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The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan

Monday, June 25, 2018

I recently learned about the following document, signed by the Committee of 300 in 2007, concerning
the wealth that was deposited for the benefit of humanity in the Global Debt Facility at the end of
WWII. The Committee of 300 has no jurisdiction over the assets in the Global Debt Facility. The
document is invalid.

I have pointed out on many previous occasions that the world's wealth was placed in trust at the end
of WWII for the benefit of humanity by Ferdinand Marcos and José Rizal, and that this wealth is
governed by the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement.

I have also pointed out on many occasions that the world's assets in the Global Debt Facility
cannot be accessed without authentication.

The Committee of 300 is not authenticated and has no valid claim over these assets.

Moreover, I have also had to explain many times the "statute of limitations", which also protects
the wealth of the world for the benefit of humanity. Just yesterday I quoted a 2016 document
explaining why Ferdinand Marcos used this legal concept by placing the world's assets into hiding
for fifty years to make sure that there would be no valid claims over the world's wealth.
"There is a legal concept called the statute of limitations, which says that all claims are
extinguished after 50 years. This means that there are no more valid claims over the
world's gold. The courts have no jurisdiction over these gold reserves (and other
precious metals and priceless assets.) The 188 Ministers of Finance and
Development on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF have
delegated the duty to me to speak on their behalf in matters involving the
Global Debt Facility, and have agreed that they will go on record in the
case of any dissent. I have mailed out to all of the Washington Embassies the
minutes of their meeting on April 16, 2016, agreeing to a Global Currency Reset. There
have been no objections to these minutes. "

The peaceful Global Currency Reset is going to prevent the Federal Reserve Note
from unilaterally taking down US military might with a crash of the unconstitutional
Federal Reserve Notes.

The Committee of 300, and the Pharaonic bloodline families that are behind the Committee of 300,
have been warned many times, and also in 2007 at the same time that the Committee of 300 was
attempting in vain to steal the world's wealth, that their efforts would be fruitless:

"As the cover-up proceeded, I warned the U.S. State and Treasury Departments about the
possible consequences. A highly accurate stakeholder analysis predicted three years ago
[in 2004] that the World Bank's Board of Directors would take back the authority delegated
to the president if he did not respect rule of law at the Bank. The analysis uses modern
game theory to simulate a bargaining process among stakeholders, predicts how they will
shift their positions, and assesses the level of consensus in support of a particular outcome."

You can find this quote on page 42 in the document that I just posted in my social media:


I am placing this quote into context in the following excerpt, also taken from the documents in the
above links. I was disappointed to learn, and you probably are just as disappointed to learn, as I did,
the depth and breadth of this corruption. You can surmise this by the fact that this corruption has
continued unabated to this very day. We are working together to straighten out this mess. We will
succeed with over 90% likelihood. Those who think they can stop us have another think coming. We
have just fired the World Bank's Vice President of Human Resources, Ousmane Diagana, for his
violation of the World Bank's Articles of Agreement.

During my conversation with the World Bank on Friday, I said that we were going to continue to
fire as many people as it takes before we end this corruption. Those people who think that we
cannot fire them, or that they are not really fired, need to reconsider the accuracy of the Power
Transition Model, and to remember that the Power Transition Model comes from the US
National War College.

The Accuracy of the power transition model is discussed by Randolph M. Siverson, "A Glass
Half-Full? No, but Perhaps a Glass Filling: The Contributions of International Politics Research
to Policy" PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol. 33, No. 1 (Mar., 2000), pp. 59-64 Published by:
American Political Science Association Article DOI: 10.2307/420776 Stable URL:
http://www.jstor.org/stable/420776 Page Count: 6

"Without going into detail about the actual construction of the model or how it
functions...it may be noted that it generates forecasts about policy outcomes using
information on how stakeholders (i.e., those with both an interest in an issue and an
ability to affect its outcome) are positioned on an issue, how important the issue is to
them, and how much power each stakeholder has. How does the model fair? Quite well,
in fact. To return to Feder's account, he noted that the model was used "to analyze scores
of policy issues in over 30 countries" (275). He reports the model's rate of accuracy was
about 90%, and when the forecasts of the model and CIA analysts differed, the model's
forecast was correct in every case."

and to remember the Banking Cartel's attempt to nuke Charleston, South Carolina in 2013,
and that the heroes who prevented this were all fired:

30:02 to end at 33:00 beginning "wow"



Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel,
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Karen Hudes wrote:

Right Web picked up my comment on what Robert Zoellick means to the Romney campaign.
See http://rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/Zoellick_Robert
The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the World
Bank was not immune from suit in Case No. 11-7109. Robert Zoellick, the World Bank's
former President, fired me after I attempted to end the cover-up of corruption in a banking
sector project in the Philippines. I bought a World Bank bond and sued the World Bank and
KPMG, the World Bank's auditor, under the securities laws. After the World Bank's 188
members refused Robert Zoellick a second term, Mitt Romney appointed Zoellick as his
national security transition planning chief.

