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11 Sort and write. Listen, check and repeat. )):: shoe tooth foot 2 Complete. Listen and check. @)) <0 Pm going toa __nariy It’s the park. The Wolf is there. I'm feeling Because it's getting dark. I'm toa party, It’s behind the The Wolf is bad. He’s feeling Because he can’t come too. 3 Write a new verse, poe (Tm going | It’s |The | Because a party, a cy 1 Match, Then write. 1 Cinderella —_amyth_ magical characters — ) } \ / 2 King Arthur a fairytale — the Greek gods. | — 3 Hercules a legend c historical hero 1 Cinderella isa fa 2 3 II-III] ] 2 Look, read and write True or False. The Robin Hood story is a legend. It’s about a historical hero. His name is Robin Hood. He lives in the forest with his friends. The poor people haven't got any money. Robin and his friends take money from the rich people and give it to the poor people. 1 This story is o myth. 2 Robin Hood is a hero. \ 3 Robin and his friends live in a castle. 4 They give money to the rich people. Ci Find the name of a myth, a legend and a fairytale from your country. C CCC CC ( CCC Co ( C¢ ( sson Do your picture dictionary page 70 en 1 Ican find and write 9 places and prepositions. (S) 2) (2) Wecciaen) Places inatown * Prepositions 2 Ican complete sentences using the present continuous. © ) @ 1I'm to a party. (§6 / going) 2) reading. (Hé / H's) 3 She's abanana. eating) 4 What you doing? (aré /'is) 5 I'mstanding the zoo. (Opposite / betWeen) 3 Ican listen, choose and write. @) 3 (2) ©) Emmo’s town The swimming pool is next to the 2 The school is the book shop. The book shop is the park. The school is next to the : = The supermarket is between the school and } the > aS Reerht BE oto Poriflio page 76 wey