
Venus 21/06/2038 - 21/08/2039 Sun 24/05/2048 - 24/05/2049
Sun 21/08/2039 - 27/12/2039 Moon 24/05/2049 - 24/01/2051
Moon 27/12/2039 - 27/07/2040 Mars 24/01/2051 - 24/03/2052
Mars 27/07/2040 - 24/12/2040 Rahu 24/03/2052 - 24/03/2055
Rahu 24/12/2040 - 12/01/2042 Jupiter 24/03/2055 - 24/11/2057
Jupiter 12/01/2042 - 18/12/2042 Saturn 24/11/2057 - 24/01/2061
Saturn 18/12/2042 - 27/01/2044 Mercury 24/01/2061 - 24/11/2063
Mercury 27/01/2044 - 24/01/2045 Ketu 24/11/2063 - 24/01/2065
Sun (6 Years) Moon (10 Years)
From: 24/01/2065 From: 24/01/2071
To: 24/01/2071 To: 24/01/2081
Sun 24/01/2065 - 12/05/2065 Moon 24/01/2071 - 24/11/2071
Moon 12/05/2065 - 12/11/2065 Mars 24/11/2071 - 24/06/2072
Mars 12/11/2065 - 18/03/2066 Rahu 24/06/2072 - 24/12/2073
Rahu 18/03/2066 - 12/02/2067 Jupiter 24/12/2073 - 24/04/2075
Jupiter 12/02/2067 - 30/11/2067 Saturn 24/04/2075 - 24/11/2076
Saturn 30/11/2067 - 12/11/2068 Mercury 24/11/2076 - 24/04/2078
Mercury 12/11/2068 - 18/09/2069 Ketu 24/04/2078 - 24/11/2078
Ketu 18/09/2069 - 24/01/2070 Venus 24/11/2078 - 24/07/2080
Venus 24/01/2070 - 24/01/2071 Sun 24/07/2080 - 24/01/2081

Mars (7 Years)
From: 24/01/2081
To: 24/01/2088
Mars 24/01/2081 - 21/06/2081
Rahu 21/06/2081 - 09/07/2082
Jupiter 09/07/2082 - 15/06/2083
Saturn 15/06/2083 - 24/07/2084
Mercury 24/07/2084 - 21/07/2085
Ketu 21/07/2085 - 18/12/2085
Venus 18/12/2085 - 18/02/2087
Sun 18/02/2087 - 24/06/2087
Moon 24/06/2087 - 24/01/2088

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