I also warned US Congress that unless there was better Congressional oversight to reign in
US abuse of authority at the World Bank, the World Bank's shareholders would end the 66
year old "Gentlemen's Agreement" for the US to appoint the President of the World Bank.
In a 2007 letter to the Joint Economic Committee, I wrote:
"As the cover-up proceeded, I warned the U.S. State and Treasury Departments about the
possible consequences. A highly accurate stakeholder analysis predicted three years ago
[in 2004] that the World Bank's Board of Directors would take back the authority delegated
to the president if he did not respect rule of law at the Bank. The analysis uses modern
game theory to simulate a bargaining process among stakeholders, predicts how they will
shift their positions, and assesses the level of consensus in support of a particular outcome."

The 188 member countries of the World Bank ended the Gentlemen's Agreement for the
US to appoint the World Bank president in 2010.
http://www.imf.org/external/np/cm/2010/042510.htm The World Bank's Board of
Executive Directors selected Dr. Kim as the World Bank's president from a field of three
nominees, including Nigeria's Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, and Colombia's
former Finance Minister, Jose Antonio Ocampo.
Senators Lugar, Leahy and Bayh commissioned a GAO study into corruption at the World
Bank, but the World Bank only stonewalled.
The US Congress is requiring the World Bank to make significant progress in protecting its
whistleblowers before its capital increase may be disbursed under Section 7082 of H.R. 2055,
signed into law on December 23, 2011. The National Taxpayer's Union has a petition about this
corruption at:
Roughly three-quarters of the American public consistently prefers
that the United States act jointly with other nations in foreign affairs.

I met with the Chairman of the World Bank's Audit Committee in 2009, and the Audit Committee
appointed KPMG to audit the World Bank's internal control over financial reporting. When
KPMG did not follow Generally Accepted Auditing Principles and Standards, I met with the
UK's Serious Fraud Office. In 2010 the SFO called the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
I testified before the European Parliament on May 25, 2011,
and my testimony is on the UK Parliament's website:
The UK's Financial Reporting Council is investigating KPMG's failure to follow auditing standards.
The UK replaced Andrew Mitchell as Secretary of International Development on September 4, 2012.

The three rating agencies, the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, and
the International Organization of Securities Commissions are now considering the following
statement of Mr. Pieter Stek, then Executive Director of the Netherlands constituency and
Chair of IBRD's Board Committee on Development Effectiveness:
"In a multilateral institution which should be governed by the rule of law and
high standards of probity the charge of concealment from the Board of Executive
Directors of information relevant to the exercise of its duty of supervising management
and the persecution of the person who brings this to light is extremely serious. If correct,
which I believe, this poisonous cocktail undermines good governance and ultimately the
effectiveness of the Bank in fulfilling its mandate. I shall continue to assist Ms. Hudes in
her efforts to have due process brought to bear, preferably by the Bank itself, on these
issues of governance."

Let me know if you want any further information. Dr. Jim Kim, Obama's appointee as
President of the World Bank, has not accepted the DC Circuit Court of Appeal's offer of
mediation. The stakeholder analysis is now predicting a currency war unless the
corruption at the World Bank is brought under control and the World Bank is brought
into compliance on the capital markets.

Karen Hudes
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From: Karen Hudes
Date: Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 7:25 AM
Subject: October 13-14 Annual Meetings of World Bank/IMF in Tokyo;
Capital Increase for International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
Corruption and US Credit Rating Downgrade
To: Attorney.General@state.de.us
Cc: jmcpherson@naag.org

Dear Mr. Biden,

The citizens in Delaware who hold World Bank bonds are being defrauded by the cover-up
of corruption. What is worse is the imminent downgrade to the US credit rating and risk of a
currency war because of the unresolved cover-up, currently under investigation in the UK
Financial Reporting Council and ICAEW. Attorney General Doug Gansler and the rest of the
Attorneys General tried to resolve the problem when Robert Zoellick was president of the
World Bank. Now Robert Zoellick is Mitt Romney's national security transition planning chief.

Karen Hudes

I tweeted the following documents in https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter11.28.15.pdf

Sat, Nov 28, 2015 9:13 AM

To: The Coalition for the Rule of Law

We are clearly at the fork in the road: WWIII or the Global Currency Reset. Are enough
of us on board to choose the correct fork?

