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Customer Order No.

Mincon I/O No.

Mincon D/N No.

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Hammer Service Analysis / Log

Date Hammer Model No. MINCON MC60 (MD601AS07)
Customer Hammer Ser. No.
Site Bit Used : Make
Rig Type Bit Used : Part No.
Rig No. Bit Used : Serial No.
Rig Operator Compressor Pressure Set At Psi / Bar
Site/Shift Supervisor Operating Pressure Psi / Bar
Site Manager Compressor Make / Model
Type of Drilling Done Compressor CFM
Meters done by Hammer prior to Service m Foam Used with this Hammer Yes No
Total Meters done by Hammer m Date of Previous Service
Reasons for this Service
Hammer Serviced / Rebuild By:

MD601BH01 ( Backhead)

MD625OK01 ( 6" O - Ring Kit)

MB611WS01 (Wear Sleeve)

MB502CV01 (Check Valve)

MD612PR02 (Piston Retaining Ring)

MB503SP01 (Spring)
MB613BB02 (Aligner Bush)

MD604SM01 (Steel Make Up Ring)

MD632PU01 (Polyurethane Chuck Ring)

MD605LR01 (Lock Ring)

MMD616CR01 (Chuck Ring)

MD607DR01 (Air Distributor)

MD608IC01 (Inner Cylinder) MB615CK04 (Chuck)

MD609SR01 (Seating Ring)

MD614BR01 (Bit Retaining Ring)

MD610PN04 (Piston)

Parts Replaced Marked as : MB631OK01 (6BH QL60 Outer Case Kit)

General Observations Prior to Service / Rebuild
1 Dirt inside Hammer Yes No
2 Hammer Lubricated Yes No
3 Any Corrosion Observed inside hammer or Parts Yes No
4 Chuck on this Hammer Yes No
5 Chuck Splines Worn more than 25% Yes No
6 Chuck Cracked Yes No
7 Any Impact/Hammering Marks on Chuck Yes No
8 Any Distortion of the Chuck Yes No
9 "Galling" on Chuck Splines Yes No
10 Wear-Sleeve Cracked at Backhead End Yes No
11 Wear-Sleeve Cracked at Chuck End Yes No
12 Any Impact/Hammering Marks on Wear-Sleeve Yes No
13 Any "Squeezing" Marks on Wear-Sleeve Yes No
14 Any Distortion of the Wear-Sleeve Yes No
15 Backhead on this Hammer Yes No
16 Backhead Excessively Worn due to "Stuck Equipment" Yes No
17 Backhead API Thread worn beyond safe Working Condition Yes No
18 Aligner Bush in this Hammer Yes No
19 Any "Galling" inside Aligner Bush Yes No
20 Did the Aligner Bush Move out-of Position (Chuck does not screw in tight) Yes No
21 Aligner Bush "Loose" inside Wear-Sleeve Yes No
22 Bit Retaining Rings with this Hammer Yes No
23 Bit Retaining Rings Worn Yes No
24 Any "Blue" Heat indication Marks on the Piston Yes No
25 Any "Scoring" - Marks on the Piston Yes No
26 Piston Strike Face Chipped or broken Yes No
27 Does the Piston moves "Freely" up and down inside Hammer Yes No
28 Make-Up Ring in this Hammer Yes No
29 Make-Up Ring Distorted Yes No
30 Lock-Ring in this Hammer Yes No
31 Lock-Ring Distorted Yes No
32 Were the Make-Up and/or Lock-Ring Inserted in Correct position/Order Yes No
33 Piston Retaining Ring Worn / Distorted / Broken Yes No
34 Seating Ring Worn / Distorted / Broken Yes No
35 Inner Cylinder - Cracked / Chipped / Broken Yes No
36 Any Visual worn marks on Air Distributor at Lock Ring- Area Yes No
37 Check Valve in this Hammer Yes No
38 Check Valve Visually Distorted / Melted Yes No
39 Check Valve Spring in this Hammer Yes No
40 Check Valve Spring Broken Yes No
41 Does the Check Valve Moves "Freely" Up and down inside the Distributor Yes No

Wear-Sleeve General
1 New Hammer Wear-Sleeve Outside Diameter 146.0 mm
2 Wear-Sleeve Discard Limit 128.5 mm
3 This Hammer OD at Chuck End mm
4 This Hammer OD at Backhead End mm
5 Wear-Sleeve Reversed Yes No

Conclusions - Recommendations - General Remarks