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Learning Goals 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.

Collects information and I can collect I can collect I can use
data necessary to solve the With help, I
detailed sufficient appropriate prior Even with
problem as formulated, can meet 2.0
information about information about knowledge when help, no
drawing evidence from or 3.0 learning
informational texts, my culture to my culture to considering my success.
conducting an investigation, create a fable. create a fable.. culture.
or generating data.

I can supply
COMMUNICATION 2: I can supply I can supply
specific, relevant
Cites specific evidence some examples of some examples of With help, I
(mathematical examples of my Even with
my culture in the my culture in the can meet 2.0
representations or text- culture in the help, no
based) or design solutions characters, characters, or 3.0 learning
characters, success.
to support claims, analysis, setting, and moral setting, or moral I goals.
setting, and moral
and/or explanations. I use. use.
I use.

I can identify
PRECISION / errors and make I can incorporate I can draft With help, I
ACCURACY 6 Even with
appropriate feedback to make assignments, but can meet 2.0
(Communication): help, no
revisions appropriate struggle to utilize or 3.0 learning
Incorporates feedback to success.
make appropriate revisions. independently of revisions. feedback. goals.
the teacher.