Starting off with Ferdinand Marcos' prayer to the United States 13:40-14:40

"For I know that as I have said in many a speech before my own people and before
the world, fate and destiny have decreed that the United States of America
be the trustee of modern civilization against the threat of a possible second Dark
Ages. And America cannot fail. Therefore, we the Filipino people come and bring
to you a prayer: God in his divine providence may grant you guidance and
strengthen both your heart and hand so that hand may be strong on the lever of
power and save our humanity. If America fails, then the world is lost."

I am attaching recent emails, correspondence, comments on the internet, in no

particular order.

Karen Hudes

Acting General Counsel

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Legal Counsel Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

From: Vicki

Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 8:56 AM

Subject: Exquisite: See "My Beautiful America - The Charlie Daniels Band (Official
Video)" on YouTube. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


From: Karen Hudes

Date: Sat, Nov 28,

2015 at 2:15 AM
Subject: Re: JP
Morgan Chase?
To: Dannez Hunter


Powerful video, thanks for sharing it. No, I do not know Mallence Bart-Williams. She
asks the right question:

"The following question remains unanswered: Why is it that 5,000 units of our
currency is worth 1 unit of your currency when we are the ones with the actual
gold reserves?" 2:10-2:21

I will share it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq0xGBos5Zs


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dannez Hunter

Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 9:11 PM

Subject: Hello Ms. Hudes. Do you know this woman from the World Bank? To:
Karen Hudes

Hi Ms. Hudes:

Do you know this woman from the world bank?


In the back of my mind, your comments and your friends' comments about a Global
Predator Group of Racketeering thugs tied to banks has me digging for information
regarding Citi Group and JP Morgan. I highly suspect they are money laundering my
Great Grandmother's royalties through Citigroup and JP Morgan.

This woman is on PepsiCo's Board of Directors.

JP Morgan is into a lot of fraud. Let

me know your thoughts.

Sincerely, Dannez

From: Mike Brakey

Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 2:43 PM

Subject: RE: Noaa data selection Technique questioned
To: Karen Hudes

Hi Karen,

I archived the article. I have attached it. Its author is Lamar Smith, Texas Republican,
Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.


Mike Brakey

P.S. So much admire your efforts. I am

carefully digesting your link to: A
Grandfather’s Encouragement to Our Next


And they waited for Maj. General Michael Carey to make sure that a nuclear bomb
detonated in the ocean instead of on Charleston on October 7, 2013 before firing him for
what happened the previous summer?

will-help-patriots-2433698.html Here is what another member of the US' Armed forces
says about what is really going on in the military:


Here is the rest of the book:


climate-change-science- fiction/

NOAA BIAS in Climate Data Selection Techniques

Illustration on NOAA’s climate change fictions by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times more >
By Lamar Smith - - Thursday, November 26, 2015

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the nation’s leading
collector of climate data. Every day, NOAA analyzes vast amounts of data to predict
changes to our climate, weather, oceans and coasts. The agency also publishes
monthly temperature averages across the nation and compares those numbers to
historical temperature records.

As the nation’s self-proclaimed authority on “environmental intelligence,” NOAA should

be held to the highest scientific standards. This means their conclusions should be
objective, independent of political consideration and based on all available sources of

NOAA’s top official, Kathryn Sullivan, has described the agency’s role as providing
“timely, reliably, and actionable information — based on sound science — every day to
millions of Americans.”

In testimony before the House Science Committee, NOAA’s deputy administrator,

Manson Brown, made similar remarks, noting the importance of satellite data. He said
that NOAA’s ability “to deliver environmental intelligence starts with keeping the pulse of
the planet, especially the atmosphere and the ocean, and this is the central capability
where space-based assets come into play.” So why does NOAA leave out satellite data
when it releases climate projections?

NOAA often fails to consider all available data in its determinations and climate change
reports to the public. A recent study by NOAA, published in the journal Science, made

“adjustments” to historical temperature records and NOAA trumpeted the findings as

refuting the nearly two-decade pause in global warming. The study’s authors claimed
these adjustments were supposedly based on new data and new methodology. But the
study failed to include satellite data.

Atmospheric satellite data, considered by many to be the most objective, has clearly
showed no warming for the past two decades. This fact is well documented, but has
been embarrassing for an administration determined to push through costly
environmental regulations.

Instead, NOAA focused its study on surface temperature monitoring that is often flawed
because these sites measure thousands of independent temperature readings and
utilize a hodgepodge of different methods that have changed over time. For example,
measurements from land-based stations can be skewed because of their location and
proximity to surrounding heat-holding asphalt in urban areas.

