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Mama Julianne’s 

Social Media Campaign Plan 

April 2018 

Produced by PawPRint Agency.  

Authors: Natalie Butko, Chrissy Grubb, Madison Massey, Delaney Phillips, Kendall 
Schmucker, Alyssa Vaccariello 
Mama Julianne’s 
10913 Prospect Road 
Strongsville, OH 44149 
Facebook: @mamajuliannes 
Twitter: @mamajuliannes 
Instagram: @mamajuliannes  
Table of Contents 
Executive Summary……………………..……………………..……………………………….2
Client Information and Background……………………..…………………………………….4
Social Media Audit……………………..……………………..………………………………...5
REAL Report……………………..……………………..……………………………………….9
SMART Goals……………………..……………………..………………………………….…17
Social Media Strategies and Recommendations……………………..……………………18
Keyword Analysis……………………..……………………..……………………..………....19
Content Calendar………..……………………..…………..…………..……………………..24
Social Media Policy and Guidelines……………………..………………………………......25
Social Media Budget……………………..……………………..……………………………..26

Executive Summary 
PawPRint Agency had the privilege of working with Mama Julianne’s throughout the
spring 2018 semester. With this social media strategy, we wanted to emphasize the
family-oriented and community-centric side of the business to draw in more people
looking for a locally run pizza place.

Through an analysis of the restaurant as well as the consumer base looking for local
pizza places, we have developed a social media strategy that will increase Mama
Julianne’s Internet presence and create more traffic for its pages.

In order to gain more of a perspective on what the current status of Mama Julianne’s
social media presence, we analyzed its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with
a social media audit. The findings suggested that the restaurant’s social media could
benefit from weekly scheduled content, as well as the utilization of search engine

Following the conduction of a survey of 162 participants, we found that Facebook was
the most popular social media site, and that most users were on Facebook from
8:00-10:59 p.m. Also, the driving force behind these social media users following
restaurants was for coupons and deals. Looking into the expressed concern about the
Yelp page and negative reviews, we found that people were unlikely to leave Yelp
review, but slightly likely to read the reviews. Utilizing other social media sources to
promote more Yelp reviews could potentially benefit this issue.

After interpreting the results of the survey, we created specific goals focused on
establishing an content calendar and improving search engine optimization. With the
goals in mind, we created social media strategies and recommendations based upon
our research. These include using a content management software such as Hootsuite to
schedule out content across social media platforms based on the content calendar we
created. Another strategy includes using specific keywords for blog posts and other
content to increase placement of Mama Julianne’s in a Google search. These and
additional strategies can be found in this report in finer detail.

We have also created a set of guidelines for a Social Media Policy and a Social Media
Budget to help assist and plan out the implementation of these strategies in relation to
the goals we have created.

Thank you for allowing our team to work with you in creating this Social Media
Campaign Plan for Mama Julianne’s. If you have any questions or concerns, please
email the PawPRint team at ​​.   

Client Information and Background 
Mama Julianne’s
10913 Prospect Road
Strongsville, OH 44149

Mama Julianne’s is a traditional pizza shop in Strongsville, Ohio. Julianne Kelty grew up
in a traditional Italian family of 11, revolved around the importance of food and family.
She wanted to bring that homestyle, fresh Italian classics to a shop of her own. She
opened Mama Julianne’s in 2008. She owns and runs the business with her three sons,
Robert, Vinny, and David. It has a family feel and is all homemade Italian food.

Website: ​

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @mamajuliannes

Social Media Audit 
Current Social Media Activity
Mama Julianne's Pizza currently has social accounts
on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The sites have
not been utilized since October of 2017. When the
accounts were used by a previous social media intern,
the content consisted of images, menu specials, and
coupons all three accounts. The business also has an
updated website where the menu can be downloaded
and orders can be placed. Overall, very little
interaction has taken place on the accounts and with

Mama Julianne’s currently has 622 likes, 612
followers, 58 reviews, and a rating of 4.9 out of 5. The
most recent post was posted on October of 2017,
which received 16 likes. On average, a post was
added to the page once a week. Each post seemed to
get from 4 to 25 likes on average. Posts were mainly
images and videos of the food. Other content tabs on
the Facebook page include: call now, join our mailing
list, directions, and hours. The website is also linked
to the Facebook account. The branding is very
consistent on the Facebook page in comparison to
the website and other social accounts. The same
logo, header, and username is used on all platforms.

