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Oxford University Press disclaims any responsibility forthe content ISBN: 978019 462008 6 Printed in China ‘Tre authors and publisher are gratefl to those who have given permission to reproduce the following extracts and adaptations of copyright matril: p86 adapted from ‘A Revolutionary Brain Medicine’, ‘worfftyyears healtheare:uela.edu Reproduced by permission, p98 from ‘Organised Crime’, www-soca.gov.uk © Copyright SOCA, Serious Organised Crime Agency. All rights reserved 2006. Reproduced ‘under the terms specified on the website. Soures: www holisticonline.com, www.rasingkdds co.uk, ‘worw.uk telde-com, www.acomhouserestaurant.com, wow bbc.co.uk, www.nprorg, http:jenwikipediaorg hstrations by: Mark Duffin p 145; Andy Hammond pp 134, 138, 162, 166; Gavin Reece p 29; Willie Ryan pp 102, 125, 159, Cover illustration by Carol Verbyst ‘The authors and publisher would as keto thank the ellowing for permission to reproduce the following photographs: Alamy pp 7 (leakDavid Wasserman Jupiterimages) Brand X), 7 (microscopeylS-200601/imaye Source Black}, 14 (@rawing pinsjindigo Photo Agency). 14 (paper cips/Barrie Watts) 14 (barbed wizejcolinspies) 14 (ail polishjupiterimages] Pixland), 17 (firefighters ohn Powell Photographer), 30 (IS669/image Source Black), 31 (clenched fis/Vincent Abbey), 31 leaning towards]Mel YatesCultura), 31 (fiddling with hair [Radius Images), 31 (stroking earlobe/Dorota Sepil) 33 (sretching/paul poste) 39 (press upsfpaulpostle). 35 (grow Flonline digitale Bildagentur GmbH}, 35 (buz2/CJPhotography), 35, (row/Tony Fagan), 35 (hooyBob Elsdale/Bureka), 40 (leg showing ‘muscle/Nucleus Medical Art, Inc[PHOTOTAKE Inc}, 45 (axel leschinsk, 51 (Rafal Straechowski/PhotoAlto) 61 (pomegranate/D. Hurst), 61 (passion rui/re Imagessimagebreker) 61 (papaya/bickwinkel) fotototo}, 1 (beetrootNigel Catlin) 61 (bean sproutsParestock) 6 (squashKrys Bailey, Gt (fennel/Tim Hil) 61 (almonds(Geotlrey Kidd), 61 cashews/Nikreaes), 6 (lentisfoodfolio) 61 (innamon/Teabmer Foodfoto[ton Appetit) 61 (sagelfeodtolio), 61 sultanas Wolfgang Heidasch, 61 (sing Wiliam Nicklin, 62 (wol/Aras, Kauston Appt), {62 whiskfoodfoio), 62 (graterijoe Tree), 62 (kitchen salesffocdoio) 64 Algarve/lan Copsonjon Arnold Images Lid}, 64 (Great Wal of CChinajon Armold images Lt}, 70 (plant)Cleana (Medicinal Plans), 171 (diggingDavid Noton Photography). 7 (mowngaberystwyth), 82 (ght baty(Cymt Garam), 82 atery charger Lam), 6 stethoscope) Jodith Collins), 133 (Alessandra Sariimagebroker), 131 (Tom Gr Corbis Premium RF), 140 (Collection24Glow Images), 144 (dilapidated housejCoston Stock) 14 (ruined towerbrian Gibbs Oxfordshire) ‘PRPA/PBPA Pau Beard Photo Agency). 145 (guidebook|jon Bower). 145 (Egyptian omamentink Sun Media), 145 (grandtather clock) ‘Adrian Sherrat) 145 exercise bike/S326/Image Source Black. 178 (he Print Collector. 184 (winking imite Vervits. 