Satellite data, on the other hand, is highly calibrated and provides complete global
coverage. For decades, satellites have been used to monitor the earth and collect
information. Satellites measure something extremely important — the deep atmosphere.
The temperature readings collected by satellites often differ from ground monitoring
stations and have consistently shown much smaller rates of warming. Yet NOAA

refuses to incorporate satellite data into its monthly projections that are released to the
public. Why?

NOAA appears to pick and choose only data that confirms their bias. NOAA then
disseminates this incomplete data to the media who manufacture alarming headlines
but ignore the uncertainty of the conclusions. Earlier this year, NASA issued a news
release stating that 2014 was the warmest year on record. Few media acknowledged
the footnote: Scientists were only 38 percent sure this was actually correct. That is less
than 50-50.

NOAA fully understands margins of error and works with them on a daily basis. But
where are these details in their news releases? While NOAA’s monthly projections
usually warn of increased warming, they ignore satellite data that refutes their alarmist
statements. The ability to remain independent of political consideration seems like a
minimum requirement for an agency that should provide unbiased scientific information.
But NOAA’s habit of picking and choosing data raises serious questions about the
agency’s independence. In fact, it shreds NOAA’s credibility.

As a self-proclaimed “environmental intelligence agency,” NOAA’s reports should be

based only on the best available science that takes into account all sources of data.
Unfortunately, NOAA continues to rely upon biased science in pursuit of a
predetermined outcome. That’s not good science, it’s science fiction.This administration
is pursuing an extreme political climate change agenda and has made NOAA its
accomplice. These are not the actions of an objective agency. NOAA needs to come

clean about why it cherry-picked and changed certain data, while ignoring satellite data,
to get the results it wanted. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, is chairman of the House
Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Karen Hudes @KarenHudes 19h19 hours ago

Comments section still up:

action/house/260760-house-passes-bill- to-
14 retweets 13 likes
Jeannie Dunn @Jeannie127 17h17 hours ago

@KarenHudes this just passed as tweet



.+ TKL!st 8 days ago
The pyramid of never ending inflation trickling down devaluation upon the heads
of the middle and lower classes is the root cause of economic inequality. True to
capitalistic theory, it is absolutely fine for there to be economic inequality in the
society but central to a sound money system should be an absolute equal
opportunity for anyone in the society to work hard, innovate and climb the ladder
of success, if the market judges the value of the individual to be so.
The ponzi scheme going on over a centuy now with the FED inflating the
money supply with no end in sight is des1roying the ability for there to be a true
capitalistic free market and level playing field for all. This is not capitalism, it's
crony capitalism, simply because those in control of the issuance of 'money'
(credit) can pick winners and losers by way of providing some with diluted
currency and credit crunch or allow to failother entities. The overall market
::;huultl IJe p1uvitli11y U1u::;e jutlye111e11t::;, al cu1pu1aLiu11::; ::;huultl IJe alluwetl Lu rail

or succeed on their own merit in the competitive market place.

The FED is an Obamanation. Of course Odumbo is against this 'audit the FED'
bill, he is in the pocket of the international bankster cartel, all Socialist zombies
are puppets of the crony banksters of whom give the Socialists the means to
come to power (money), by robbing from the poor and giving to the rich in a
move to consolidate power and then further strip the masses of their wealth.
The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's


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Margaret Treis.+ B1tterC11nger 2 days ago

In crony capitalism, the parasite eventually kills the host, which is what's
going on now. The people involved in the financial manipulations don't
really do anything but pass fraudulent paper until everything of real value
has drained to them, impoverished everyone else, and destroyed
economies with debt and lost industry. Parasites... and parasites to the
extent of psychopathy. They sho!Jd be jailed permanently and their
assets returned to the people they were stolen from . In the case of the
Fed, that means to American citizens going back to 1913.
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• Silverbug .+ TKL!st 17 minutes ago

.-ii. Fractional Reserve is not even happening today except for car & student loans.
Banks are trading these days not lending.
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• common sense

How does allowing the government to borrow trillions of dollars

because of the FED's super low interest rates "in the long term
interest of the nation's economic health"?