Mama Julianne’s has 129 followers on Instagram and
26 posts, with the most recent post from November
25, 2017. The Instagram mostly contains pictures of
the food served and Mama Julianne’s and the pictures
are high quality and appetizing. In their Instagram bio
there is a link to join the mailing list. The branding is
consistent with Facebook. They have the same logo
and all of the pictures fit the theme.

This is Mama Julianne’s weakest platform. They have 35 followers and 7 Tweets. They
have not tweeted since June of 2015. They have a few pictures. The branding is the
same as Facebook and Instagram. They have the same profile picture, but the cover
photo is a picture of food which is different than the Facebook page.

Competitors’ SM Activity
Mama Julianne’s top two competitors are Emilio's Pizza and Gina’s Pizza. Both
competitors are pizza shops located in Strongsville, Ohio and appear in the top search
results when searching for a pizza place in the area. Similar to Mama Julianne’s, both
places promote their family owned and operated restaurant style that focuses on

Gina’s Pizza only has a Facebook page. They have 283 likes and their last post is from
October. They posted three times in October 2017. Their last post before that was from
February 2017. Most of the posts average five likes and sometimes one share.

Emilio’s Pizza only has a Facebook page. They have 1,029 likes and their last post is
from January 29, 2018. On average they post about once a month. The number of likes
they recieve on each post ranged from 8 to 41 to 85. They integrated graphics or photos
into most of their posts. ​

Mama Julianne’s has no recent engagement on social media because they have no
recent posts. However, when they were scheduling out content, they were mainly using
tasty images of their food to engage consumers. There hasn’t been any posting or
sharing about events they have catered which would be much more engaging.

a. For Mama Julianne’s, engagement can be defined by the social media

experience that they give their customers. As stated above, they are not very
present on social media right now so their engagement is relatively low.
b. They do not engage with their stakeholders often.
c. Mama Julianne’s has had no social media presence since October, so that
month will be used to identify their posts with the highest engagements. On
Facebook, a video was posted of an employee shredding fresh provolone cheese
that earned 130 views, and 22 likes. On Instagram in October, their post with the
highest engagement was a photo of a piece of pizza being pulled from the pie

and warm cheese being pulled with it. It got 33 likes and the majority of their
photos on Instagram get likes in the high 20’s.
i. The posts that got the highest engagement were generally the posts that
looked the most appetizing.

Social Media Voice

a. Character:​ ​Friendly, motherly, warm, approachable
i. The character for the business is designed to be someone easy to talk to
online. We want people to see Mama Julianne as someone that people
can engage with because her persona is like a mother.
b. Tone: Personal, friendly, honest
i. Mama Julianne’s tone is personal, friendly, and honest. She speaks to
guests in a manner that welcomes them and makes them feel like family.
c. Language: Simple
i. The language for Mama Julianne’s will be simple so it can appeal to
anyone of any background. We want customers to feel welcome and feel
as though they know Mama Julianne.
d. Purpose: To welcome and satisfy customers
i. Pizza and Italian food in general is usually labeled as “comfort food.” By
creating a family-friendly voice we would encourage families to come in.

