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KEMBANG ABADI SDN. BHD. ( Company No. : 476320-X ) Ruj. Tuan: Tarikh Ruj. Kami: Tecgates/LEKIR/CLCE/19/18 Tecgates Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd No 13, Jalan TP3/3, ‘Taman Perindustrian SIME UEP, 47620 Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Attn. : Mr Ravi/Mr Rao, Dear Sir, Re: Civil Works for the Proposed Lexpro PI - Dedicated Bypass Conveyor System at Lekir Bulk Terminal, Lumut, Perak. Welding Procedure Specification & Procedure Qualification Record We refer to the above captioned subject and are pleased to submit herewith the Welding Preocedure Specification and Procedure Qualification Record for your onward submission to O.E. ‘Thank you. Yours faithfully, KEMBANG ABADI SDN. BHD. ‘AZIZ BIN ABDULLAH Pengarah Urusan Ce. 1) T-Y.LIN International Sdn Bhd No. 487A, Jalan Jelapang, Taman Silibin, 30100 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Tel / Fax : 05-526 6846 KE MBANG ABADI SDN BHD | | Wretasesos NOASTA, Jalan Jelapang, Taman Son, 30100 Ipoh Perak Darul Riseuen, Date: 24/10/2018 WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION (WPs) REFERENCE CODE / STANDARD : AWS D1.1/D1.1M-2015 Edition WELDING PROCESS : GTAW+FCAW BASE METAL GROUP NO. : Group! to Group! BASE METALSPECIFICATION ASTM A106 Grade Bto ASTM A106 Grade B BASE METAL SIZE / DIAMETER : NPS6"SCH 80 BASE METAL THICKNESS + 10.97 mm JOINT CONFIGURATION : Single-Vee Butt Weld ‘THICKNESS QUALIFIED + $49 mm to 21.94mm DIAMETER QUALIFIED + 6inches (150 mm) Nominal 0.D & Over WELDING POSITION QUALIFIED : All Positions [Tested in 66 position] NON-DESTRUCTIVE EXAMINATION: 1. Visual Examination (100%) 2, Radiographic Test (100%) MECHANICAL TEST: 1, Transverse Tensile Test (2 specimens) 2, Bend Test (4 Side Bend specimens) folaog Date Rev. Description Remarks 242018 o WPS No. WPS-KASB-001 issued for review and approval. Tested & Qualified MANUFACTURER THIRD PARTY CLIENT Prepared By fied By ‘Approved By Nene | Sonatye [Dae Name Date Name | Signetue | Date Rusa ORT ip ct Swain iohos pe fe dead Ss l — Is KEMBANG ABADI SDN BHD WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION (WPS) ‘Welding Procedure Specification Nos MPS/SASH/001 Revs | Date; 24 October 2018 Supporting WPOR No. (3): POR/KASB/003 Rev: 0 Date: 240ctober 2018 “Applicable Code: “AWSDLL/DL1M.2035 ‘thorized By} Mr. Chong Welding Proces(es) “TAWaECAW ‘Type(s: Manta & Semi-Automatic __ | damit Monel Maco Sao) JOINT DETAILS Tas Joint Design Single Vee Batt Weld 7 Backing + “Wes for FCAW Bee Backing Material (Type) “Weld Meal AV Method of Fitup Tack Weld as \ : age Preparation Machining / Grinding £ \ esi ‘I Retainers N/A Tt Others “As pet Fabrcation rm ane Te 549-2194 mm ja=6025!:Re13 mm;f= 12mm BASE METAL Group No. to Group No.: oR ‘Specitieation and type/arade. to Specification and type/rade deB (WPS Base Metal Group Combination Allowed ‘ay Group Steel tn Any Group Stee) Range of Base Metal Thickness Qualifieation ‘Sad mmsa24.94 Range of Diameter Qualification ae FILLER METAL GTAW. FAW Specifieation / Designation A518 T ‘A520 [AWS Classification 708.6 EnT-16 Size of Filler Metals 24mm 12mm. Filler Metal Manufacturer / Nake obeleo Famniisre TE-SSO Kabelco Familiare DW-100 Filler Metal Product Form ‘Solid Flux Cored ay ‘Supplemental Filer Metal N/A N/A Groove BOO mm (Maximum) 735¢mm (Maman) Weld Metal Thickness Range: f C20” aie [> es Hlecivode Fax (Class) N/A N/A Flux type N/A. N/A Flux Trade Namie N/A N/A Contumable insere N/A N/A (Others N/A N/A ‘Manufacturer Tnspecting Authority /Third Party [REMBANG ABADISDN. DMD [TOV RHEINLAND (MALAYSIA) SDN. BID] Page 1 of