Ka renHudes

I Thisis simply another toothless windrow dressing manoeuvre by a

dishonest Congress that refuses to admit its comphc1t role in the
corruption and state capture by the Network of Global Corporate
Control i$ntified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich
http:/farxiv.org/PS_cachefarxi.... US Congress has been extending
a state of emergency and martial law since 1861; US Congress
has been refusing to call a Convention to consider amendments
under Article Vof the Constitution; US Congress has been refusing
to admit the federal judges are not presiding over the Article Ill
courts. What makes Congress think that GAOis up to the task,
when GAO already pulled out of the audit that Conss required
them to do on the World Bank http:ffwww.foreign.senate.gov!... see p
23-24, page 18 of the report. After the notanal protest, UCC filings
in the states re the Federal Reserve Banks
arelocated, https.lfs3.amazonaws .comfkhude...
the Fed is in receivership in the Global Debt Facility administered by
the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The Global Debt
Facility contains the US and rest of the world's international
monetary gold reserves , not the Fed.

Where are we on ending this state capture and corruption? Asking

Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolf to work for the people in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
instead of the Network of Global Corporate Control, and require his Secretary of State,
Pedro Cortes , to simply file the Global Debt Facility's UCC
financing statement against Allied Barton, whichis refusing to follow
orders from 188 11,tnisters of Finance on the Board of Governors
of the World Bank and IMF https://s3.amazonaws.com fkhude.

They will collapse before anything else happens. Their is no solution to a
$200Trillion debt problem. Karen did Ispell everything right?

Alfi McO

Hear hear!

• Ala n Grundy
Seeing as how the bankers wrote the legislation that Congress
passed to authorize the FED itis way overdue to audit them. Do you
reatly trust people that 1,vor1< for Wall St. to change their priorities
when they go over to the FED, knowing they will end up back on Wall
St. when they leave the FED? Auditing financial entities is needed to
keep them honest, recent history shows what damage they can
cause when they self police.

Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

This is undoubtedly the stupidest action Iever heard of! THERE IS NOTHING
FEDERAL ABOUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!!! Close it down! They are a Foreign
Corporation!!! The Federal Reserve are not a United States Entity, are Foreign
Owned and their 100 year contract with the United States , made in 1913 expired. It is
controlled by four large private companies: BlackRock , (recently purchased by
tv\msanto) State Street , Vanguard and Fidelity as wellas three unnamed entities.
These companies control U.S.monetary pol cy (and world) without any control or
"democratic" choice.
These companies launched and participated in the current worldwide economic crisis
and managed to become even more enriched. The IRS is also a Foreign Corporation
and they receive our tax dollars and pay it to the FederalReserve who then loan it
back to our Treasury! JUST KILL IT BEFORE IT EATS US! Once closed down, a"lull
comprehensive investigation needs to be conducted of their global activities , arrests
made, charges filed and every guilty party made to pay for all of the heartaches they
have caused.. au of the farms they have foreclosed, all of the houses they have
etc .

:.- I
Globalpeace and economic talks have begunin Austin, Texas. The Federal
jurisdiction is separate from the Texas state jurisdiction.




Audit them???? They shouldn't even be in existence, whichis what Ithink they are
really afraid of...lf/1Nhen the American people understand how badly the Fedis ripping
them off
financially they will scream for their heads.

Joe Mama

Any sane taxpayer understands the importance of auditing any government

program. Great job!

• Silverbug

It's not a Govt program. It's a private bank issuing IOU's. Any wonder it says right
on the note for debts private and public. AJso why can't they take IN GOD WE
TRUST off bills? Hello!

Erin Anderson

Audit the Fed, then abolish rt from existence.


• Silverbug

Abolish the Fed. Not audit them. The USTreas can create the money. Why borrow to
help private bankers get rich? These politicos are entirely bought off.

Clay Heatley

YEP. END The Federal Reserve... Lets get back to gold standard...any
chance...possibility. Put George Soros in Jailand confiscate his bank-roll to "We The
People " :-)


Not a gold standard. Not enough to go around.A taking over of the money by the
USTreas for starters. Break up the large banks. They are not even banks
anyway but big hedge funds supported by easy money


We are not talking about a gold standard. We are talking about local
currencies and putting the gold the currency in the form of aurum.
http:flwww.peakprosperity.comA?'There is 1.7 million metric tonnes of
gold in the Global Debt Facility, a trust containing the world's monetary
gold reserves thatis administered by the Board of Governors of the
World Bank and International Monetary Fund, plus bonds worth over 2
quadrillion dollars that were issued by the Fed in the 1930's when they
collected the elite's gold, and which have been compounding interest
ever since then. (See the enclosures to the letter that was cleared by the
Board of Governors that went to that crooked Secretary of State of
Illinois, Jesse White, ·who illegally cancelled the Financing Statement
against the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. That is why the Fed
moved from New York to Chicago. Now Jesse White is bankrupt. Pedro
Cortes, the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, is now trying to protect
the Network of Global Corporate Control's security guards for the World
Bank, Allied Barton, located in Pennsylvania. Cortes and Wolf are now
shown as the agents of the Network of Global Corporate Control and
traitors to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Mumbo jumbo. You obviously v

li e in a fishbowl. Talk out of both
sides of your mouth. None of your links goes anywhere. Useless

lying information. You speak for a bankrupt Western Financial

·world. Your numbers are garbage talk. Still never got an answer ·
where your getting 1.7 tonnes of Gold from.


