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AP Stats Chapter 3 Assignments Online Work Due by 7:30 AM the Following Day

Chapter 3 TEST Friday February 1st

Wednesday 3.1 -Explain why association doesn’t imply

1/23 Measuring causation. 1.) 4 Questions: Describing
linear -Describe why it is important to investigate scatterplots
association: relationships between variables. 2.) 4 Questions: correlation coefficient
correlation -Identify explanatory and response variables in intuition
situations where one variable helps to explain or
influences the other.
-Make a scatterplot to display the relationship
between two quantitative variables.
-Describe the direction, form, and strength of
the overall pattern of a scatterplot.
-Know the basic properties of correlation.
-Calculate and interpret correlation in context.
Thursday 3.2 Least- -Use the least-squares regression line to
1/24 squares predict y for a given x. 3.) 4 Questions: Calculating and
regression -Explain the dangers of extrapolation. Interpreting residuals
-Calculate and interpret residuals in context. 4.) 4 Questions: Calculating the
-Explain the concept of least squares. equation of the least-squares line
-Find the slope and intercept of the least squares
regression line from the means and
standard deviations of x and y and their
Friday 3.2 - Interpret the slope and y intercept of a least
1/25 interpreting squares regression line in context. 5.) 4 Questions: Interpreting slope and
-Use technology to find a least-squares y-intercept for linear models
regression line. 6.) 4 Questions: Using least-squares
regression output

Monday 3.2 Construct and interpret residual plots to

1/28 residual assess if a linear model is appropriate. 7.) 4 Questions: Residual Plots
plots -Use the standard deviation of the residuals to 8.) Article: r squared
assess how well the line fits the data.
-Use r2 to assess how well the line fits the
-Interpret the standard deviation of the
residuals and r2 in context.

Tuesday 3.1 -Identify the equation of a least-squares

1/29 Influential regression line from computer output. 9.) Article: interpreting computer
points -Recognize outliers in a scatterplot. output
-Explain how the correlation r is influenced by 10.) 4 Questions: Influential points
extreme observations.

Wednesday Chapter 3

1/30 Review 11.) 11 Questions: Exploring bivariate
numerical data: Unit test
Thursday Vocab FRAPPY practice 12.) Chapter 3 Review Exercises at
1/31 Quiz
Friday Chapter 3
2/1 Test