Social Media Details

a. Listening and monitoring
i. The business does not have any listening or monitoring tools in place at
this time.
b. Social Media Budget
i. No
c. Social Media Support
i. No
d. Social Media Policy
i. No
e. Implications
i. Mama Julianne’s is a family-owned pizza restaurant, creating a brand
voice that is motherly and warm. Through analyzing the social media
accounts of Mama Julianne’s, we found that while the business does have
a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the most recent post overall was in
October of 2017. Because of this, its social media presence is lacking
effectiveness, and the amount of engagement from other users is
extremely low. Their social media accounts are not accomplishing much

for their business. The business could benefit from using Search Engine
Optimization to increase placement on Google searches, as well as
scheduling more content to be posted on a weekly basis.
ii. Competitors of Mama Julianne’s include Gina’s Pizza and Emilio’s Pizza,
both of which have Facebook pages. Gina’s Pizza has similar social
media efforts to Mama Julianne’s, having not posted since October of
2017. Emilio’s Pizza has a much higher social media presence, posting
about once a month and usually receiving more likes than Mama
iii. The goals that have been set will not be able to be completed using the
current social media strategy. Mama Julianne's will need to play more of
an active role in its social media presence in order to see a significant
change in social media engagement and awareness. Currently, there is
not much of a social media strategy in place because there is nobody
putting in the time to update the accounts. So, what could be a useful
resource for the business is not living up to potential.

REAL Report 
Question 1
A. What is your age?

C. Frequency: 5, Mean: 3.8
D. The answer “45-59” appeared the most at 69 times. The mean is 3.8 which
means the average age range for our respondents is 26-35, but very close to

Question 2
A. What is your gender?

C. Frequency: 2
D. The answer “Female” was recorded the most at 144 times. Nearly 90% of our
respondents identified as female.

Question 3
A. How many people live in your household?

C. Frequency: 2
D. Nearly half of the respondents said they have 3-4 people living in their

Question 4
A. How often do you use social media sites?

C. Frequency: 1, Mean: 1.08

D. The answer “Daily” appeared the most, which was 154 times. The average was
1.08, which means that most people fell between “Daily” and “5-4 times a week.”

Question 5
A. Which social media sites do you use most regularly?

C. Frequency: 1, Mean: 2.48

D. Facebook had the highest number of people that say they used it the most
regularly, with it occuring 154 times. The average was 1.6, meaning that overall
people use Instagram and Facebook the most.

Question 6
A. Do you follow any restaurants on social media? If yes, which ones?

C. Frequency: 2
D. For the most part, people do not follow restaurants on social media. Only about
38% of the people surveyed said that they followed restaurants on social media.

Question 7
A. What time of day do you most likely use social media?

C. Frequency: 4
D. The answer “8:00pm-10:59pm” appeared the most at 77 times.

Question 8
A. How many times a week do you eat out?

C. Frequency: 3
D. The answer “2-3 times a week” appeared the most at 76 times.

Question 9
A. How likely would you be to choose a local restaurant over a chain restaurant?

C. Mean: Neither likely or unlikely or slightly likely (3.389). Frequency: Moderately likely
D. We can determine that comparing the mean and the frequency of responses to this
question that respondents are likely to choose a local restaurant over a chain

Question 10
A. How likely are you to choose a restaurant based on coupons or deals?

C. Mean: Moderately likely or slightly likely (2.48). Frequency: Slightly likely.

D. We can determine that respondents are likely to choose a restaurant that offers
coupons or deals from looking at the combined mean and frequency data.

Question 11
A. When searching for a restaurant using a search engine, how likely are you to go
to the second page of results?

C. Frequency: Moderately likely; Mean: Neither likely nor unlikely (3.93)

D. People were most likely to choose “moderately likely” when answering this question.
The mean was calculated to 3.93, showing that the mean was “neither likely nor

Question 12
A. What type of content makes you want to follow a particular restaurant on social
media? (Choose all that apply)

B. Frequency: Coupons/deals; Mean: Giveaways (2.98)

D. People were most likely to choose that coupons was the content that make them
want to follow a particular restaurant on social media.

Question 13
A. How likely are you to look at a potential new restaurant’s Yelp reviews before
making a decision go?

C. Frequency: Slightly likely; Mean: Likely, 3.58

D. The answer “slightly likely” occurred most frequently in the responses to this
question. Furthermore, with a calculation of approximately 3.5, the mean is

Question 14
A. How likely are you to leave a Yelp review following a visit to a restaurant?