From the inventory list, at the bottom of this letter to the Secretary
of State of Chicago, Jesse White, who removed the UCC

Financ ing Statement illegally so that the Fed could move from NY
to Chicago. https:ffs3.amazonaws.com/khude.$

I cleared thatletter with 188 fv1inisters of Finance on the Board of

Governors of the World Bank and lt111F before sending it.
https:/fs3.amazonaws .com/khude.C?>

There is alot going on now with the 50 Secretaries of State and

the UCC Financ ing Statements that Ifiled as counsel to the
Global Debt Facility, on behalf of the Global Debt Facility, in each
jurisdiction where the Federal Reserve Banks are located, and
also in states where the now bankrupt agents of the Network of
Global Corporate Control reside. (Jesse White is now bankrupt
for his troubles, and Pennsylvania's Secretary of State, Pedro
Cortes, who is refusing to file a UCC Financing Statement
against A.llied Barton and Allied Barton's CEO and Chairman of

the Board William Whitmore, is soo follow

https:/fs3.amazonaws.comtkhu de...

The Network of GlobalCorporate Control is so backed into a

comer that they deleted the documentation on the settlement of
my lawsuit for reinstatement from website.
https://s3.amazonaws.comtkhude ...



Until theiris a third party audit no country will recognize them as

having any. If thatis the case then revalue it all to $10000 to settle
all the books of the offending banks not the bogus $42. BTW I
can copy and fill out forms like you did and put phony signatures
to. Just stop your Bs campaign. Nobody even wants to try and
understand YOUR POINT.

Try learning the difference between "there" and "their" . When you
master that, you should read up o hat a notarial protest is
https:/ls3.amazonaws.com/khude... and then read this Notarial
Protest the Global Debt Facility brought against the Fed and
Treasury, lying about whether they hold the US' monetary gold
reserves or whether the Global Debt Facility holds the US
monetary gold reserves. https:/ls3.amazonaws.com/khud@

If that doesn't convince you, then read the Green Hilton

Agreement, which JFK signed to access the US monetary gold
reserves in the Global Debt Facility 8 days befois

assassination: http:/lwww.scribd.com/doc/157 ee p16 andif •

that doesn't convince you, look at the US Treasury Dollars that

Ronald Reagan printed that are hel'tjj,the Global Debt Facility:

https ://s3 .amazonaws.c om/khude.



That Gold is long gone Karen. Where are you getting this number
of 1.7 million tonnes?

" -

KarenHud es '="


Ithought you might be a shill, and now you have clarified that for
us. Here is recent correspondence on the 1,.vorld's gold 1,vith one

of the authorized signatories of the Global Debt Facility, telling me

who in the World Bank 1s watching the video cameras for the gold
vaults, and includes my answer to another shill claiming that the
gold islong gone. You ac tually think that the countries which
agreed to put their international monetary gold reserves in a trust
that is administered by the Board of Governors of the World Bank
and International fv1onetary Fund wd let their gold disappear?
https:/ls3.amazonaws. com/khudehe US military is going to
allow us to investigate the gold supposedly flown away from the
places guarded by the US military in the Philippines following
typhoon Haiyan (where helicopters supposedly were stealing
some of the gold), or the claims I have filed with the insurers of
the world's gold reserves on behalf of the Board of Governors,
Llyods a Lincoln, will proceed. https :/ls3.amazonaws .com


Si verbug

Lolol. Here's A couple wingnut questions for your empty brain that
just farted nonsense. 1) Why can't Germany get their gold back?

