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Camouflage Profile Guide Nea ee Marl Moly wwil LATE COLORS 1 oF fl German Late Colors is a set of 6 acyelic paints essential Ca a ea ere Late War Colors Army of 1944-45. Our new colors. have been carefuly researched : ey ee eee eee ed 4 Detected New Produets for a Successful Modeling Campa Pee eee ta choy Pe uO Cree) f biases ices 1945 German Colors Original Design Supervision, and Cover Dasign: Mg Jimenez Publisher: AK Interactive Editor: Fernando Vallejo Rendering Artist Claudio Fernandez Concept Development and Project Menager: Carlos Cuesta Layout: PER Tests: Mig Jimenez and Carlos Cuesta English Tarsaton: tain Mamilton and Rick Lawler Photos courtesy of Bll Auerbach and Lee Archer Special thanks to: lain Hamilton, Bill Auerbach, Tom Jentz, ‘Thomas Hartwig, and Mirko Bayer! Claudio Fernandez would like 10 dedicate this book to Pauline laudio Agustin, Gabriel Tomas y Chistian Printed in Madrid (2 2012 AK interactive. Allright reserved. No part ofthis publication luced of transmitted in any form or by ary means, ronic or mechanical, actual or future, including photocopy, ing oF any information storage or retrieval system, without petmssion in writing trom the publishers, may be repr elect