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These resources are designed to support various stages of your career research in the tech
industry. The sections below point to the best resources for surveying the industry, developing a
target list and researching firm details, staying current on related news, and preparing for an

The Technology Roadmap  (PDF) provides the information below plus additional websites and a
resource grid detailing specific steps to take as you navigate the databases. 

Some resources require a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. VPN is free software that can
be downloaded through the Chicago Booth Information Technology website .
Survey the Industry 

Being knowledgeable about the tech industry will be key in your networking conversations and interviews.
Especially if you are new to the tech industry, these resources can introduce you to the various career paths and
help you assess if a career in a tech company is right for you. The following resources can help identify:
■ Various functions and roles within the tech industry
■ Skills and experiences that are valued
■ Industry outlook
■ Industry trends and challenges
■ Day-to-day operations for roles of interest
■ Industry culture

Books: The CRCs have circulating collections of books in multiple industries. Titles such as In the Plex: How Google
Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy and Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky can be found in the
Career Resource Centers. For more information on specific titles, see the online catalog .

IBISWorld : IBISWorld provides industry market research and risk ratings on more than 700 industries in the U.S.,
including long-range forecasting of industries and the business environment at large.  You are limited to
downloading 30 reports per day.

Gartner : Market research and analysis on information technology, with an emphasis on enterprise level decision
makers. Gartner provides research on over a dozen topics, including mobile and wireless, consumer technologies,
and emerging trends and technologies.

GTS : Read through past and current job descriptions to review the type of skills and experience needed to work in
the industry and understand day-to-day responsibilities.

Mediasite : Mediasite includes recordings of past Booth programming like High Tech - Harper C02, an Industry
Immersion tech panel.

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage : Read industry surveys on tech related sectors such as telecommunications,
software, hardware, and internet. Highlights of the surveys include industry trends, how the industry operates, how
to analyze the industry, and references.

Statista : Statista provides access to quantitative facts on diverse topics such as agriculture, finance, politics, and
additional areas of interest. Sources of information include market researchers, trade publications, scientific
journals, and government databases.

Vault Career Insider: Vault Guides, including Vault Career Guide to Technology Careers and the Vault Career Guide
to the Top Tech Employers, provide an introduction to the industry, key concepts, job responsibilities, and company
profiles. Use the online platform to view overviews of the industry and rankings of companies in the tech industry.

Develop a Target List and Research Company Details 

Working in tech includes many subsectors and can range from a start-up to an established corporation. Use the
following tools to search for company profiles, which often include organization details and contact information for
Booth and non-Booth alumni at the company. See the Roadmap's Resource grid for details on how to use the
database screening tools to create targets lists of companies based on criteria you’ve determined as important to
you. Listed below are some unique strengths of each resource.

American City Business Journals : The Book of Lists ranks top organizations in lists like ‘Digital Entertainment
Companies’ and 'Software Companies’ for 40 US metropolitan cities. Rankings include firm name, but few other
Capital IQ : Robust screening allows you to search for tech companies using criteria such as size, industry focus,
keywords, and education background of executives (i.e. Booth alumni). Profiles include company descriptions,
products, annual reports and filings.

CrunchBase : Screen technology companies (especially start-ups) for an overview, key players, and current funding

OneSource : OneSource profiles over 20 million public and private companies and can include SWOT analysis and
analyst reports for larger companies. Screening capabilities allow you to search for companies based on location,
industry, sales, and size.

Technology Fast 500 : Ranking of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and
clean technology companies in North America as compiled by Deloitte.
Stay Current 
Develop a deeper understanding of tech trends, key companies, emerging companies, and issues in order to
enhance your networking conversations and better tailor your responses to interview questions. Understanding
current issues and trends can also help you understand what roles and companies you’re interested in pursuing.
Reading various news sources—magazines, trade journals, blogs, and websites—will help you stay current with:
■ Product launches
■ Industry trends
■ Company/organization news
■ Leading players

Bloomberg Technology Section : Bloomberg curates technology related articles in a specific section of their website.

Factiva :  Factiva is a third-party aggregator of periodicals that can be searched by keyword or by specific periodical.
Factiva includes several tech sources to browse, including Technology Digital, Telecommunications Weekly and
Information Technology Weekly. Note some titles have delayed access in Factiva.

MIT Technology Review : News and analysis on technology topics and trends.

Wired : Current news and trends in technology. Website includes a business section and video section.

Blogs, News Sites, and Thought Leaders: Following blogs and Twitter accounts can help you to stay current with
news, trends, and the latest thinking in technology fields. Below is a sampling of particularly strong tech blogs and
Twitter accounts.