C. Frequency: Extremely unlikely; Mean: slightly

unlikely, 5.11
D. The answer “extremely unlikely” occurred the far more than any other response, with
66 of the 160 respondents choosing this option. The average response was “slightly
unlikely,” with a mean of 5.11.

5 Key Takeaways/Insights
1. Facebook is the most used social media site.
a. Out of the 162 people surveyed, 154 said they use Facebook most
regularly. Compared to other social media sites, Facebook is used more
than twice as often.
2. People are moderately likely to choose a local restaurant over a chain restaurant.
a. 60 of the 162 respondents chose moderately likely to going to a local
restaurant over a chain restaurant. This is a perk for Mama Julianne's as
they want to attract local residents and encourage the community to shop
3. People are extremely unlikely to leave a Yelp review following a visit to a
a. Mama Julianne’s had previously mentioned that they were very concerned
about the effects of Yelp on their business. Although through the survey
we found that many people were likely to read Yelp reviews before trying a
new restaurant, most were unlikely to leave a Yelp review.
4. Coupons and deals is the content that makes people most likely to follow a
restaurant account.
a. Offering coupons or deals via social media sites is a way to increase
follower engagement that translates into actual business for​ ​Mama
5. The target audience is most active on social media between 8:00-10:59 p.m.
a. Since Mama Julianne’s target audience is the most active on social media
between these hours, these would be the optimal hours to schedule out
content to reach our audience.

Based on our survey results, we have found various ways to improve Mama Julianne’s
social media campaign. For our target market, Facebook is the most used social media
site between the hours of 8:00-10:59 p.m. Because of this, it would be the most
beneficial to schedule content out during that time frame. The content should include
some sort of coupons or deals, since that is the content that influences the most people
to follow food-related social media accounts. 70% of people are extremely or
moderately like to choose a local restaurant over a chain restaurant. This may lead
them to look at a site like Yelp when making a decision on which local restaurant to
choose. We found that people are extremely unlikely to leave a Yelp review on a
restaurant, yet they are slightly likely to read Yelp reviews. This implies that we could
use to social media to further promote customers to leave a review on Yelp.

SMART Goals 
Goal #1
Create and maintain an ongoing content of 2-3 times a week schedule on all social sites
including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next three months.

Goal #2
Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase placement by 3-5 spots of Mama
Julianne’s on Google for searches for pizza places in Strongsville, OH over a
three-month period.


Social Media Strategies and Recommendations 
Goal #1: Create and maintain an ongoing content of 2-3 times a week schedule on all
social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next three months.

1. Designate a knowledgeable social media content creator. Mama Julianne’s

needs someone who knows how to create content that would reach our target
audience of adults and families. Having a person that focuses solely on the social
media for Mama Julianne’s will allow for a clear and concise social presence.
This would work well because there has not been consistent posting on social
media accounts October. This can allow for Mama Julianne's to regain their
social media presence and increase engagement.
2. There are certain times of day for each platform that posts receive the most
engagement, so the content would be scheduled out differently depending on if
it’s being posted on Facebook or Instagram. This would really benefit Mama
Julianne’s because their content is currently very inconsistent, with nothing being
posted since October. This would keep their content on schedule and up to date.
3. Utilize Hootsuite to schedule out the content for specific dates and times on each
social media platform.

Goal #2: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase placement by 3-5 spots of
Mama Julianne’s on Google for searches for pizza places in Strongsville, OH over a
three-month period.

