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Salvadora oleoides

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Salvadora oleoides
Salvadora oleoides Bra39.png
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Brassicales
Family: Salvadoraceae
Genus: Salvadora
Species: S. oleoides
Binomial name
Salvadora oleoides
Salvadora oleoides is a small bushy evergreen tree found in India and Pakistan and
southern Iran.

1 Description
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2 Habitat
3 Wood
4 Pilu tree in Mahabharata
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6 References

leaves at Hodal in Faridabad District of Haryana, India.

It is a small tree with drooping branches, rarely with proper bole or exceeding a
height of 20 feet and a girth of 3 feet. It is very common plant in arid tracts but
becomes scarce where rainfall conditions are better. It can withstand great soil
salinity. It produces new leaves during April, which on maturity become thick and

The tree coppices fairly well but regenerates freely by root suckers and natural
layering. It is, however, very slow growing but a dense growth is often formed
around the parent plant by root suckers and some natural seedlings. The plant
provides a dense shade. It is often lopped for camel and goat fodder.

Small greenish white flowers are produced in March�April. The fruit is yellow and
ripens in the months of May and June. It forms one of the main grazing sources for
livestock owned by local farmers. It is often dried and preserved in large
quantities. The seeds are spread by birds. The seedlings come up under the parent
plant or under other bushes and are somewhat frost-tender.

The vann is commonly found in and around Sandal Bar, and is reserved for use as
grazing sources for local peasant villages. In addition, a number of trees have
been preserved to provide shade for cattle.


tree at Hodal in Faridabad District of Haryana, India.

The vann is mostly non-woody and the small amount of wood that it has is soft,
light, and not particularly useful for any of wood's normal uses, notably building
and heat. When burnt, it leaves a large quantity of ash, which can then be boiled
down into a substance for treating mange in camels.

Pilu tree in Mahabharata

The Mahabharata Book VIII: Karna Parva, Chapter 30, verse 24 mentions tree species
as Sami, Pilu and Karir tree species as under in Sanskrit and IAST:

??? ???? ???????? ????? ??????????? (sami pilu karira?a? vane?u sukhavartmasu)
?????? ????? ??????? ? ??????? ???????????? (apupan saktu pi??is ca khadanto
Meaning - "When shall I be amongst those ladies eating cakes of flour and meat and
balls of pounded barley mixed with skimmed milk, in the forests, having many
pleasant paths of Sami and Pilu and Karira!" (VIII.30.24)
See also
Pilu - Mentioned in Mahabharata. Salvadora persica�Toothbrush tree, peelu, or siwak

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Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Retrieved
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Taxon identifiers
Wikidata: Q3765299 Wikispecies: Salvadora oleoides GBIF: 5580733 GRIN: 32818
iNaturalist: 699347 IPNI: 779346-1 NCBI: 1173311 Plant List: tro-50250901 POWO:
urn:lsid:ipni.org:names:779346-1 Tropicos: 50250901
Categories: SalvadoraceaeFlora of India (region)Flora of PakistanFlora of Iran
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