Above the Crowd   —  Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley blogs about technology business and strategy. Follow on Twitter:

Channelinsider   —  Tech news and industry information with a section on tech career news. Sign up for weekly
email digest. Follow on Twitter: @channelinsider.

CNET   —  Reviews and news across sectors including start-ups, mobile, internet, and media. Follow on Twitter:

eWeek   —  Videos, breaking news, and industry trends. Follow on Twitter: @eweeknews.

Techcocktail   —  Event host for the tech industry, especially tech start-ups. View local events and read the blog for
news. Follow on Twitter: @techcocktail.

Techcrunch   —  News, videos, and event listings for the tech industry. Links to Crunchbase, a target list making tool.
Follow on Twitter: @techcrunch.

Techmeme   —  Curated tech news from around the web. Follow on Twitter: @techmeme.

The Next Web   —  International tech blog with channels by geographic region and by topic, such as entrepreneurs
and design and development. Follow on Twitter: @thenextweb.

Sourcing Contacts and Jobs 

The resources below provide contact information for Booth alumni and non-alumni in the field as well as resources
to find job postings.
Career Services Blog : The Career Services Employer Relations team blogs about their recent meetings and
conversations with recruiters, hiring managers, students, alumni, and colleagues. Topics include descriptions of
organizations/companies new to Booth recruiting and alerts about open positions. Use keywords to search the
blog or sign up for the RSS feed.

Community Directory : Use the Directory to find Booth alumni at a specific company or within a geographic
location. While the contact information and alumni details (such as cohort, club activities, etc.) can be incredibly
useful for networking, cross-reference current job titles with another source below for the most accurate

Employment Reports: The Full-Time Employment Report Students tab shows firms where Full-Time students
interned and landed their full-time jobs and summer internships over the last several years. Use the dropdown
menu to search by industry using keyword technology. The results include firm name, location, and student name,
which links to an email address.

The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment Report page on the Career Services site includes a spreadsheet
called ‘Student Information for Networking Purposes’. The spreadsheet includes Evening and Weekend MBA
student employment information at the time of graduation and can be searched or sorted by name, company,
function, and industry. Once you've identified relevant contacts, use the Community Directory to find email

GTS : View job postings targeted at Booth students and alumni. Use the Advanced Search to filter job postings by
Organization Industry, Keyword, Job Location(s), etc.

LinkedIn Alumni Tool : Search for Booth students and alumni by where they live, where they work and use the
keyword search to find profiles mentioning technology. Note that the interface will default to the years you
attended or anticipate attending Booth. Use the Attended dropdown to expand out to all years and click on
Include people with no dates to expand the pool of alumni you’re searching in. You can also use the Change
school dropdown to search for alumni of other institutions you have attended. To broaden your search, try
LinkedIn Advanced Search to find all contacts at an organization, industry, or geography.

Professional Organizations and Conferences:  Use these sites to find registered members and networking events.
Get the most out of networking events by researching likely attendees and setting goals for yourself for the event.

■ Innovation Uncensored

■ Techweek

■ Brainstorm Tech

■ Wall Street Journal D Conference

Job Boards:  In addition to GTS, LinkedIn, and a company’s webpage or blog, job boards can be helpful in
identifying current opportunities and companies of interest.

■ Crunchboard

■ Dice

■ Indeed

■ Startup Hire

■ Venture Loop
Prepare for an Interview 

Prepare for interviews or networking conversations by using the resources listed below to research the people you
meet with and the companies they work for. Answering the following questions before a professional interaction
can help you present your most relevant experience and interests.

■ How long has the person been at the company?

■ Where have they worked previously?
■ Where did they go to school?
■ What companies has the firm worked with?
■ Where are offices located?

LinkedIn : Search for background information regarding a specific contact or interviewer. 

Community Directory : Search for background information regarding a Booth contact or interviewer and get
contact information. Background information may include student organization participation, concentrations, and
other Booth-specific information.

Function-Specific Interview Questions/Resumes: Robust documents that share the most  common interview
questions   as well as skills and attributes to include on a  resume   for consulting.

InterviewStream : Use InterviewStream to conduct 30-minute video mock interviews in several industries, including

Mediasite : View past consulting mock interview training events like wInterview and Interview Training.

Compensation 

While no one resource can tell you exactly what salary to expect or ask for, there are resources to act as reference
points and prepare you for compensation conversations. The  CRC Compensation Guide   (PDF) can provide general
compensation resources to support your compensation conversations.