1. In order to increase placement in a Google search, using keywords and paid

advertisements will increase the relevance of Mama Julianne’s website to those
searching for pizza places in Strongsville and will increase its placement in the
search. This would work in favor of Mama Julianne’s because most people using
a search engine don’t usually look past the first page, therefore increasing the
placement will increase potential customers.
2. Establishing strong a strong social media presence will also help increase the
placement of Mama Julianne’s in the search. Mama Julianne’s social media
pages will also show up in the Google search, most likely underneath their
original website, so these social media pages will help “bump” the website to the
top of the search. This would benefit Mama Julianne’s because not only would
their website be near the top of the Google search, but their social media pages
would be in the first page of the Google search as well and would increase their
social media reach and exposure as well.  
Keyword Analysis 
Keyword Recommendations
1. When conducting the keyword analysis, we put ourselves in the shoes of Mama
Julianne's target audience which is adults with families. In doing so, we set the
location of the adwords to Strongsville, OH and searched keywords related to
pizza and families.
2. 10 words: pizza deals, pizza near me, order pizza online, pizza delivery near me,
local, family, pizza coupons, pizza and wings, pizza hours, catering services
3. All the keywords we chose range from low to medium competition and very high
monthly searches ranging from 10K, 100K, and 1M in the Strongsville, Ohio area.
These words are also relevant to Mama Julianne's word usage on the website,
services provided, and the target audience.
4. An organization should incorporate keywords into content to drive traffic to social
media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to their websites. For
Mama Julianne's, who is fairly weak and new to social media, keywords are vital
to draw in customers. By incorporating search keywords into their content,
Strongsville, OH residents are likely to find Mama Julianne’s pizza as keywords
add another level of searchability for smaller businesses like Mama Julianne's.

Goal 1:​ Create and maintain an ongoing content of 2-3 times a week schedule on all
social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next three months.

Strategy:​ Using a social media management software, we will schedule posts in

advance using content buckets.
i. Content Bucket #1: ​Deals
1. Giving codes for discounts
a. Posting a specific code to say/input when ordering for that
specific day on social media
i. Twitter: The code OHIOPIZZA gets you 10% off
online orders today!
ii. Instagram: Comment what your favorite pizza topping
is and you could get 10% off your next order from
Mama Julianne’s! #pizza #deals #mamajuliannes
iii. Facebook: It’s a great day to save! Mama Julianne’s
is giving 10% off your entire order when you use the
code OHIOPIZZA for today! #pizza #mamajuliannes
2. Follower event for free/discounted menu items
a. Hosting a follower event for a free pizza/free menu
item/coupons over social media
i. Twitter: Want the chance to win big? Follow us on
Twitter and you could win a free large 2-topping pizza
from Mama Julianne’s!
ii. Instagram: We’re picking one lucky customer to win a
large 1-topping pizza from Mama Julianne’s!
Comment on this post and you’ll be entered for a
delicious treat! #pizza #mamajuliannes #giveaway
iii. Facebook: Like us on Facebook? You could win a
small 1-topping pizza and 4-piece wings from Mama
3. Hashtag for customer deals
a. Have followers/customers post pictures of their menu
items/food using a specific hashtag related to Mama
Julianne’s across social media platforms

i. Twitter: Post a picture of your lunch following the
hashtag #MamaJuliannesFans and you’ll get 15% off
your next order!
ii. Instagram: Tag us in your pictures of your fave foods
from Mama Julianne’s and you’ll get 15% off your
next order!
iii. Facebook: Love Mama Julianne’s? Tag us in a photo
of your go-to order and you’ll get 15% off your next
ii. Content Bucket #2:​ Menu
1. Post menu deals with photos
a. Post about the deals and specials with pictures of the
specific menu items.
i. Twitter: Come in to Mama Julianne’s today for 2
medium pizzas for $18.99! #DealOfTheWeek
ii. Instagram: Be the best host for game day with our
pizza & chicken deal! Get a pizza, 8 piece chicken, 16
jojos and 1 large coleslaw all for $24.99!
iii. Facebook: Let Mama Julianne’s cater your family
party with our Family Feast deal! Get ½ sheet pizza, 2
dinner salads, 2 garlic breads, and a 2 liter of soda all
for $26.99! #DealOfTheWeek #FamilyFriday
2. Family history behind recipes and menu items
a. Post photos with the family history and story behind how that
recipe or item was originated.
i. Twitter: On Friday’s, Interview and post pictures of
families dining at the restaurant and use the hashtag
#FamilyFriday and add coupon for free breadsticks
when this post is shown in store
ii. Instagram: Post pictures on Friday’s of families dining
at the restaurant and make the caption a short story
about the family with the hashtag #FamilyFriday
iii. Facebook: Post pictures on Friday’s of families dining
at the restaurant and make the caption a short story
about the family with the hashtag #FamilyFriday and
add coupon for free breadsticks when this post is
shown in store
3. Local sourcing stories

