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CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports Page 1 of VERIFIED VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT VEHICLE DETAILS: REPORT DETAILS: VIN: WDOHFSCB7EA8E7900 Roport Number: 22011765 ‘YearfMake/Model: 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ E 63 Roport Date: 1/29/2018 05:00 PM EST ANG Report Status: Compicte Body Style: SEDAN Reference: Country of Assembly: Germany Cylinders: 8 Fue! Type: Ges ( REPORT SUMMARY | 8 UU Teg Gace — | Q¥ ien Records: No lien records found CALL Poca © cnacian Regietration Otro Narra ee © stolen status: Not eavy decor stolen Pie on Qusitistoy: NOUS. history found Q vw No infomation avaiable Q Service story 8 seca found oan Se ae al recnt eb eh, aa te deste seca. De tseaion Sata Source wa donee vats I onto, conte er Vn Oe. Fest une Repatet rooraeis IS one, coats ete ven oat Paget soo Read coon EI omni cose Metric Dea. Canacan Rann Regan ied oad csszo1 BEM Torte onare.canets Acne Grea 8 om Senke Rear nie vend sewaora ESI owt onute Crass Ania Gee 2 Reet SenonRerae—_Venca seman ‘cueaoss EM Tent, nts conan Ache Gren Rost Seca Reet Vela served cooszire FEI) onan caste Moric Der. Cannan Ree Regan snd Reneed sezoaots ESI] owt, om,cwraca Ame Geen aRiss Saver Recnt —etce sevens cuowzor7 EM teria ove, conaco Acie Geena Rees SevceRexe Vesa sevens osc? FEL ona, Coase Poe Reset tot sa0no17 conor suorao's PSI Tosi Otro, conan Ache Gnas om Servite) Veticesevent cucaneie xu, Coes ‘cr vrit Des, Canaan Race Resa oto Renews coceno1s FS Ona. coats Yee ee Den Crain Rea! Hew Cure Resa https://vhr—=co98HObxAbOut4r W6yLeSuYfANFHBSIm 29/11/2018 CARFAX Canada Vehicie History Reports Page 2. of 3 EesECIaee ee meen creer "Timer haha ary orf eset cots er damage ner Carach et US, ee ated nee, vn DoHcereanerage Poles Reported Accidents _ ten Lecion ora ‘ssozoi7 ~~ Omare canade a) - ‘AccidantDamage Estimates, SSS SE na cts etna cee tom peta emt cet amaeo a vee icent Oa _Lacaten uma Date Tyme ower Deal _Amou ——_odomewe Insurance Ctims Ty SEES Sette reer co retinue ay mail papa, mag tener ies, earage a rope oral ew oe Ieleent cata Laeeton__ typeof iam beat Amour dome sono? cation srosom05 Other Damage Records Reseed Oate Location Type ot Recor be tenets noo earaie ones nd Qs BRSSeuiey ttre entero woo we sewcoe ero a cic He eer at eve) 8 6 tt, CARFAX Canada Canadian Lien Guarantee Seeteanecprareny coe renee een rl cop oor my nas ‘Bheceanen sah cava ere se saeey CAEN Cons eee Rese ee oe fled set snes toa nears amo} be a ie cx Gite vase a Oe Rss Eee ee ‘ists dts nare in Canaan naw ona vt ben ae, a wel a eet Graporin Regie, Normal Noorepaa Retut Sage, ior tevin a ose acta, sureaton Savane deta rate NORMAL This vice has been registra a Nermat inthis ursdicton bttps:// W6yLeSuYfANFHBSIm. 29/11/2018 CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports Page 3 of 3 natn Sranng eta Sitatnewen Nettee ‘Yen Teas tours EWStE nee Sonceh cn atop Ea gaan ls eran Carte (CF), es one MR dr ba nea Pen ‘Seve, or banat Canaan ins enorcomin saree 2 Soin Veta Check (linens Ve vec haste nse yo nl ie ate etn Nowe gen eas toma BS United States Vehicle History’ cg seamen tose ears say Cann CARPAK Caan a secs ormten ste ie ise wn nd Se peer ease os ea US. you ted om beam Deas beat ct elds tans aac ye ‘eprecadoy sire ot you pet US. tito Racer NUS nor ims id (SIRE aren satan of sttine at is rpar was geen, Fr ana sly et homo nc nonstate "sel canons please covat MENCEDES BENE a vat ladcs Soa see CE eS TSTSSSEERS Rot podomer ene vei These ae he recat repaid eCARFAR Canada we sep ws on son Ome _Aataes Dats Source Teactnacors ne Crate, Canain Ac Gren & Ross Senn Recore Wesco FS Towne, cnars\canats Acne Gen Roms Sever ere Trl chmgte wezots Jail Toro, nero, cnsde Acme Geen & Rutt Seren Record —Tral) chang sezaao1e WI) eon, ont canaca Ace Gren best Seri Rated Verge sewone cysaas7 FS] rerio ovas.crnaca—Acre-GranRows —SeveaRecod erin vrs cuoraere EH tems, ornia,cars Asma Green Rots Seves Resa fafty nope geet DBM cvensce ssscaaratconms anges hitps:// bOutérW6yLeSu¥ £ANFHBSIm 29/11/2018