2) Why not reprice gold higher to settle all the banks insolvent

books? 3) Why no third party audit? 4) Comex only pays cash on

any delivery that would supposedly wipe them out, why is that? 5)
Does Germany, China,Russia,Singapore or any other country in
the BRIGS hold Gold at the IMF ?Talk about the Banksters shills.
You take the cake. Go collect your check at the IMF with the rest
of the liars. Your facts are a bunch of lying narratives coming out
of the Bankrupt West Trillions in Debt with no way to pay any of it
back. Gold $10000


Please try and stick to facts and leave the pejorative epithets
aside. Numbers on my response correspond to your question #s.
1) Because Germany's gold is in the Global Debt Facility, which
was put there at the end of WWII for 50 years of sequestration
that ended in2005, under a binding treaty signed by the world's
leaders at the time, including Eise wer & Truman.
https:f/s3.amazonaws.com/kh udGermany is at the center of
this power transition. See my interview with Germany's biggest
business website, right after Germany's helcopter buzzed the

US consulate rankfurt to get our attention:http:f/deutsche-

wirtschnranslation at https:/fs3.amazonaws .com


2) Because the banks are all one bank that is part of the Network
of Global Corporate Control identified by Stefania Vitali, James B.
Glattfelder, and Stefano Battist ETH Zurich
http:/{joumals.plos.org/ploso... &
3) because the auditing profession,like the legal profession, has
been captured by the Network of G Corporate Control.
https:lfs3.amazonaws.com/khude ...
4) Because Comex was set up by the Network of Global
Corporate Control. Gold traders know that we are on the edge of
permanent gold backwardation, or another Dark Ages, when
people are going to refuse to sell gold at any price because paper
is paper and gold is gold. The leasing of gold ended in July of
2013 when gold went into backwardallon, 1.e. the price of gold for
immediate or "spot" delivery went above the pnce of gold for
future del very. This shows the weakness of paper currency.

5) Ihave already said that all of the world's monetary gold

reserves are held in the Global Debt Facility.
When you tell me to "go collect my check at the IMF with the rest
of the liars" confuses me with the secretariat of the Bretton
Woods institutions, which has been captured by the Network of
Global Corporate Control. I am representing the Board of
Governors, i.e. the 188 Mnisters of Fmance. The Secretariat has
been discredited after the last Annual Meetings, held in Peru in
October. Here is a legal opinion which Igave showing the
run-away secretariat: https:/fs3.amazonaws.com/khude... Iclear my correspondence
with the Board of Governors or with the Development Committee (25 Mrnsters of
Finance who represent the Board of Governors in between the semi-annual meetings
of the Board of Governors.)'

tman U-tlnen
The concept of independent central banks was promoted over 100 years ago by the

international banking dynasties of Europe f91J?rofit and power. The independence of the
Fed is a giant scam: http://bit.ly/1Qwg6x4 (!!;.)

It is a private corporation with shareholders, the identity of whom is secret. Think
Rothschilds, Rockefellers , etc. Their intentions are not honorable.


The identity of the Fed's shareholders is known. http://www.save-a-patriot.org/ ...:z.

Also see Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston o

ETH Zurich http:/farxiv.org/PS_cache/arxi... - the Fed is controlled by four

companies, State Street, Vclnguard, BlackRock, and Fidelity.

Just a n observation
She WILL make it as painful a process as she can, that's IFit actually happens.

My main question is: If or when they find out that this has been one big scam ... who is
going to jail?

Ellen's w,aming about politicizing the process is ludicrous.

Lee Majors
Democrats don't want to audit a secretive bank? WOW. Bany sez he'll veto? Wow
again. Does the demoslime party have a shred of credibility left? They railagainst
corporations and secrecy then do THIS? They all line up to shield the most corrupt and
secretive of allthe big banks? Just wow.


Rmartin Photos
its not about deems or repubs dummy its about people.

Ri-eha rd Schaum
Another joke on the uniformed public . The Fed is a foreign agency and corporation.
Capitol Hill cannot control it. It is the people that must rise up and demand an honest,
fair and equitable currency reset. Or take your licks.

Alli McD
That private bank needs to go.

andrewbb@gmai l.com

Global peace and economics discussions have been ordered in Austin , Texas.

1. Bond-owners live off the interest paid by bond-payers. That is a currency design
problem that results in financial slavery.

2. A public bank protocolcalled Promise Language solves #1. over time.

Other items are on the agenda.


Another discussion of your protocol nonsense? That doesn't solve the problem of
the Network of Global Corporate Control? If you're going to be in Auin, Texas Iwon't
bother with that forum.


Karen, you have not thought it through.

And by your attacks on me, Iam forced to solve your problems too.


Andrew, we already had this conversation on th Positive lv'loney

website http://positivemoney.org 2015f.

Please save us all the time and stop trying to distract with your
protocols which cannot solve the problem of interlocking

directors, conflicts of interest, and state capture of the regulators.

Everyone apparently can see through this nonsense except for you.

'Standard contract structure' might make sense to you.

lv'lost disagreements arise from ambiguity ·in terms. A standard

struc ture eliminates confusion.