a. Post personal stories about the local sourced food that the
restaurant uses
i. Twitter: Create the campaign of “Local Sourcing Story
Saturday” posts ever saturday. Post a picture of fresh
foods and use the hashtag #StorySaturday
ii. Instagram: Create instagram stories while at local
markets purchasing food for the week and interview
market sellers
iii. Facebook: Post a picture at a local markets and of
fresh food with the hashtag #StorySaturday again and
ask followers to comment their favorite fresh
ingredients at Mama Julianne's.

Goal 2: ​Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase placement by three to five
spots of Mama Julianne’s on Google for searches for pizza places in Strongsville, OH
over a three-month period. Please see section on Keywords of this report to get a
deeper understanding of SEO.

Strategy:​ By using relevant keywords, creating strong content, and cross-linking

content across the website and social media sites, we can increase the SEO placement
of Mama Julianne’s.
a) Content Bucket #1:​ Blog Posts
i) 1. Blog: Different Ways to Eat Pizza
(1) Post on website
ii) 2. Blog: A Brief History of Pizza
(1) Post on website
iii) 3. Blog: Why You Should Eat Local
(1) Post on website

b) Content Bucket #2:​ Advertisements

1) Paid Search (PPC) for Mama Julianne’s website on Google
*Get Mama Julianne's on the first page of a the google search to
increase traffic / increase orders
2) Sponsored posts on Instagram (Sponsor post about a deal)
*Picture of a menu item with Mama Julianne’s phone number
-Example Caption: “Free order of cheese bread when
you order a large pizza!”
*Picture of a catering job with Mama Julianne’s phone

-Example Caption “Now Catering! Order food that
your entire group will be happy with!”
-Picture of a local children’s sports team after a game,
eating Mama Julianne’s
Example Caption: “Go stingrays! A great season
deserves to be rewarded with great pizza!”
3) Boost posts on Facebook
*Advertise deals
-Example: “Fridays are for pizza! Order two large
pizzas and get a free order of cheese bread!” (Picture
*Advertise menu items
-Example: “Seasonal item! A pepperoni pizza would
go great with our new seasonal summer salad!”
(Picture of salad included)

Content Calendar 

Social Media Policy and Guidelines 
1. Respond to comments/questions on social platforms/Yelp within 1 business day
2. Keep restaurant/company information confidential (i.e. recipes, etc.)
3. Employees are not allowed to post pictures/posts online that would indicate that
they work at Mama Julianne’s or could reflect poorly upon the business.
4. Social media responses should be professional in nature and reflect positively on
Mama Julianne’s brand.
5. When responding to negative reviews/comments, immediately offer apologies
and then ask for the person to message Mama Julianne’s privately to address
the matter.
6. Be mindful of what posts/accounts Mama Julianne’s follows or likes on Twitter,
Instagram, and Facebook.
7. Stay on top of local news/weather and post updates in regards to the business
(i.e. if Mama Julianne’s is open during bad weather).
8. Employees should not disclose personal connection to Mama Julianne’s unless
they add the disclaimer in their bio: Views are not representative of my employer.
9. Be transparent, accountable, and honest about potential crises and respond in a
timely manner.
10. Social media policy should be reviewed every 1 year. Employees will be notified

of any and all changes.

Social Media Budget 
Monthly social media intern salary: ​$400​ ($10 an hour/10 hours a week)

Monthly promotional and event funds: ​$75.00

Estimated monthly total budget = ​$475.00