198 (magnet. Hurst), 200 Philip Wolmuth)s Corbis pp 34 (house with lightainglCraig ‘Aurness) 34 woman screaming ohn Springer Collection), 35 (how Daniel Cox), 38 (Goodshoot, 97 (Richard Bryant/Arcaid, 193 (bullet proof ves/Reuters: Dorling Kindersley pp 62 dep ft fryr/Davia Murray and Jules Selmes), 71 (pruning/Peter Anderson} Getty Images pp? (lood/Daniet Berchulak, 12 (Mare Romane Image Bank 28 {sisterBambu Productionsiconica) 28 (unclefLeland Babbe/Stone), 28 {GranjChris Windsorkiser), 35 (barkyDorling Kindersley), 35 (squeak Konrad Wothe/Minden Pictures, 37 (Richard Fackwood/Photolibrry) 46 William Edward KinfStone), 62 (food processorfDave King/Dorling Kindersley) 62 (peelejLew Rober sonStockFood Creative), 62 corkscrew] Steve Gorton/Dorling Kindersley) 64 (PraguefPeter Adamspser), 70 (butterfiyjPere Turner/The Image Bank, 71 (planting/jobnerffohner Images), 88 Joerg LehmannStockFood Creative), 85 (Gerry Elis) Minden Pictures) 86 (scannerfDana NeelyfTai), 102 (DON EMMERT] ‘AF 182 (ark Hom/Photoniea}. 183 footingsZabin ShrofStonet) 183 erane{jonannes KroemerjPhotonica) 184 (mobile phoneErik Von \Weber{tani) PA Photos pp 17 iNames/Nikolas GiakoumialsfAP), 68 {Alvaro BarientosAPy Punchstock pp 10 Dougal WatersDigitl Vision), 28 KeiraPhotoAlto/laurence Mouton), 28 Tomyimage Saree, 28 UessiaPlush StudiogPhotodse, 31 (folded armsjMarcy MaloyPhotoise 535 (roarfTom Brakefieldigial Vision), 40 (seratching headKieorwe DoylefStockbyte, 50 (Nancy R Cohen|Pherodise), 56 Foodcollection) 61 (ginger/StockdisePhotodise. 61 (corianderfBrand XjBurke Tiolo}, 62 casseroestockbyte, 62 (olander/Stockbyte) 62 (garlic crusher] Creativ Studio Heinemnn/Westend6?},62 lemon squeezerfimage Source) 91 (George Doyle & Ciaran GrfinjStockbyte), 14 (Digital Vision}, 145 (mobile phone{Ceorge Diebold Digital Vision), 183 (glass builsinglFredericCirouPhoroAlto Agency RF Collections, 195 Peter DDazeley/Photographer's Choice RB; Reyaly-ee pp 61 (radishes), 61 (artichokefingram), 62 steamer/Photodise, 62 (sieve/Stockbyte) 62 (ladlesimple stock shots Courtesy of The Wemam in Black, Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt from the novel by Susan Hill. Production photos) Pascal Molliere p65, mages soured ty: Suzanne WilliamsPictureresearch.co.uk Te authors and pubes would He to hank teachers a siden fro the owing schools who Rped with the development of ts book: International House, Business English Centre, Madrid, Spain: Shamrock School of English, Getto, Bizkaia, Span; English Language Institute, Macarena, Seville, Spain: English Cente, Valencia, Spain: Ti School of English, london, UK: Bell International, Landon, UK: Mark Appleton, Mark Loyd, and the students at international House, Bath, UK: Malgorzata Salona, Dorota Brach, Anna Wak, and la Algermissen in Poland ‘They would lo ike o hank: Rachel Gadfeey, Carol Tabor Michael Terry. and Scott Thornbury for their valuable comments on erly drafts ofthe text; the actors Nigel Greaves and joanna Halland The Soundhouse Ltd for the listening material; Suzanne Willams for picture research The athrs would ike to acnoedge ter use ofthe following dictionaries: Onford Advanced Learners Dictionary. 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