The "confusion" as you call it arises from the Network of Global

Corporate Control having bought up all the media and censoring the
news, putting propaganda in its place. Under this scenario. a
"protocol" is not a rational solution to the problem.

andrewbb@gmail.com .+ KarenHudes 9 hours ago

FYI, the control goes to MK-UltrafMonarch programs in the 60s and

evidence is hitting the mainstream news. The 20120 program
tonight was interesting.

More evidence for their incarceration.

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KarenHudes .+ andrewbb@gma1 com 7 hours ago

Incarceration - we are talking about amnesty so there can be a

pivot You Andrewwbb are a disinformation agent, trying to censor
the coalition for the rule of law that is on the Board of Governors of
the Wortd Bank and IMF. Please stop confusing people.
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andrewbb@gmail.com .+ KarenHudes 9 hours ago

The standard contractual format DID solve the problem, but I

agree, they censor things like that.

Global peace and economics discussions in Austin, Texas will

eventually work, but Iagree, they will censor that as well.
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Margaret Treis
2 days ago
What a load. It is the Federal Reserve itself that is the overwhelming threat. It has no
"congressional mandate" and is unconstitutional, since only ·the government is allowed to
issue and control currency under the US Constitution. "Politicizing" the functions of the
Fed is code for "allowing the people to have a say in their own money, which the Fed
considers to be its own...with interest." GET RID OF THE SCAM THAT IS THE FEDERAL
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andrewbb@gmail.com .+ MargaretTre1s 20 hours ago

Austin, Texas is hosting conferences and discussions on global peace and

economics. The invitations will become more formal over time. All are invited.
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andrewbb@gmai l.com .+ Margaret Tre1s 20 '1ours ago

The design of the currency is the root problem: bond-payers support the
lifestyles of the bond-owners.
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Greg Scott
5 days ago
never gonna happen...the Fed is as secret as the Vatican
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• Silverbug .+Greg Scott 4 days ago

.-,,. Greg you act like all the Central Banks that ever existed are still with us today.
Not one has survived. Not one Govt. over the centuries.
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Christian Thwaites
8 days ago
The fed is audited. Banning Fed governors from speaking is a bizarre way to tackle
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This comment was deleted.

• brittany .+Guest 9 days ago

.-,,. Why? BEcause they want to audit the feds? Anyone who trusts our government
does not believe in Democracy.
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andrewbb@gmai l.com .+bnttany 19 '1ours ago

Global peace and economic discussions are underway in Austin, Texas.

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• gator .+bnttany 9 days ago

.-,,. This bill goes way beyond auditing the FED.
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• common sense .+Guest 9 days ago

.-,,. Ithought it was the liberals who didn't trust the banks?
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9 days ago
What is it about monetary policy that attracts the wing-nuts and conspiracy theorists?
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• basno .+General_Zhu ;ov 9 days ago

.-,,. Facts that naNe rubes like you don't understand. The biggest transfer of wealth
from the poor and middle class to the wealthy is due to Fed policy.
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KittyComeHere .+basno 9 days ago

That's the Infernal Revenue Service, not the Fed.

Our Tax Code is what moves wealth to the 1%.
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• common sense .+ K1tt;ComeHere 4 days ago

Wrong. The top 10% pay most of the taxes, they don't receive
your tax dollars. The FED policy allows them to leverage their
wealth in ways that would never be possible in a free market. That
is the cause of growing inequality, not the tax code.
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• canis_Lupus .+General_Zhu«ov 9 days ago

Conservatives are lazy and poorly educated. They believe lies.

Let's look at the good old days before the Fed. There was the Long Depression
of 1872, the Panic of 1893, the Panic of 1907, the Panic of 1914, the Panic of
1910, the Panic of 1918, the Panic of 1919.

The fact is the Fed improved our economic performance.

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• Juan .+canis_lupus 8 days ago

The banksters own the FED and they were the one who created the
panic by printing more paper money than it's gold reserve, thereby
creating a panic and the necessity of a regulator which came to be the
federal reserve act. The fact is the the Fed is unconstitutional and so is
the Income tax. Regards
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• canis_Lupus .+Juan 8 days ago

Not true.

The fact is our economy as done better since the Fed.

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dusman .+canis_lupus 8 days ago

Then they have no worries with this bill. AA audit will come back
nice and tidy and they will still be free to modify the guidelines as
they deem necessary.. with a bit more transparency that both
parties can and should appreciate.

This is beyond toeing party lines. Let's find out why they are
scared and deal with real solutions afterwards if they've mislead


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forgot to include link to legal opinion on state capture of World Bank - power of the
Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank and Board Governors

The Network of Global Corporate Control has blocked links to

we- will-help-patriots-2433698.html

and footnotes 12, 17, 21, and 25